Friday, June 24, 2016

Standard First Aid & AED Awareness Course

Saw from my place notice board about this Standard First Aid  AED Awareness Course, and it's free.  Since it's free and i can gain some knowledge, why not.  So i went to the Resident Committees to sign up for it.

The course is on 19th June (Sun) from 1pm to 5pm at the Resident Committees.

It's conducted in English and in Mandarin, i choose English.

First of all, it's theory, where we set down and listen to the trainer. 

(1) After the theory, the trainer taught us how to do bandaging

(2) Another type of bandaging

(3) Head bandaging

(4) We were also taught how to do Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and also the usage of Automated External Defibrillator (AED).

After that, the course is over and there are some foods prepared for participants which i didn't take picture.  And then a group photo before Home Sweet Home.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

All about food

(1) There's a day where i pass by the economic rice stall and saw there there's salted egg, it has been quite sometimes since i had salted egg, so the craving is there, order porridge to go with half salted egg, fried fish, tang hoon mixed with cabbage, $3.40 for the above.

(2) The other time, i didn't manage to buy the Cheese Tart with salted egg yolk filling, i went on another day, and manage to buy it.  Guess the other time is on promotion price as the other time, i bought at $2 per piece, this round it's $2.40.

(3) The last time i had the Soi 19 十九街 wanton mee was in Ang Mo Kio, now that there's another newly open stall in one of the coffeeshop in Jurong East, went to try it out, $3.50 for it.

(4) The other time, i blogged about dry mee siam,   TM and Real Gunner were asking about wet mee siam, yes, there is wet mee siam in Singapore, it so happen after doing my weekly grocery, passed by this Muslim stall selling wet mee siam, so ordered it.  $4 for this plate of mee siam.

Monday, June 20, 2016

SPCA @ Sungei Tengah Road

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) used to be at Bartley Road, but have shifted to Sungei Tengah Road not long ago.  Frankly speaking, i have not been to SPCA even once.

On Sat, suppose to go swimming with a friend at another friend condo, but then, cos my auntie choose to visit, which makes me unable to go swimming, my friend decided not to go too, so it's off to SPCA for a visit.

(1) They have an open house on 18th & 19th June, location is at 50 Sungei Tengah Road.

(2) Too bad, was late, miss out the Official Opening

(3) The surrounding 

(4) The surrounding

(5) One of the dog for adoption, too bad no chance to pet the dog, and no chance for me to adopt it too as my mum is scare of dog.

(6) Rabbit for adoption, guess the rabbit is shy as when i try to take picture of it, it runs away.

(7) Cat for adoption

(8) One of the stalls at the open house

(9) Another random picture of another stall

(10) Motor bike

(11) Saw the above while on the way back

Friday, June 17, 2016

The Green Corridor (Part 2)

(1) The other day while on the way to my friend office at Bukit Timah area to help out my friend, saw this Bridge, I was asking my friend, can walk, the answer i got from my friend is don't know.  Was asking my friend want to walk one of the day, answer from my friend is no gut. So me is alone again racky the place.

(2) The railway track

(3) Bridge

(4) Quick snap as i had height fright 

(5) The path

(6) Then i remember to turn back to take picture of the bridge with the railway track.

(7) Condo on the left side

(8) Building on the right side

(9) Too bad this building is locked, can't go in to  look see look see

(10) Guess this must be the olden days toilet

(11) Railway track

(12) Random Building

(13) Signboard

(14) Trees along the way

(15) Flower

(16) Path

(17) Plants

(18) Canal along the way


(20) Random Picture

(21) Private housing

(22) Decided to exit at this path as i do not know how long to the next exit, better don't take the risk as no lamp post at night.

(23) Then i realised i have not taken picture, quick snap to remind myself that the exit is towards a private estate .

(24) Buses that is available there

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ramadan Bazaar 2016 @ Kampong Glam

Another bazaar which i will visit is the one at Kampong Glam.

 (1) Stalls

(2) Not so crowded in the afternoon

(3) As i was standing there wanting to take picture of  the dates, the seller, who was sitting, stood up and ask me if i want to buy, so i  just have a quick snap of the dates, lucky i was not scolded.

(4) Drinks

(5) Different type of kuehs

(6) This huge banana makes me think of TM, as he ever blog about huge banana.

(7) Finger foods

(8) Sotong

(9) Kebab

(10) Cookies

(11) Sausage

(12) Stalls

(13) The otah that i am looking for, i ever ask them last year, beside at Ramadan Bazaar, where do they sell the otah, the reply is that they only sell it once a year during Ramadan Bazaar.

(14) This should be the mosque that 小影 mention wanted to visit, but didn't manage to visit.

(15) Otah @ 5 for $2.50

(16) Not too sure what this is called, glutinous rice with hebi hiam filling, but find that the hebi hiam is so little.  3 pieces @ $2.50.

(17) Popiah @ $1.20 per piece, with yam bean, mashed egg, and a bit of chilli as the filling.

(18) Kueh @ $2  per packet, if buy 3 packet, will be $5, i only buy 1 packet, if not i will end up overeating.

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