Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Little India

Home Improvement Plan has completed, am able to visit Little India before Deepavali.






(6) I have no green fingers, can only admire






(12) Should be Deepavali around the corner, there's a crowds there.




Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A date with General Practitioner

My mum High Blood Pressure medicine is finishing soon and that means she has to go back to see the doctor.  At first she was telling me, ok liao, no need to see doctor, no need to take medicine.  Reply her, I am not the doctor, u go see doctor, if doctor said no need to take medicine, then no need to take.  Told her also, after see doctor, we go eat the sliced fish mee sua at the stall u patron before.

While at the clinic waiting for her turn to see doctor, she was grumbling about the other day at the hospital seeing doctor. But inside the room, she become quiet and didn't talk much to the doctor.

As her cholesterol was a bit high, the doctor ask her if she wants to take medicine or control her diet. She reply take medicine.  The doctor perscribe 3 months high blood medicine for her.  As for the medicine for cholesterol, told the doctor 1 month first just in case she doesn't want to take the medicine.

Phew, lucky my mum still have balance from the Pioneer Generation Subsidy of $540 per year, so no payment for that visit.

After that, we went to eat, where I order sliced fish mee sua for her (didn't take picture of it).

It has been a while since I had porridge, so order porridge from the chap chai rice stall 

Had steam egg, salted vegetable, sliced fried fish fillet @ $3.80.

When I took the medicine from the registration staff, I only saw that the packaging is different.  It was only when reach home that I realise that for the high blood pressure medicine, it's 10mg whereby the label states 5mg. As all the while, the medicine my mum took is 5mg.  Is either the doctor increase the dosage of the medicine or the staff mistaken give wrongly.  Went back to the clinic to check with the staff. Ask her how come the label states 5mg whereby the packaging is 10mg. The staff change the medicine to 5mg.

Lucky I told the doctor 1 month medicine for high cholesterol, my mum change her mind, she doesn't wants to take the medicine, she wants to control her diet.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday (8th Oct)

On Saturday, my mum was saiding she doesn't want to go church the next day.  It so happen Auntie Mary called me that night to tell me something.  The next morning, I bluff my mum, Auntie Mary called and ask me if she's going church, when Auntie Mary heard that she is not going,  she's disappointed my mum not going.  My  mum change her mind had go.

At the waiting point for the transport which is outside PPHCSC, Uncle Tang, Auntie Mary, another Auntie, my mum and I was early. The Auntie was asking what my mum usually do at home, my mum heard the Auntie asking about her, she sudden throw tanturm, Auntie Mary sweet talk her and she calm down.

Uncle Choo son was there, but not Uncle Choo.  Usually Uncle Choo son come on the dot.  Ask him, where's your Dad, he reply quarrel, since he's sitting at the back and i'm sitting in front with my mum, didn't ask more.

When at the church, ask him what happen that he quarrel with his father, only to realise his father quarrel with his mother.

Refreshment after the church service

My mum had her usual duck porridge, while I had Yong Tau Foo mi tai bak @ $4.

A bowl of soup with vegetable

It so happen I was walking around undecide on what to eat when I bump into the Chinese Ministry Pastor wife who is there having a brunch before rushing for her appointment.  She was asking where's my mum, told her my mum is sitting behind and I was looking around seeing what I wanted to eat, when I was back with the Yong Tau Foo, she has shift to the same table sitting with us.

My mum wants mutton soup with bread @ $4.50, but she couldn't finish the bread and have it pack back.

After walking one round, my mum said she was full, told her we go have a cup of coffee before we go back.  We went McDonald's.  At first she wants soup, told her I order soup for her from McCafe.  She the change her mind saiding she wants nuggets with drink which I told her, if order set, will be more worth it, but can finish anot as set consist of 6pc nuggets, fries and drink.

In the end, she said she wants cake.  A piece of Mango Cheesecake cost $5.

Cappuccino costs $3.  If order set, Mango Cheesecake with cappuccino cost $6.50.

After coming back, I did not go for Sundays at the Park workout.  Was thinking, since I have to do cleanup for the house, might as well I do spring cleaning, so when CNY coming next year, I have lesser cleanup.  I only did the kitchen as I chasing after a Taiwan drama that night.

