Thursday, October 20, 2016


On the Ninth Day of the Lunar Calendar, it's the sending-off day of the Nine Emperor Gods, and so happen it falls on a Sunday, my mum wanted to go to Lorong Koo Chye Sheng Hong Temple at Arumugam Road to see the ritual, so gotta bring her there.

(1) While walking to the temple, saw the above and took picture of it

(2) Banner

(3) Van with decorations


(5) The sedan chair

(6) Vegetarian Bee Hoon is provided

(7) Green bean soup is also provided

(8) Since i have finish eating, i have to give up my seat to other's since there people waiting for seats. While waiting for my mum, i took some random picture.  

Area to collect the bee hoon

(9) Seats for devotees to eat their food

(10) Preparing for the sending off ritual

(11) Area for buying prayer items

(12) Lion Dance

(13) Dragon Dance

(14) Drummers for the Lion and Dragon Dance

(15) The Sedan

(16) Preparing the Sedan for the Nine-Emperor 

(17) Getting ready to go off to the seaside

(18)  Starting the walk to the transport area to go to the seaside

(19) Nine Emperor Good

(20) Walking a short distance to the transport area

(21) End here as my mum, she do not want to go to the seaside to see the ritual due to her weaken leg.

(22) Nine Emperor Gods

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Deepavali Festival Village @ Little India

A trip to Deepavali Festival Village @ Little India.

(1) Crossing the road to get to Deepavali Festival Village







(8) Along the pathway














Tuesday, October 18, 2016

363 Katong Laksa

On Sunday, I was suppose to meet my friend to visit another friend elderly mother, then go my friend office to help my friend clear some of her backlog.  Then the other friend tell my friend no need to go visit the mother.  Arrange to meet friend at 4pm, i left my house earlier at around 3pm, to have ample time to travel and also i do not like to be late.  I whatsapp my friend, then my friend reply can it be 4.30pm as she want to go gym before meeting me, reply that i left the house already, and we arrange to meet at Ulu Pandan CC there where my friend went for gym for 1/2 hour, and i walk around and have a drink.

After meeting with my friend, my friend said want to go Holland Village to collect something and to eat nasi lemak. 

(1) This is the nasi lemak  that my friend is referring to

(2) They use a ipad for customers to order the foods


(3) Had the chicken wing set ($3.30, if i am not wrong, as it's a treat from my friend for the last minute change in plan), in which we find the food so so only.

363 Katong Laksa
29B Lorong Liput 
Singapore 277740

Monday, October 17, 2016

Alexandra Canal Linear Park

Another Park Connector walking with a friend.

(1) Starting of the walk where there is a canal, Alexandra Queensway Park Connector.

(2) The path is next to the Canal

(3) On the left, HDB Flats

(4) On the right, Global Indian International School

(5) Bridge linking from one side to another

(6) Protected area, Special Operations Command (Queensway Base)

(7) Greenery

(8) Flower, but do not know the name of the flower

(8) Indication on the distance to Alexandra Canal Linear Park

(9) Condo construction going on 

(10) Starting of the walk for Alexandra Canal Linear Park 

(11) The walking path

(12) Random Picture 

(13) Random Picture

(14) Then saw eatery place, ordered a plate of Seafood Yee Mee @ $5, not much ingredients, but lot of  Yee Mee.  Usally, nowadays, i only take picture of my food, as friend not blogger, when food serve, friend will start to tuck in, and if i were to take picture, will have to be very fast.

(15) Bicycle rack with pictures on the wall

(16) Racking picture

(17) The walking path

(18) Malay Mosque, Masjid Jamae Queenstown

(19) Random Picture

(20) Random Picture

(21) Resting area

(22) Lotus Flower

(23) Random Picture

(24)  Alexandra Canal

(25) Construction of condo ongoing

(26) Passed by a church

(27) End the walk here and walking to Valley Point for a drink

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