Thursday, April 17, 2014

Funeral (14th April)

On Monday (14th April) , attended the funeral of my Aunty.  I didn't sleep well the day before, woke up 3 plus and couldn't get back to sleep and also that her funeral is at 9am in which the cortege will be leaving from her place at 8am, and i was worried i might be late.

Casket being carried into the hearse

We walk a short distance before boarding the transport taking us to Mandai Crematorium.

A service is conducted at Mandai Crematorium

Piss off at that time as one of my aunty friend, her handphone went off and i don't understand why before coming into the hall, she can't put her handphone to silent mode and has cause some distraction. 

Taking a last look

Taking a last look

Family members taking a last look

Being push in for cremated

Having refreshment at the hall after the cremation

After the transport take us back to my aunty void deck, we are served seafoods yee mee.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ichiban Boshi (13th April 2014)

Ching birthday is mid of next month, as she's going back to her hometown due to some matters and won't be back in Singapore so soon, we metup for an early birthday celebration for her.  Too bad her hubby working that day, didn't get to meet him.

We metup at Causeway Point and had lunch at Ichiban Boshi.

Ching's set - SP Ninniku Sal Gz which consist of a piece of salmon, mixed tempura, salmon sashimi , chawanmushi, miso soup, rice and watermelon. (S$24.90)

My set - Business Wazen which consist of of a small piece of saba fish, mixed tempura, salmon sashimi, chawanmushi, pickles, miso soup, rice and watermelon. (S$16.90)

Ichiban Boshi
Causeway Point
website :
1 Woodland Square, #05-06/07
Causeway Point
Singapore 738099
Tel : 6893 6338
Fax : 6893 6339

4" Chocolate Magic cake (S$18.80)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thank you

Thanks to Rose for the souvenir from her trip to Thailand

When Rose PM me that she has sent me souvenir from Bangkok on Monday (31st Mar) and i have not receive it yet after sometimes, i was worried and went back to check my message whether if i key in my address to Rose wrongly, but luckily i didn't key wrongly my address.  So i waited and yesterday, i receive it in my mailbox.

Thanks to Twilight Man for taking the hassle to send the postcard from his trip to Japan.  Receive it yesterday.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Passing on

I receive news on Friday (11th April) evening, that my Aunty (my mom's cousin) has gone home to be with the Lord that day.   It came as a shock to me, i was asking myself, how could that be.  When i told my mom about it, she was asking me what had happen to her, i told her i did not know about it. My mum called my relative about it, but as at that time, they were busy, so only talk for a little while.

That night, i had a hard time sleeping and did not sleep well.

The last time i saw my Aunty was during Chinese New Year Day 1 when visiting her mom (my Grandaunt), that time, she didn't looks good, i ask her about it and she replied me she's unwell, but didn't elaborate about it.  

On Saturday (12th April), my mom and i went down to the wake, from her Sister-in-law, we learnt that she was diagnosed with colon cancer (Stage 4) since last October, and had asked her family members not to tell any of the relatives as she does not want anyone to worry about it and also not to trouble anyone to visit her.

Today (14th April) is her funeral, i will be attending it.  May she Rest- in-Peace.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Jurong Spring Cultural Journey

Bought ticket to Jurong Spring Cultural Journey at $2, held at Jurong Spring CC basketball Court.


Philippines Booth

Malay Handicraft

Kids getting ready for Chinese dance

Can't remember what's the name of the performance

Belly Dance

Can't remember what's the name of the performance

Mr Desmond Lee, Adviser to Jurong GRC Grassroots Organisations, Minister of State for National Development

Malay Kompang Performance

These two ladies sang Chinese Opera songs

Malay dance

Performance by the Philippines group

Spain dance performance 

Got this while playing game at a booth, it can be used when one is in danger as pull the side knot, a loud sound is activate.

Got a free bag

with a folder(middle) and a notebook(right), the notebook in the left is from another booth.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Coffee Kaki

The first time i tried out the bread at Coffee Kaki is at Ang Mo Kio Hub and i fell in loves with it.  Now that they had open in Clementi Mall, was there to eat the bread and try out other foods that they sell.


with Focaccia and Roasted Chicken, S$4.40

Mee Siam, S$3.90, (set, which comes with a cup of drink of your choice $4.90)

Brownies, S$2.90

Coffee Kaki

Monday, April 7, 2014

My homecooked food

I'm a person who hardly cook or bake as i'm a lazy person.  Will only cook or bake if i have the mood.

Saw my friend shared this Baked Chicken Wings with Honey & Lemon from Christine's Recipe in facebook, was tempted to do it. I like it as it's oven baked.

Came across Homemade Simple Potato Egg Salad from Yee Ling blog and make my own salad.  But mine do not have any presentation.

Have bookmarked this Chicken Marmite from Sonia blog for quite sometimes liao and only did it recently.

Have also bookmarked this Pumpkin Chiffon Cake from Sonia blog.  I was happy when i saw the chiffon cake rising while it was still in the oven, but was disappointed when after cooling, the cake sink.  Maybe no fate with chiffon cake.

After seeing Angeline wrap, thought of making my own wrap, saw this wraps at the supermarket, bought a pack back.

Mine is a disaster as seen from the picture.  I use whatever i can find in the fridge.  Tomato, sausage, egg add in some evaporated milk and fried it.

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