Friday, October 13, 2017

Day 10 of Home Improvement Plan (7th Oct)

Finally it has come to the last day of the Home Improvement Plan.  Went down to the Food Centre to makan before the worker come.

My mum had minced meat with century egg porridge @ $2.50.

I had wanton mee @ $2.50

One worker came, do water test for bathroom/toilet.  After some times, me high tide, since they are doing water test, I could not use the toilet, I went to PPHCSC to borrow the toilet and to read newspaper.  When I was back, my mum is around, but not the worker.  Not too sure how long the water test will take, and also they will come and install the grab bar in the afternoon, they didn't give a specific time.   Called the office wanting to check the timing, but could not get hold of the lady.  Thought of going get fruit, but I was worried, if I step out of the house, if there's anything, my phone will ring and I have to rush back, so drop the idea.

Another worker came around 1.30pm to settle the water test, ask him what time will the person doing the grab bar come, he said he's doing the grab bar.  He went off and came back around 1 hour later with the tools and the grab bar to do the installation.  Total 8 grab bar to be install.  The office lady came to handover the key to the metal gate and also I have to sign some document.  The guy completed the grab bar installation at around 4 plus.  And that marks the completion of the Home Improvement Plan.

While they are doing the grab bar, I ask my mum if she wants to do downstairs eat dinner after they finish with the grab bar.  At first she said ok.  After the guy left, she said she's not very hungry, so we settle on cup noodle.

And now my turn to be busy, doing the cleaning up and then laundry. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Day 9 of Home Improvement Plan (6th Oct)

Ask my mum whether she wants to go PPHCSC for breakfast session after the workers arrived or go Food Centre eat before the workers arrived.  Her decision, eat at the Food Centre before the workers arrived.

She had Yong Tau Foo @ $3

Bump into Aunty Mary at the Food Centre as she's buying breakfast for her grandson before her grandson goes to school.

She said she's not going for the breakfast session at PPHCSC as the people there seem not happy with her and also she's not going church anymore.

After the workers arrived, since my mum not going, I went PPHCSC for the breakfast session.  Bee hoon and mee with dumplings made by a resident.

Same question I get, is the HIP free, have to repeat, no, it's not free, I have to pay for it, can use CPF to pay, heavily subsidy by Government.

The Chinese Ministry Pastor is there, mention to him about what Auntie Mary mention.

After the breakfast session, went back, the plumper is there doing the installation of the wash hand basin, pedestal pan, sanitary fitting, etc. 

They are also doing the reinstatement of water heater, etc.  The guy was asking me mirror, since my mirror is an old one, went to get a new one and also to get a shower hose that is needed to be connected to the tap. 

Then is staying at home to make sure the installation is in order and also to make sure the things are okay, no leaking, etc.

The Social Worker is coming at 4pm to visit my mum.  So I thought I will go for an early dinner (I didn't eat anything after the breakfast session at PPHCSC), I had roasted chicken rice @ $3.  It so happen the electrical guy is at my place doing the installation of the toilet/bathroom lighting and there are some problem and I got a call from the HIP office about it.

When the Social Worker came, he told my mum she looks good in the new hairstyle.  My mum reply him, i don't want to cut, they force me to cut my hair.

The soup which I find something different from the usual chicken rice stall I eat before.  It had peppery taste and a bit of the caggage inside.  Too bad it's only a small bowl.

The workers finish at around 6pm.  Was relieve that I am able to use the bathroom/toilet instead of the portable toilet where it's so cramp that I am not able to have a good shower.

Since it's already evening and one more day to go, I only did a bit of cleaning up, the rest, till it's completely over.

After that, had a shiok shower before calling it a day.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Day 8 of Home Improvement Plan (5th Oct)

On the 8th day of Home Improvement Plan.

My mum had fish ball kway teow @ $2.50 at the Food Centre near our place.

Ask my mum if she wanted to go PPHCSC drink Milo, at first, she hesitate, but she still go in the end. It so happen they have a free hair cut for the elderly (pre-register is required) from 10am to 1pm. 

