Thursday, June 29, 2017

Sunday ( 25th June)

The weather was quite good that morning, but after the Church service, it was raining heavily.  So I ask my mum if she still wants to go Seah Im Food Centre for lunch or wants to follow the transport back.  She wants to go for lunch at Seah Im Food Centre.  So I told her, we wait at the church for the rain to stop before we proceed.  But still the rain did not stop, we went ahead.

The duck rice stall she wanted to eat was open.  It was closed on two Sunday when we went there and one Sunday, spring cleaning.  Ordered 2 person portion @ $9, which comes with braised duck meat, tau kwa, egg, fish cake 

I had porridge @ $0.50

My mum had yam rice @ $0.80

Comes with a small bowl of soup

Chilli sauce

Sugar cane drink @ $1.20

After walking one round at Harbourfront, my mum wants to eat Fried Kway Teow @ $4.50 at the food court. 

Coffee @ $1.60

While on the way to the bus stop to catch the bus home, passed by Heavenly Wang where she wants to eat bread.  Ordered a Cheese Chicken Ham Thick Toast @ $4.20.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Blue Star Minced Meat Fishball Noodle @ Tanjong Pagar Food Centre

The other time I was at the vicinity of Tanjong Pagar Food Centre, saw this fishball noodle stall, people queuing for the food. 

This round, I was in the vicinity again, decided to try it out.

Had fishball minced meat mee tai bak @ $3

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Breakfast @ PPH (23rd Jun)

I was chatting with an auntie while waiting for the door of PPH to open for the Friday weekly breakfast, only to realize that school reopen on 27th June after the Hari Raya Holiday, as I thought school will only reopen on 3rd July.

Had milo

As usual, bee hoon with fried egg and half fried butterfly bun.

Macaroni prepared by the staffs of PPH.  Ingredients include vegetable, fish cake, fishball, mushroom, shredded chicken.  Loves the macaroni as it's delicious.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Ramadan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai (17th June)

A visit to the Ramadan Bazaar @ Geylang Serai before it end.






I control myself from buying the above, if not, i will sure finish in no time.


Should be for break fast


Thai Milk Tea

Prawn Fritter

Tahu Telok

Finger Foods

Decoration at one of the stall

Item that is sold, colorful waffle



Fake flowers


Chinese, we called it red packet, Muslim, what do they call it? Cam someone advise?

Hari Raya decoration @ Tanjong Katong Complex.

Hari Raya decoration

Hari Raya decoration

Hari Raya decoration

Crispy sotong


Twisted potato

Chicken leg & Sotong

Candy floss

Deng deng

Hari Raya decoration @ Joo Chiat Complex

Thursday, June 22, 2017

Sunday (18th June)

After taking my shower and upon opening the door, I got a fright my mum is standing there.  She wants to ask me where is her cloth, she thought I have wash the one she wants to wear.

While in the Church toilet, thought nobody inside one of the cubicle, I push open the door, oh, an elderly auntie is inside.

After the service, refreshment for the day is Nasi Lemak. 

As it was raining, thought my mum won't want to go Seah Im Food Centre for lunch, but she still wants to go.  She wanted to eat duck rice, but the stall was not open.  So she goes for the dry version fishball minced meat kway teow @ $3.50.

The soup

Had lor bee hoon mee @ $3

The bee hoon mee

Walk one round Harbourfront before she mention she wanted toasted bread.  Toasted bread with Peanut Butter @ $2.60.

Kopitiam @ $2.40

Trying out the banana cone from McDonald's @ $1.

Then go back time to rest.

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