Thursday, August 27, 2015

Random Post

Sibu Food Mayor was asking when is election, news is out on Tuesday (25th August 2015), Singaporean to vote in General Election on 11th September 2015.

Can't recall when i saw the pumpkin rice, but this was cooked quite sometimes back.  Thought wanna consolidate a few items then post, but was lazy to do any bakes or cooks.

The pumpkin rice, i used pumpkin, prawns, white button mushroom.

I am a coffee lover and i must drink at least 1 cup of coffee every day.  Usually, i will have 3-in-1 coffee, or at coffeeshop, etc.  Once in a while, will have a better coffee. I was surprise when i was served this cup of coffee with minion, as usually the drawings on the coffee is floral.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Getai @ West Coast Car Mart

Sunday was a bad day for me, as on Saturday night, at around 11pm, i vomited, followed by the next day, Sunday, fever, where i slept almost the whole day.  No appetite to eat anything except drink water.

As now is Lunar 7th Month, there's getai in different areas in Singapore.  One of it that i have watched is at West Coast Car Mart.

What i like about watching in West Coast Car Mart is that it's not very crowded and also that chop seat uncle and chop seat auntie is not here.

Host is 珍妮, she's from Malaysia, Sabah, if i'm not wrong

1st Singer is 黄碧华, who has been in the industry for many many year

2nd Singer is 朱莉莉, she has been singing since she was young, she used to sing together with her sister, but now her sister has 封麦 and not singing anymore.

3rd Singer, LV Sister, hardly see them, heard that the sister in red will be going Australia to further her studies for 3 years, actually she thought of not singing during the Lunar 7th month, but thinking that when she's in Australia, can't sing for 3 years, so she was out to sing.

4th Singer, 董仕强

After that, the host did a Belly Dance

5th Singer, 林晓婷, she stopped singing for 3 years as she went for a throat operation and only came back to sing last year.

6th Singer, 孙强

7th Singer, 麦卉

Left after that about 9 plus going 10pm.

Friday, August 21, 2015

National Day Observance Ceremony

Saw from my house void deck about this National Day Observance Ceremony.  Obtain ticket for it to attend the event.

Date : 9th August 2015
Time : 7am to 10am

It rains that morning, but luckily, the rain stopped in time for the event

Uniformed Group from one of the Secondary School marching in

Guest-of-Honour, Ms Foo Mee Har giving a speech.

At 9am, the Proclamation of Independence by the late Mr Lee Kuan Yew was broadcast on local radio and TV channels and over National Day observance ceremonies islandwide.

Singing of National Anthem and followed by recited the pledge

Cutting of cake by Guest-of-Honour for Singapore 50th Birthday

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Volcano Ramen

My friend who has sign up for Zumba class at Senja-Cashew CC, has some injury and could not made it for class, she ask me whether i'm able to fill in for her in the class in order not to waste the class.  Since i am free on that day and that i know the instructor, so i went for the class.

After the class, was at Bukit Panjang Plaza which is just opposite the CC, saw this Volcano Ramen, was tempted to try out.

Free beansprout


Yaki Gyoza 

The ramen itself is S$12 and the Yaki Gyoza is S$5, but if ordered a set, the cost is S$16.

Tonkotsu Kazan Ramen
1 Jelebu Road
Singapore 677743

Monday, August 17, 2015

Wanton Mee

* Archive photo* ~ I blog before i went to Alexandra Village and eat the Shrimp Dumpling Mee.

This round, i went to try out the wanton hor fun at S$4.  It comes with 5 wanton, they do not comes with char siew.  The ingredients for the wanton is shrimp and meat.

Friday, August 14, 2015

National Day Celebration @ Sunset Way

Friend, who is a Grassroot Leader, was helping out at the National Day Celebration @ Sunset Way.  Being a busybody, i went down to look see look see.

Notice is pasted on the void deck of every block near the lift

Foods that is being served - dry mee siam

Chicken Drumlet

Soon Kueh


Sardine Sandwich

After the event, at around 9.30am, help out friends with the other RC members to go door-to-door to distribute Funpacks to residents who have not collected their's.  As heard from my friend that MP mention that the Funpacks to be distribute to residents before National Day.

Saw this cat and took picture of it

Saw another cat and took picture of it

Had a late lunch, at around 3pm, friend treat to laksa for helping out

At first, we thought that we will end fast, but we only finish at around 4.40pm.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Fried Oyster

One of my friend posted in Facebook, his Uncle selling Fried Oyster and ask his friends to go support.  U know lah, i am a kpo person, so i decided to go down and support and also peep at his uncle.

The stall is located at the Whampoo Food Centre

Ordered a small plate, S$5

Monday, August 10, 2015

Gardens by the Bay

Aug 7th is the starting of the Jubilee Weekend.  My friends plan for a trip to Gardens by the Bay.  Weather not that good that day, a rainy day.

Saw that traffic was a bit heavy while walking toward Gardens by the Bay

The entry to the two conservatories is free for Singaporean age 60 and above during the period 1st June to 31st August and Singaporean can enjoy 50% off the admission tickets to the two conservatories during the Jubilee Weekend.

While we were there, saw that there are two queues, one is for Seniors above 60 to redeem the free tickets and the other queue is for those who needs to purchase the ticket.

As my friends is 60 and above, they get to queue at the Seniors queue where there is not much people. The queue to purchase ticket is super long and i decided not to queue for it, not that i do not want to spend money, but i do not want to spend money, go in and then the place is so crowded and i don't enjoy it.

My friend went in and i was outside, walking here and there to racky the place.  But the weather is not good, it was raining and i could only stays in the shelter place.

While in the shelter place, saw this tree with big "ball" in it, but i do not know what is it, was curious so took picture of it.

Random picture

Random picture

After sometimes, the rain stops and i was able to walk out to take some pictures.

Singapore Flyer

Selling of Refreshments

Random Picture

Random Picture

After taking this flower picture, it started to rain again and i have to take shelter again.

After my friend came out, we plan to go for dinner.  We wanted to go for "better" foods, but one of my friend, who is "careful" in spending money, keeps suggesting going to eat in Hawker Centre or Food Court, we end up in Tiong Bahru Market having our dinner (I didn't take picture of the foods i eat) before calling it a day.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Fun Pack Distribution Event

It was announced earlier on, that each household of Singaporean/Permanent Resident will each received a Fun Pack.

My constituency received the Fun Pack last Sunday(2th August).  The event is from 3pm to 7pm.

Saw some performers, went over to take picture of them

Game booth

Guest of Honour is Grassroots Adviser, Ms Foo Mee Har, who is the Member of Parliament for our constituency.

Game booth

Face painting area

Lucky Dip area

Fun Pack distribution area, each household representatives will need to bring the letter/postcard and IC to the booth to collect the Fun Pack.

Fun Pack distribution area

Potted plant painting

Stage performers performing in progress

Popcorn, long queue, so didn't queue for it

Game booth where the prize is Kacang puteh 

Photo fit game booth by the police

Grasshopper workshop, too bad, i got to know of it late, if not, will go try it out.

This is how the grasshopper looks like

Singapore Flyer

This is what it's inside the Fun Pack

What i get from playing in the photo fit booth by the police

As usual, there's lucky draw, but me not lucky, didn't win anything.

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