Uncle Choo is there as he has register for the hair cut.  Ask him if his wife has discharge from hospital, yes, his wife has been discharge from the hospital on Wednesday.  He's not able to go for the hair cut due to some problem in his head.  Staff from PPHCSC help him to make appointment at the polyclinic to see doctor.

My mum hair is long and staff of PPHCSC ask her if she wants to cut hair since there's a slot, she insist on not cutting it.  So the staff ask me to cut first then persuade her to cut.  After cutting, told her I already cut my hair and it's her turn.  After a bit of coating, she finally cut her hair.

After coming back from PPHCSC, it's time for me to go  makan.  

My first initial plan was to eat zi char, but passed by Ministry of Ribs , change my mind as I have yet to try their foods, I did not go for Ribs as cutting down on eating pork.  Instead I had wild mushroom chicken @ $9.90.  Two side dishes to choose from in which I choose pasta and mashed potato.  When the foods arrived, I was wondering, how come the chicken is dark, but not bad lah, only that I didn't see any mushroom.  When I made payment, was surprise they do not charge service charge and GST.

The two workers finish the job at around 5.10pm, so I thought everything finish, I close the door. In a while, someone knock on the door, was told he's taking measurements for the bathroom/toilet door. Just when he left, I thought I will go to the HIP office to make some enquiry.  When I was back, 2 guys were outside, they are coming to do the refuse chute.  Ask my mum how come she didn't open the door for them, her reply I do not know who are they.

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Day 7 of Home Improvement Plan (4th Oct)

Time flies, one week has passed, Home Improvement Plan Day 7 already.

My mum starts the day with bee hoon, add a piece of hash brown and luncheon meat for her, cost $2.70.

After the workers arrived, I went Fairprice X'tra to buy a new heater, since the old one, there's some problems, and the workers from the Home Improvement Plan Team will be coming on Friday (6th Oct) morning (that's what I was told) to do the installation, I need to get it ready by Thursday (5th Oct).   They sell different models of heater, not too sure which one to choose, so ask the staff for help.  He recommends the Panasonic brand and mention a lot of people under the Home Improvement Plan bought it.  The stock they have now is new one and just arrived.  Since Fairprice X'tra do not sell LED lights for bathroom/toilet,  I thought I will bring the heater and pack food for my mum before I go and get the LED light.  The staff from Fairprice X'tra told me, IMM got sell, but it will be expensive, go neighborhood shop buy, will be cheaper.

After bringing the heater and food back, rest for a while, called one of the Grassroots Leader (her house has already completed the HIP) to ask her about the LED light.  She told me nearby our place there, got sell.  I walk to the shop there, the staffs seem like not sure about the product and also not very helpful, forget it, I didn't buy, just in case I buy wrongly.

I decided to go Jurong West 400 plus there to see if they do sell it, if not, I will go 500 plus there to see.

While at Jurong West 400 plus, went in to a shop, a helpful Uncle attend to me, do not have what I want. 

Then another shop, yes, they do have what I want.  The boss is very helpful and knowledgeable, he's able to answer whatever I ask him.  I told him, I saw a LED light at another place, I won't mention where I saw it, the price is more expensive than the one he's selling.  He was telling me, toilet/bathroom, you won't be inside there for long, only doing business, bathing, so not necessary to get a good one.

So I bought from him.  I will go back again to his shop if I need any items in future.

After buying what I need to buy, thought I want to go Jurong Point eat something I have in mind, 2nd thought, I have to carry the things, take bus there, might as well I go another day when I go buy grocery.

Earlier on, I pass by a coffeeshop and saw some office workers eating the claypot rice.  So I thought I will try it out, $7 for 1 person portion with ingredients chicken, chinese sausage, chinese liver sausage, salted fish.

There are two Indian workers, two China workers.  The schedule for the day is tiling to bathroom/toilet walls while tiling to bathroom/toilet floors is on Thursday (5th Oct), the floor s tiling, they did it on the same day, so by the time they finish, it's 7 plus before they call it a day.

I'm a bit curious, whether got lorry to ferry the workers back, ask the Indian worker,  was told, head taking MRT back.

Same as what the other day when I ask the worker doing concrete, he's also taking MRT, each day, he was given $5 transport allowance. 

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