Saturday, July 21, 2018

Honeymoon over

13th Jul (Fri)

My honeymoon is over.  Today marks the first day of my work as a part timer.  Due to my mum's condition, I won't be in a full-time position.

There are some people who was telling me, why don't you put your mum in a nursing home.  Nursing home has never cross my mind unless there comes the day when my mum's condition has deteriorate and I can't cope and do not know how to take care of her.

As I let my mum takes the transport to the Day Care Centre, not easy to get a part-time job which suits the timing.  I have ever consider bringing her in myself, but thinking of her mobility and also the unpredictable weather, if it's rain, my head will be very big.

It so happen that I was enquiring at this fast food chain whether they are hiring part timer and that I can only work from this hour to this hour as I need to bring my mum to wait for the transport and see that she boards the transport before I leave.  And I need to be back before the transport brings her back.

At first, I thought that for me, no meal will be provided as I only work for a few hours, but the manager said have, so I had chicken burger.

After coming back home, I then realise it's the so called Friday the 13th.

Since now I'm no longer in honeymoon mood and not deck bound job, I might not be able to visit blog frequently and might not be updating often.

Monday, July 16, 2018

Blur me

11th Jul (Wed)

Craving for luncheon meat.

Instead of frying it, I steam it

Attend to something, then I was at Bukit Batok Interchange wanting to take feeder bus no. 941 to go St. Luke Hospital visiting a friend.  Halfway through the journey, saw how come the bus turn into a different direction, so I went over to ask the bus captain.  Was then told, 8th July onward, some changes in the route, if I were to go St. Luke Hospital, can cross over the road and take the newly introduce bus service 991 to reach St. Luke Hospital.

Blame it on my blurness, when I was in Bukit Batok Bus Interchange, I saw bus no. 941 and quickly rush and didn't read the poster attached at the interchange wall to see what's the changes in the route.

12th Jul (Thur)

When bringing my mum down to wait for the transport, bump into auntie and her daughter, auntie transport is 20 minutes earlier than my mum's transport.

Auntie has 6 children, all are married, but auntie stays alone as she prefer to stay on her own.  But her children will take turn to come and bring her for dinner and so far, I only know of her this daughter as she will come and stays with her overnight on certain days and come down with auntie to wait for the transport.

Auntie daughter was asking me how many times my mum goes to the toilet each night.  Good question.  I actually do not know how many times my mum goes to the toilet as I was sound asleep.  She then share with me a bit of her mum which I will not write grandmother stories here.

I was in Bukit Batok vinicity and pass by the coffeeshop where Master Tang stall is.

Had porridge, suppose to be sliced fish with minced meat, but I change to century egg.

Sliced fish

with century egg

Friday, July 13, 2018

Start of a new week

9th Jun (Mon)

My mum is so used to going to the Day Care Centre that during weekends, she will ask me, today no Day Care Centre.  The Day Care Centre that my mum goes to, only open from Monday to Friday.  But another Centre, it do opens on Saturday, so thought of checking it out.

So thought of checking it out, was told the centre opens on Saturday from 9am to 3pm.  The things to do on Saturday will be more simple.  But right now, no transport, have to bring in the elderly ownself.

Lunch - porridge @ $4

Sliced fish with minced meat

Coffee @ $1.80

Was darm tired that no workout for me.

10th Jul (Tue)

In the morning, ask my mum, you go down yourself to wait for the transport, her reply, don't know how to go down and wait.  Then ask her, come back, you come up yourself, her reply, wait I go wrong house and open wrong door.

Craving for chee cheong fun, from my place hawker centre @ $1.60 for 2 pc.

With a chicken wing @ $1.50

Usually after my mum comes back from the Day Care Centre, the first thing she will do is to go to the toilet.

Seeing that she has been in the toilet for a while and not out yet, went to check on her.  She then said she has problem passing motion. So told her, I go to the chinese medical shop and buy the stuff, but you must `co-operate with me.  She manage to pass out a bit before I left for my Bible Study Fellowship.

After coming back from my Bible Study Fellowship, I was already tired, but, my mum dirty the floor and her clothes that I have to clean up the place and quickly wash her dirty clothes before calling it a day.  By then, I am half-dead already.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Pre weekend to weekend

6th Jul (Fri)

TGIF.  As usual, after my mum board the transport, walk over to PPHCSC for the Friday breakfast session.

Vegetarian bee hoon with youtiao, as it's the first Friday of the month, there's birthday celebration for those born in the month of July and also bingo game.

Understand from Uncle Choo that his wife is admitted to the hospital.  Decided to pay her a visit.

After the visit, a cup of kopi @ $2

Can't resist the temptation of chicken wing, so order a chicken wing @ $1.80.

7th Jul (Sat)

The weather is unpredictable, sometimes it will start to rain in the morning.  But today, the weather is extremely hot.

While waiting for the bus after church service at the bus stop, randomly snap a picture.

As usual, Bukit Merah Central and the same coffeeshop.  Order from the chap chai rice stall.


