Saturday, October 31, 2015

MediaCorp Subaru Car Challenge 2015

The MediaCorp Subaru Car Challenge is back and it's held in Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza starting from 31st October 2015 at 1pm.

It's now into its 14 years, and i was there at around 11 plus to have a look at the event.

Mr Chong KC (left) is the winner for Year 2011 and his timing is 75 hours 36 mins. Last year, i was at the event and he was standing beside me, i struck a conversation with him and that how i got to know him.

Mr Jaishanker (right) is the winner for Year 2014 and his timing is 82 hours 16 mins.  Last time, i was at the event and it so happen i pass by him with his palm on the car, i wave to him wanting to take picture of him.  Posted his picture in Facebook and then a friend commented that Mr Jaishanker is his colleague.  

Good to meet them again today.

Before the start of the event, it so happen i saw the Vietnam team taking picture, so i went over to take picture of them too.

Another of the team taking picture, i went over to take picture too.

Mr Chong KC introduce me to Ms Sandra Yeow (left), who is the winner for 2007 and her timing is 77 hours 13 mins.

Ms Sandra Yeow was going for her dances class, but before going for her class, she drop by to cheer for those taking part in the challenge.

With them is Mr Jack Lim (centre), Chief Commercial Officer for Mediacorp.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Not very smooth (24th Oct)

I had a meetup with my friends at JB last Saturday, suppose to meet my friend Caterine at Bukit Indah at 11am where Catherine will picked me up there as Catherine stays near Bukit Indah.   Then we will proceed to meet another friend Michelle.

I left my house at 8.45am, to give me ample time to reach my destination.  Just as i board the bus to takes me to Jurong East Interchange, i realised that i forgot something and i turn back to take the item i forgot.

(1) By the time i reached Jurong East Interchange, it's around 9.35am and i was surprised to see the queue for CW3/CW4 is quite long as i didn't expected so many people.

(2) The bus came, but i could not board as it was full, i have to wait for another bus, just as the 2nd bus came at about 9.55am, i manage to board the bus and lucky there's one last seat right behind, if not i will have to stand all the way from Jurong East Interchange to Tuas Checkpoint which takes about 20 mins.

After clearing Singapore checkpoint, i board the bus again to take me to Malaysia checkpoint, and at that time, i was hoping that there won't be long queue at Malaysia checkpoint as i saw quite a number of coaches going in to Malaysia.

When i was queuing up at Malaysia checkpoint for my passport to be stamped, what caught my attention was an Immigration Officer at one of the counter using earpiece.  Guess he's listening to music?

After clearing Malaysia checkpoint, it's around 11am, i walk towards the Causeway Link queue which will takes me to Bukit Indah.  The queue is so long that i start to panic as i was already late and also in my heart, i was hoping that i don't have to wait very long for the bus.  The bus came at around 11.15am, but it's so crowded that i could not board and have to wait for another bus which came at around 11.25am, and i reached Bukit Indah around 11.50am.  So pai seh to be late and makes my friend wait there.

Catherine is already there waiting, so we proceed to meet another friend Michelle for lunch (another post).  After that, Michelle has something on, so left Catherine and me. 

We proceed to Catherine house to pick up her daughter, then Catherine went to the workshop to collect the car (Catherine company car, Catherine job required her to travel around, so the company provide her with a car) that is there for servicing.  Catherine drove the company car home and Catherine daughter drove her car back home, then we proceed in one car to Sutera Mall. 

(3) While waiting, i saw this dog outside Catherine neighbour house and walk over to take picture.  I ask Catherine if the dog belongs to her neighbour but was told it's stray dog.

(4) Saw two puppies, one of the puppy, guess must be shy, saw me, walk away and hide under a car.

(5) Guess this must be the papa dog

(6) After reaching Sutera Mall, we jalan jalan there where we bump into another friend Serene who's sending her daughter there for classes.  Heard Catherine and her daughter discuss about a cuttlefish place, but we could not find the place and then Catherine daughter google and saw review that the cuttlefish was not that great.  We end up in Blackball having desserts (Photo credit to Catherine)  Serene joined us for chit chat too at Blackball before Serene picked her daughter after class and Catherine drove me to checkpoint where i walk one round at City Square where i saw some Halloween decorations (another post) before going back Singapore.

