Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mini Golden Lava Croissant

The other day, before my workout, i walk pass BreadTalk and saw that they sell Mini Golden Lava Croissant, so i thought i will go back and buy after my workout.  But after my workout, i went back, all finish liao.  So only to get it on another day.

(1) Mini Golden Lava Croissant @ $1 each, bought 2 back.  There's promotion for limited period, buy 6, get 1 free.  Buy 10, get 2 free.  

(2) The filling inside

Monday, March 28, 2016

Ghim Moh Food Centre

Ghim Moh Market & Food Centre has recently open after a year plus of renovation.  Went there to look see look see previous weekend.  Find that after renovation, the place is more spacious and brighter.

(1) Saw this stall selling Wanton Mee/Dumpling Mee/Shredded Chicken Hor Fun, etc, but lucky, the Q was not long, so Q for it.

(2) My dumpling noodle @ $3.50 with 4 dumpling

(3) Craving for chwee kueh, there's a Q, so Q for it.

(4) 5 chwee kueh for $1.75

(5) I bought this dried oyster, 100g @ $4.50, I ask the seller, how long can i keep the dried oyster, he was telling me, can keep for 1 year if put in the freezer, didn't know can keep till so long till he told me about it, another thing he mention about is that have to keep in the fridge, can keep for 1 to 2 month, if put outside, will turn mouldy cos of the sunlight.

Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Usually i will buy my grocery from the supermarket in JEM or Jurong Point,  JEM and Westgate is neighbour,  and there's a Isetan supermarket at the basement of Westgate, it so happen i was in JEM buying grocery, so i hop over to the Isetan supermarket to get a set of the Japanese bento for my dinner.  This set of bento consist of rice, cod fish, beside the cod fish is potato, a small piece of egg, 2 meat ball and seaweed. Cost of it, $10.80.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Laksa @ West Coast Food Centre

(1) The other time, i went to tabao food back for dinner after my workout, and saw this new laksa stall in West Coast market, but at that time, saw that it's almost closing time for the stall, so i thought i will go again to try another day.  

The stall was taking from where i was seated as i bump into a friend at that time when i wanted to go order foods, and had some chit chat, then i forgot to take picture of the stall, after that, i was too shy to go and stand there and take picture of the stall.

(2) $4 for this bowl of laksa, but find that not much ingredients, which has bean sprouts,  cockles, 2 prawns, and thin slice of fish cake.

(3) $1.80 for this packet of nasi lemak, which has a a packet of chilli, kuning fish, a bit of ikan bilis.

(4) $1.20 for this otah

Friday, March 18, 2016


I read about this Ramen from a food blogger blog, and seeing that it's not far from my place, decided to give it a try.

(1)  It's located inside Clementi Mall Foodfare

(2) This is the stall, 1st stall from the left when you enter Foodfare

(3) This bowl of ramen cost $6.90

(4) After some stirring 

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Central·@ Vivo City

I used to go for my workout at a venue on every Tuesday and the instructor is K.  Beginning of this year, they change the day and instructor K is not able to teach there as instructor K has another ongoing class.  Understand that instructor K will be at an event in Vivo Ciy on last weekend, where there is Zumba, her 师傅 is leading the Zumba, she will be shadow-ing and leading in 2 songs, i was there to support support on Sat.

(1) After the Zumba, it's almost dinner time, i don't really feel hungry, only want something light, saw Central, so went to have my dinner there.

(2) Ordered a sandwich with luncheon meat and fried egg @ $3

(3) My mum, who is there to jalan jalan while i was having my workout, had the wanton mee with 4 wanton (Dry) @ $6.50.

(4) Ordered a stocking Milk Tea $2, my mum didn't order as earlier on, she already had her tea break.

Monday, March 14, 2016

Koo Kee

(1) I was at Bukit Panjang Plaza for my workout, after the workout, i walk pass Koo Kee.

(2) From their menu, i saw the Hotplate Bean Paste Yong Tow Foo which i never tried before, as usually, what i had, is the soup or dry version.  So i ordered a set.

(3) It comes with rice and this set cost $5.20.

1 Jelebu Road, #01-48/49/50 Singapore 677743
Tel: 6269 0081

Thursday, March 10, 2016

西門町 Taiwan Cuisine (3th March)

Had a gathering with cellgroup.  Friend reserve a private room where there are two table.  Total there are 21 of us.  As usual, i have to have a quick snap of the foods when the foods are served as the rest of them, they are not bloggers. 

(1) The venue is at Vivo City 西門町 Taiwan Cuisine

(2) Do not know the name of the dishes as the recipe is with my friend who paid for it. But this is pork, the filling inside is carrot and cucumber.

(3) Soup, which i loves it

(4) Vegetable

(5) When this dish is serve, most of us thought that it is sweet and sour pork, but it turn out to be sweet and sour fish.

(6) Meatball

(7) Garlic Prawns

(8) Chicken

(9) Fried rice

(10) Tofu

(11) This is an additional order, beef

Saw the bill amount when my friend paid, it's around $588, thanks to the friend for treating the cellgroup dinner.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

OKG Express

(1) I was thinking of having a brunch after my workout when i came across this OKG Express.

(2) I ordered their Yao Mei Fan @ $3.20

(3) Find that it's a bit expensive as inside, not much ingredient, a little bit of fish cake, chinese mushroom, chicken piece, yam, after eating it, i regret eating it as i eat up all the rice, should have go for something lighter.

(4) Cannot resist the temptation, i also ordered a chicken wing @ $1.80, but the chicken wing is nice (my opinion).

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Lor Mee

This Lor Mee stall used to be at a coffeeshop in Bukit Purmei, as the owner is not well, he closed down the business. 

(1) Heard from friend and also saw from website that now they are back and in a coffeeshop in West Coast, went on a Sunday after my workout to eat the lor mee.

The lor mee are price at $3/$3.50/$4.50.

(2) Opening hours

(3) Had the $3.50

(4) My lor bee hoon mee

Monday, March 7, 2016

Seeking Opinion

I was taking pictures of foods as usual at a gathering last week.  Was telling a friend that i am writing blog.  The friend ask me what is blog and after explaining a bit about blog to the friend.  The friend told me not to waste time in writing blog.  Is writing blog a waste of time?

As to me, writing a blog is like a diary and to record down some of my daily life. 

This is the 2nd time.  The 1st time, another friend was telling me not to spend too much time on blog.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Volunteer Work

My exercise kaki, on our group chat, was asking around for volunteers to help out in a CNY Old Folks Home visit. 

On reaching the Old Folks Home on the day itself, we were given briefing, our job is to wheel the elderly Uncle or Auntie to the garden to watch lion dance, dragon dance and to receive mandarin orange and an ang pao.  For privately reason, we were brief not to take picture of the elderly Uncle or Auntie.

As it so happen there is enough people to wheel the elderly Uncle or Auntie, i only help out to distribute the mandarin orange and ang pao to them.  And since i need not wheel, i was free to walk about and take picture.

(1) For the lion dance

(2) 2 mandarin oranges and an ang pao for the elderly, don't ask me the amount inside the ang pao, i do not know.

(3) At the pavilion

(4) Total, there are two lion dance, this is one of them

(5) The other one

(6) Drummer for the lion dance

(7) In the midst of the lion dance



(10) 猴爷 is there to greet the elderly



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