Egg with tomato

梅菜 with 三辰肉

At first, my mum saids she wants rice

I thought of having porridge, but when my mum saw the porridge, she said she wants the porridge, so I had rice instead.

Total : $9

8th Jul (Sun)

Haiz, constipation problem of my mum again.

Bought the above from the Chinese Medical Shop for her constipation problem.

Ask my mum if she wants to go out and eat, but she doesn't wants to, then tell her, or we go to the eatery in the neighbourhood to eat.  She was asking me to buy back and eat.  Wanted to get her out of the house, so tell her don't want to buy back and eat lah, go out and eat together lah.

She wanted chicken briyani, order an egg to go with the chicken briyani @ $6 to share.

The portion of the briyani rice, if I were to eat it alone, I won't be able to finish it .

Tuesday, July 10, 2018

An ordinary day

3rd Jul (Tue)

I need to get some items from the supermarket.  Usually I will go to the supermarket in JEM or Jurong Point, lazy to travel there, so buy from the supermarket near my place and also to makan.

Had vegetarian kway teow mee @ $3

And a bak kwa pork floss puff from the neighbourhood bakery shop @ $1.50.

Just when I was getting ready to go down fetch my mum, the staff of the Day Care Centre call and ask me to come down, the transport was 10 minutes earlier than the stated time.

4th Jul (Wed)

As Bible Study Fellowship is a weekly affair on every Tuesday night, so homework is also a weekly affair.

Simple lunch from my place hawker centre @ $2.80.

Ad I need to make a trip to Zone 3 RC, after that, was at the coffeeshop having a tau suan @ $1.50.

From this month onward, the two staff ferrying the elderly rotate.  The male staff will fetch the elderly to the Day Care Centre whereby the female staff will send the elderly back.

Joke of the day - I was wondering will the transport be early again today, so I went down early to wait.  Wait and wait, and 40 minutes from the stated time has pass and no sight of the transport.  I decided to call the Day Care Centre instead of the staff as she's driving, I do not want to disturb her.  The Day Care Centre mention that the transport has left the Day Care Centre, but the transport left a bit late today.

Finally the transport arrive, I was told, the staff forgotten about my mum  (my mum is the first to alight) and didn't turn into my place and instead go straight.  When she realise, too late already, so she send the rest back first and my mum is the last person to alight.

5th Jul (Thur)

It has been a while since I went Bukit Timah Food Centre to find my friend.  So make a trip there before crossing over to  the supermarket at Bukit Timah Plaza to buy grocery.

My lunch is a bak Chang @ $3 and a chee cheong fun @ $0.80.  Total is $3.80.

It so happen while ordering drink from one of the drink stall, saw that they sell white coffee, so order a cup @ $1.10.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Start of a new month

2th Jul (Mon)

Starting of the month, after my mum boards the transport, make my way to the Day Care Centre, as need to pay payment.

As usual, in the morning, it will be exercise time for the elderly.  As for those in my mum's group, before the start of the exercise, they will be ask questions like , what is my name (name of the staff conducting the exercise), what day is it today, what is the date today, where is this place.

My mum lunch - brown rice with cabbage, tofu and chicken.

After my mum has eaten, time for me to make a move.  I didn't go to the nearby eatery place, but go to one of the coffeeshop in West Coast which I didn't go for a long time.  Seem that most of the stalls are new to me.

In the end, I choose braise pork rice @ $4.50 which had braised pork, half egg, tau pok, salted vegetable, braised peanuts.

The soup 

Just before my mum come back,  I thought I will be a busybody again, by going to Uncle Tang's place to see if he has come back home.

Good that Uncle Tang has been discharge and he mention he reach home around 1 plus and his brother-in-law fetch him.

He then said he wanted to give me a red packet which I told him no need.  If he wants, buy me a cup of coffee will do.

The next thing is, to inform the Chinese Ministry Pastor of PPH Brethren Church and PPHCSC.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

Week 27 (Part 4)

30th Jun (Sat)

My mum doesn't wants to go church, manage to sweet talk her in going.

As usual, after service, was at Bukit Merah Central and the usual coffeeshop.  The coffeeshop was rather quiet and not much variety of foods to choose from.

My mum had porridge

with braised chicken, steamed egg and tofu @ $3.40.

I had Malay rice with chicken wing, chilli egg and begedil @ $3.30.

Good weather with no rain.

1st Jul (Sun)

Initially, I thought of bringing my mum to the Emergency Department in the Hospital due to her constipation problem.

Then I thought of the suppository that the Doctor prescribe the other time she went to see Doctor for her constipation problem.  So I decided to try on that first.

My mum was resistance when I want to insert the suppository for her that she push me away.  So I told her, if you doesn't want me to do it for you, then I have to bring you to the Doctor and let the Doctor do it for you.

In the end, I manage to insert it for her and within 15 minutes, bowel were out.

Was at a neighbourhood bakery, mouth itchy, must buy something to eat, so buy a 老婆饼 @ $1.20.

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