At first, i thought the journey will be smooth on a Saturday night, but was caught in a jam in the bridge between Malaysia and Singapore.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Sutera Mall

Last Saturday, i was in Johor Bahru to meetup with friends, after our lunch, we were at Sutera Mall, saw some decorations there, so took pictures of it.  While in Sutrea Mall, i think of Claire, as i came here before with her.  Wonder when will Claire come JB again...





Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Menya Musashi Bukotsu (18th Oct)

N years back, while travelling, i got to know two ladies, which is the auntie and niece travelling together.  As the auntie has many siblings, so she and her niece age gap are not very big.  The auntie has to work on Sunday and also her job requires her to work shift, and only has an off day on Sunday once a month.  It so happen last Sunday (18th Oct) is the auntie off day and we arrange to meetup for lunch.

(1) Actually, the auntie at first suggest going to another ramen place to makan, but i don't quite like the ramen place that the auntie suggest, so i told the auntie, any ramen place is ok for me but not the one that she mention.  So we arrange to meet at City Hall MRT and we had lunch at Menya Musashi Bukotsu in Raffles City Shopping Centre.

(2) Green Tea

(3) My bowl of White Cha Shu Ramen 

(4) Top up with Musashi Cha Shu Maki

Menya Musashi Bukotsu
Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 North Bridge Road #01-16
Singapore 179103
Tel : 6336 6500

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Inaka Soba

(1) I was at Cold Storage when i saw this packet of Inaka Soba @ $1.65, was craving for it, so bought a packet back.

(2) The back of the packaging

(3) As i have a small can of button mushroom, cooked it with the button mushroom, and whatever i had in the fridge, crabstick, shredded carrot, and egg.  I did not buy any Soba sauce to go with it as i don't cook often, will be a waste to buy it and left it in the shelve.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Little India Deepavali Festival Village

Deepavali is in Nov, the light-up ceremony in Little India kicks off on Sept 19th, since the haze was not that bad on one of the Sunday, went there to walk walk look see look see.

(1) Deepavali Street decorations

(2) Deepavali Street decorations

(3) Deepavali Festival Village is just across the road






(9) Bangles

(10) Ear-ring

(11) Sales of flowers



(14) Greeting cards


(16) Wall decorations



(19) Peacocks feathers, but wonder what is it used for

(20) Bags

(21) Umbrella 




(25) Cookies

(26) Clothes

Friday, October 23, 2015

Baskin Robbins (11th Oct)

The other time, while helping my friend distribute Fun Pack after the  National Day Celebration @ Sunset Way, we passed by a cafe selling ice-cream which my friend mentioned that the place was open recently, but that time, we did not went and try it out after distributing the Fun Pack as my friend has something on after that.

My that friend is "always very busy", previous Sunday (11th Oct), i called up my friend with the intention of asking my friend if my friend wanted to go eat ice-cream.  Had a shock when told that the Sister-in-law has passed away.  My first respond was huh, as i met the Sister-in-law once, when my friend invited the Sister-in-law to a church event and after that, we went for dinner together.  That time the Sister-in-law was quite chatty.

The Sister-in-law has been in hospital for 3 weeks, heard that the Sister-in-law on and off has fever and the brother sent the Sister-in-law to hospital and was admitted.  What happened after that, the details, i am not really very sure about it.

Arrange to meet friend and we went for the wake.  After the wake, we went to Baskin Robbins at Clementi Mall and not the ice cream in Sunset Way as the time was not early.

Had the Baseball Nut with Waffle.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Choa Chu Kang Big Farm Walk & Run (11th October)

I first got to know about this Choa Chu Kang Big Farm Walk & Run from Elaine.  I didn't go for the Run as i will sure be the last person to reach.  Register for the 3km Walk at $3 which includes a T-shirt, goodie bag and lucky draw which i am not lucky.

(1) Banner on the info

(2) Runner waiting in line for the start off

(3) Stage

(4) First Aid Station

(5) Guest-of-Honour flag off the race

(6) Runners starting the run @ 7.30am, Walkers start the walk @ 8am

(7) Along the walk

(8) Performers performing along the way

(9) Passed by a plant nursery

(10) Plant nursery

(11) Banana tree

(12) Random picture

(13) Random picture

(14) Along the way

(15) Water counter along the way

(16) Passed by Farmmart

(17) Milo Van, too many people, i didn't Q for the milo

(18) There's performing in stage

(19) Goodie bag

(20) Items inside the goodie bag, there's a mineral water, but i have finish up the mineral water.

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