Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Cellgroup Christmas Gathering 2014 (21st Dec 2014)

Had a Christmas gathering with my cellgroup and the theme of it is I be back for Christmas (IBCFC), my cellgroup leader has also invited some of her friends over for the gathering.

Picture taken from whatapps group chat as the picture was taken by someone else, mine turn out blur.  They are using it to narrate the story of  Jesus Christ.

While playing games

Sharing time by my cellgroup leader, we have two cellgroup leader, a male and a female cellgroup leader.

Foods that is served, i didn't take individual as nobody is taking picture of the foods and i feel paiseh if i were to take pictures of it.

Chengteng as prepared by my cellgroup leader

A group picture (Photo credit to my male cellgroup leader)

Everyone was given a present by my female cellgroup leader, and everyone was mentioning that the present was nicely wrap, she mention that she just buy the items and then pass it to a friend who is good at wrapping gifts and the friend wrap up all the present.

I could not not bear to throw away the wrapping paper, so i cut open the bottom of the wrapping paper and took out the gifts and will keep the nice nice wrapping paper.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Was back at this place for the 2nd time for the set lunch.

Archive photo

The set lunch comes with Salad (Archive photo)

Free Flow of drink (Archive photo)

Tuna & Fish Egg spaghetti  Lunch @ S$6.90

Fish Set Lunch with rice @ $9.90

Extra order, Chicken Fritto @ S$3.90

11 Tanjong Katong Road
#02-16, One KM
Singapore 437157
Tel : 6702 2478

Monday, December 29, 2014

Orchard Road on Christmas Day (25th Dec 2014)

As usual, went to Orchard Road on Christmas Day.  Went after Christmas Church Service.

Chistmas Day also makes me think of few years back, when i was there, after coming out from the MRT station.  Friends and i were mentioning about switching our handphone to the highest ringing tone, just in case we lost each other, we can contact each other.  After walking for sometimes, we decided to go to a foodcourt nearby to have a drink where i realise my handphone was missing.  My friend called back my handphone number but it was switch off.  Must be pickpocket.  After which i didn't go at night to avoid crowds.

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

Christmas decoration outside ION Orchard

It so happen Magnum is giving out free ice cream

The Q

My free ice cream

Sign informing of the Road Closure


Preparation in progress for the night service

It was not so crowded in the afternoon as compare to the crowds when i went back in the evening.

Christmas decoration outside Wisma

Decoration above a bus stop

Decoration in Tang Building

Crowds outside ION Orchard


The other end of Orchard Road

Decoration outside Tangs

Saw this at Far East Plaza, have wanted to try, but thinking i have eaten an ice cream earlier on.  I decided not to try it out.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

My cook

I have been seeing this tomato rice quite popular, so  i thought i will try it out too. I used ham and tofu that i can find in the fridge.  Since i have a century egg left, after the rice is cooked, i cut it up and stir it into the rice.

I saw this Fried Kway Teow instant noodles at a shop selling at $0.60 each and was curious about it, so bought 2 packets back.

Lucky i cooked only 1 packet as i added in some ingredients which i didn't take picture of it and share it with my mum.  First and last time i'm buying it as it's not to my liking.

When i saw Rose croque madamei was telling myself i will try out, but i made some changes, i toasted the bread in the oven at 180 degree for around 15 minutes.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Thank you

Thanks to following friends for the Christmas Card (排名不分先后):

When i received this Christmas card, i was thinking, who is the person who send me this card as the stamps in from Singapore and the address is from Malaysia, when i open it up, then i knew that it's Catherine who sent it.  Guess she must have asked her daughter to send it out as her daughter is working in Singapore.

Received the same day another Christmas card,  thanks to Hayley for the Christmas card.

Thanks to SK for the cute Christmas card

Thanks 小影 for the lovely homemade Christmas card

Hereby wishing all my friends and readers

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Forever Friends

Forever Friends Meet & Greet Session.  I didn't know about the name of the Male & Female bear till that day i saw them.

The stage

Male Bear, his name is Honey Bear

Female Bear, with a bow in top right, her name is Ginger Bear

The emcee, can't remember his name

The emcee and Forever Friends Bear getting ready for photo taking session

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