Monday, February 29, 2016

Charcoal Bun

I have seen charcoal bun selling outside, but it never occur to me to try it out, till i saw this place selling charcoal bun that i went to try it out.

(1) A cup of coffee a day is a must for me

(2) Charcoal Bun with chicken filing

This set cost $4.70

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Random Post

(1) I bought this box of Mandarin Orange, there's 28, @ $26.00.  Actually i saw another box, there's 30, @ $20.00.  At first, i was in a dilemma which one to buy, the fruit seller ask me if i were to eat it or used it to 拜年,actually the Mandarin Oranges that i buying is more to  拜年 than eating.  The fruit seller recommend the 28's which is the one above that i bought, as he mention it can last longer, whereby the other one, might not last long.  He only has another, which is 20's and in a nice box, and understand that it's more for 送礼. 

(2) Usually, i don't go for workout on Saturday as the venue is quite a distance from my place, but on the Saturday before the eve of CNY, i decided to go for it on CNY eve to burn off some calories, as there's no workout on CNY eve. Saw this God of Fortune, i was kind of like "excited", so took picture of it. 

(3) Bought ticket to an event, but was lazy to take picture, so when i saw this Monkey mascot, went to take picture of it.  This Monkey mascot attracted the attention of kids, as kids went up to touch the Monkey mascot and play with Monkey mascot.  Then i heard a guy calling out to Monkey mascot, telling Monkey mascot, hurry, hurry, no time liao, as Monkey mascot has to go and wait for the Guest-of-Honour to arrive and greet the Guest-of-Honour.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Eco World

After C fetch me from Bukit Indah, she bring me to Eco World. Heard that the developer is building houses in this area, in order to attract people to come, the developer make this place nice nice, hoping more people will come and take a look.  We went there for photo taking.







After our photo taking, it's time for lunch, which will be in another post.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Rong Liang Restaurant Pte Ltd

(1)This eatery place is located in West Coast, and i have eaten before at this place, but have not blog before.

(2) Char Siew/Roasted Pork rice @ $4.00

(3) Shrimp wanton hor fun @ $3.80

(3) Prawn Fritter @ $0.60 each, but find the the batter is quite thick

(4) 西洋菜汤 @ $3.00

Monday, February 22, 2016

River Hongbao

A Visit to River Hongbao.

(1) Venue is at The Float @ Marina Bay

(2) Information on the event

(3) 财神爷



(6) Entrance

(7) Singapore Flyer









(16) Zodiac Animal - Monkey

(17) Stage for nightly programme

(18) Wishing well





(23) Q for buying lottery


Friday, February 19, 2016

2nd Day of CNY @ 三姑 House ~ 正月初二

Usually on the 2nd day of Lunar New Year, will be at my 三姑 place as my cousins (四姑 daughter) wanted to play cards with my 五叔 (三姑,五叔 and 小姑 stays together).  I was there for lunch too, but as i'm not too sure what time i will reach, i ask them to keep some foods for me, so no picture of the foods for lunch.

(1) I was on the way to 三姑 house and passed by Punggol Plaza, saw the decorations, took picture of it.

Dinner prepared by 三姑 : 


(3) Chicken with cashew nut and dried chilli

(4) Salmon fish

(5) Veg with mushroom

(6) Cod fish

(7) Soup

(8) Braised pork with chestnut, sea cucumber, mushroom

(9)  Mandarin oranges at 三姑 house

(10) View from 三姑 house

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