Monday, October 20, 2014

Prawns/Fried Rice

After trying out Phong Hong Sweet & Sour Sticky Ribs, i have grown to loves it, this round, i try out with prawns.

Saw different types of prawns at the Market the other time i was at the Market in Little India.  Was asking the fishmonger what type of prawns is this, he mention that it's Glass Prawns and this prawns can be use for steaming too.  $24/kg.  Bought 1/2 kg, 16 prawns.  Used 8 prawns.

As my plate was a small one, so only 5 prawns in the plate.

Below are the Ribs, Mid-Wings and Fish i did the other time:

My Sweet & Sour Sticky Ribs & Fish

My Sweet & Sour Sticky Mid-Wings

My horrible looking fried fish with tofu fish cake, luncheon meat, instead of cutting into cube the carrot, i shredded it & egg.

Thursday, October 16, 2014


Was in the vicinity of Bukit Batok East sometimes back when saw 龙南寺九皇千秋, took some pictures of it.


Opera Show Stage

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


This shop selling otah, kueh, etc is also recommended by my friend.

Bought a box of soon kueh, 5 pcs @ $2.50, find that the skin is a bit too thick.

Bought some otahs @ $0.50 each, the otah is ok

Tau Sau Piah (Salty) @ $0.40 each, so so only

Blk 104 Hougang Ave 1
#01-1121 Singapore 530104
Tel : 62860024, 62864234
Fax : 63833179

Business Hours :

Monday to Friday :
3am - 8pm

Saturday :
3am - 8pm

Sunday & Public Holiday :
3am - 5pm

Website :
Email :

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Lao Jiang Superior Soup

This stall was recommended by friend.  A bowl of this kway teow cost $4.  Find the kway teow quite a lot that i can't finish it. Although it has quite a lot of ingredients, but i find overall, so so only to me.

Blk 107 Hougang Ave 1
Singapore 530107
Business Hours : 8.00am ~ 2am Daily

Monday, October 13, 2014


I first tried this was last year, that time after eating it, i did not crave for it.  Recently my friend ordered a bowl and i took a bit of it and i have been seeing one of my primary school posting in FB he seem to be eating it every weekend, makes me crave for it.  So ordered a bowl of it.  And this bowl cost me $9.35 with a bowl of rice.  A bowl of rice cost $0.80.  Has choose the medium level of spicy.  Have wanted to take picture of the stall, but at that time, there's few customers there choosing the foods, so no chance to take picture of the stall.  

Friday, October 10, 2014

Little India

A walk in Little India as Deepavali is approaching and there's a Festival Village going on.



Deepavali Festival Village

Cookies for sales

Crowds on a Sun afternoon

Cookies for sales

Was curious what is this and ask the guy, what's that, his answer, $48, have to ask again and he said it's for decorating the floor.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Friend birthday is in end September.  We came out for makan and we went to Tamoya in Chinatown Point.

It's at Basement 1 

First, we order the Udon that we want.  For the list of Udon, click here.

Choose the topping they had at the tray there

After that, pay at the counter

Add Condiments

Add spring onion, seaweed, ginger,etc

Plain water is provided

Regular Kake Udon @ $5.15

Prawn @ $2.65, Fish Cake @ $1.60

Sweet Potato @ $1.60, Kakiage @ $2.15, Croqutte @ $1.60

133 New Bridge Road
Singapore 059413

Tel : 6444 1233

Got a small piece of cake for my friend birthday

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