Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tuas West Extension MRT Station Open House (16th June)

The RC Manager of Zone 3 RC ask me if I am interested in visiting the Tuas West Extension MRT Station Open House.  Transport is provided to and fro.  Time is 11.30am pick up from the RC.  Return is 3pm. But on the day itself, we reach back to the RC at 2.30pm.

On that morning, bring my mum to PPH CSC for the breakfast session.  An Aunty saw me and came to reprimanded me saiding she saw my mum and me few days back (the day my mum went to the doctor) and that I was not holding on to my mum and what if she had a fall.  She praise the Grassroot Leader for taking good care of the elderly, the night at the Ang Chee Siong dinner for the elderly (she was there too).  The Aunty whom I mentioned before (the Aunty who brings the two grandson to church) was there and heard what that Aunty said.  She jokily said see lah, u naughty girl, people scold u.  She understands and then told me, whatever people said, just smile.  Not that I do not want to hold my mum, it's that my mum, it depends, if she doesn't want me to hold on to her, she will push my hand away. The day at the Ang Chee Siong dinner for the elderly, the Grassroot Leader was helping to hold my mum, she saw how my mum push my hand away.

It so happen that during the breakfast session, there's singing of Karaoke, my mum stays till around 10 plus before I "chase" her back and get ready to go for the Tuas West Extension Open House.

I thought I could get a bit of rest, but then my mum told me she wants to bath, so had to shower for her.  Then the worse part is she soil and I have to clear up the mess and get ready to report at the waiting venue. 

The transport took the whole group of us to the Gul Circle Station.  The Open House is from 12pm to 8pm.  We are free to walk wherever we want to. 

Since it's an Open House, it's free rides within the four station.

I was so happy when I saw these mascots.  Total, there are five of them, but I do not know the name of them.

Since they are not standing very near to each other and also people walking around, have to separate into two pictures.

Took the train to Tuas Crescent where my itchy leg prompts me to walk outside the station.  Saw flower, but I do not know the name of it.




Industrial areas, so those working around the 4 newly open Station will find it more convenient.  I only manage to walk outdoor one station as it started to rain.

There's games to play at every station

Since it's raining, can only stays inside the station.

If not for the rain, I will sure racky the surrounding of each station and I might tell the Person-in-Charge I will take my own transport back.

Was quite disappointed due to the rain and I couldn't walk outside.

Random photo taken

Random photo taken

From the Tuas Link Station, there's Raffles Marina and also can see the 2nd Link.

Tuas Link Station

Last picture before saiding goodbye and Home Sweet Home.


  1. Oh dear... you always bumped into those Kay Poh Aunties. Just ignore them la as they would never understand how well you have been taking very good care of your own mum.

  2. I guess you will have to be patient with some of the aunties who think they know better. I am sure of of these days you will be back to visit the Tuas station again. Cute mascots and pretty flowers.

  3. Your mum enjoyed the karaoke.

    Nice photo shots especially the flowers.

  4. A very productive day for you, Sharon!

  5. What a nice outing, Sharon. The mascots certainly made things livelier! ^.^

    You're doing a great job with mom :)


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