Friday, September 8, 2017

Yoogane @ Westgate

After buying grocery from Fairprice X'tra at Jem, I was undecided on what to eat.  Walk and walk, end up at Yoogane which is located at Westgate.

Opt for the daily promotion set which is $8.90++, which comes with free flows from the salad bar.

A few drink to choose from, I had Iced Citron

Had Dosirak Chicken Galbi, from the left top, kimchi, left bottom, spicy chicken which I find not really very spicy.  Right top, luncheon meat, right bottom, fish cake.  Quite full after taking it.

Yoogane Singapore
3 Gateway Drive
Westgate #03-08
Singapore 608532
Tel : +65 6710 7821

Bump into Auntie Mary at the Food Centre when coming back. Just when I thought she is on good terms with Auntie Lee, and think she's down that day, her tones was not that right that day.   Ask her she didn't go PPHCSC read newspaper, she told me PPHCSC only cater to high class people and not for no class people.  And then complain to me about Auntie Lee.  And also she bump into Auntie Alice who ask her how come she go West Coast with Auntie Lee on Sunday.

Hope everything will comes to a good end.  I feedback it to PPHCSC Manager about it, which he mention they will monitor it.


  1. That looks like a biscuit tin. Is it?

  2. Still can run into them at the mall. Aiyoh, ask them to sit down have a proper talk. Don't spoil their friendship over a misunderstanding.

  3. I hope the misunderstanding between the aunties will be solved and be friends again.

  4. Look like in a biscuit tin. Haha. Interesting way to serve food. Like bento but no compartments.

  5. 這個便當很開胃,讓人食指大動!

  6. It will be good for the aunties to sit down and settle their issues face to face rather than talking behind. No good can come from this :)

    Waa...the food looks really yummy ohh!

    1. Yesterday, they did talk to each other, hope they can continue to talk to each other...

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