Monday, April 27, 2015

Hiking @ Bukit Timah Hill

My cellgroup organise a hiking @ Bukit Timah Hill on a Sat morning.  It has been quite sometimes since i went hiking.

One of the cell member is quite familiar as he stays nearby there and went there often, so he lead the rest us.

Along the way, i took some pictures

Signboard showing the trail

I have to quick quick take pictures as i'm the only one who's writing blog and in order not to let the rest wait for me.

Bukit Timah has been close for maintenance, and only certain trail is open, still not fully open yet.

Our plans is to climb up to the Summit

Along the ways

Have to climb up those steps to get to the Summit

Finally i reach the Summit

Monkey, lucky the monkey didn't attack me

Friday, April 24, 2015

Chingay (26th ~ 28th Feb)

Full Dress Rehearsal (26th Feb 2015)

Every participant was given a participant's pass on the 1st rehearsal at the PA Head Quarter last year.  As i signed up last minute (A day before the 1st rehearsal), i only receive my pass on the rehearsal on 31st January.
This is my pass.   At first i thought of buying the number as shown on the pass, but my rehearsal was on the evening, so i was not able to buy it when i was on the way home as the betting centre was already closed.  The next day, i totally forgot about it.

Then on that evening, the number open as Consolation.  Heart pain that i didn't buy it, haiz...

Dinner that is provided on the 26th Feb, as usual, find that the rice is too much.

My Zumba Instructor doing training for those around

My leg itchy, need to walk around to take some pictures

My Zumba Instructor Wushu Group was each given a red packet by the Head IC, inside is a $1 Toto for Friday (27th Feb) CNY 12 Million Toto, too bad luck was not with me. 

2 Mandarin Oranges that is given by People's Association


Chingay Parade (27th Feb 2015)

On the 1st day of  the Chingay Parade (27th Feb),  the bus pick us up quite early, 3.45pm from West Coast Community Centre.

After reaching and putting down my barang, leg itchy, so i go jalan jalan again. So below are some pictures i took while walking around.


Volunteers busy putting the goodies bag on the seats for the spectators

Quick picture of the Loi Hei we had

Dinner on 27th Feb

While waiting for our turn to perform, we get to watch some of the other performers performing too.

Sweets was given to us on 27th Feb


Chingay Parade (28th Feb 2015)

At the entrance

Dinner provided on 28th Feb

After dinner, i went for a walk, saw that audience's has start to arrive

One of the performer's being interviewed

We were given a T-shirt, front is We Loves SG, back is Proud to Be Part of Chingay 2015.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Safari Adventure in the West

I didn't know that there's this Safari Balloon Display at West Coast Plaza which is not far from my place, till i saw my friends posted about it in Facebook, so was there to have my meal and take pictures of it.


Monday, April 20, 2015

Claypot Rice in Bt Batok

See Mama Kucing blog about Claypot Rice last week, realised i have a Claypot Rice which i eat sometimes back and have not post yet.

It's situated inside a coffeeshop

The sauce for the claypot rice

Claypot rice at $11 for 2 person

Friday, April 17, 2015

Putu Piring/Hot Hula

There's this stall selling Putu Piring in Haig Road which i like and if i happen to be around the area, i will sure buy it. That day when i Q to buy it, a gentleman in front of me was buying 20 packets, when i heard his order, i quickly ask the lady helping out in the stall and the gentleman if it is ok for me, as i'm only getting a packet, thanks to the gentleman for allowing me to jump Q and buy a packet.

The stall is located in the Haig Road Food Centre

1 packet for 5 cost  $2

There's this Free Zumba on every 1st Monday of the Month and Hot Hula on the 2nd Monday of the Month at One KM Mall which is organise by Health Promotion Board.  I was curious about Hot Hula as i never tried it out so i went to try it out.  In the midst of the course, i wanted to walk out of it as find that it's quite boring, but find if i do that, not that nice, so i was hoping that it was end fast.  Should be my 1st and last time attending Hot Hula.

This is what i source from the website about Hot Hula :

HOT HULA fitness® is a low impact, fun, new dance workout that engages your whole body in 60 minutes. Isolates your larger muscle groups and increase strength and definition to your core by focussing on abs, glutes, quads and arms. Inspired by the undulating, graceful dances of the Pacific Islands, HOT HULA fitness® dance movements are easy to follow, and you'll feel like you're on an island paradise with the sounds of traditional Polynesian drum beats fused with funky Reggae or pop music. All ages and fitness levels will enjoy HOT HULA fitness® so get those hips moving!     

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Cellgroup PotBless

In the end, i went for cellgroup last Friday, they had pot-luck which they called it as pot-bless.  I was cracking my head on what to bring, in the end during lunch, i went to bought a swissroll in which i did not take picture of it.

I got a lift from my Associate Leader to the Cell Member house.  Before meeting my Associate Leader, i went to JCube to take a look at the Kpop session.  Wish i can join in.

Honey water

Soba Salad made by my Associate Leader wife and i like it very much

Sliced Fish Hor Fun brought by my Leader

Yee Mee brought by my Leader

Beef Hor Fun bought by my Leader

Dessert made by one of the Cellgroup member

We also had some watermelon from my Associate Leader and his wife, which i did not take picture.

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