Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Chinese New Year decoration @ Vivo City

On my way back, i need to change bus at Vivo City, saw the decoration there, so went over to take picture of it.






Chinese New Year decoration @ Bugis Junction

Had a gathering with my Primary School classmate around Bugis area, drop by Bugis Junction before meeting them to take picture of the Chinese New Year decoration.





Chinese New Year decoration @ JEM

Was at JEM and saw the Chinese New Year decoration, but didn't see any Chinese New Year decoration at the neighbour shopping mall, Westgate.

Chinese New Year decoration @ JEM




Chinese New Year decoration @ Tanjong Katong Complex

I was on my way back after going to my friend place, pass by Tanjong Katong Complex, saw some Chinese New Year decoration, went to take picture of it.


(2) Loves the God of Fortune as find it cute




(6) God of Fortune outside Haig Road Food Centre

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Malay Neighbour Son Wedding (15th Jan)

Usually on Sunday morning, i will go for Zumba at my neighbourhood there, then buy breakfast back for my mum.  But on Saturday night, i receive news that the Zumba Instructor sprain her ankle, and due to last minute, she can't find a replacement, so the session was cancel.

So, i went to the market near my place there to buy breakfast.  Bump into my Malay neighbour, he stays on the ground floor, he mention his son wedding day on that day.  He wanted to pass me the invitation card, but he did not bump into me.  So he vertically invite my mum and me to his son wedding.

It's buffet style for the wedding which he mention from 11am to 5pm.

(1) Cracker on every table, i am addicted to it

(2) Biryani rice, there is also white rice which i didn't take picture, see that biryani rice is more popular than white rice as almost those tables i passed by, saw they eating biryani rice.

(3) Lontong

(4) Lontong Gravy

(5) Beef

(6) Chicken

(7) Mee Siam

(8) Sambal Goreng

(9) Fried Fish Fillet

(10) Hot drink

(11) Cold drink

(12) Some of the kuehs, only took some of it , but not all





(17) One of the fruits, banana

(18) My serving

(19) Flowers on every table

(20) The Wedding decoration

Monday, January 16, 2017

Tai Sun @ Pandan Loop (Part 2 of 2)

The 2nd place at Pandan Loop that headed to is Tai Sun which is open to the public only before Chinese New Year.

(1)  Banner outside the premises

(2) The sales area is inside the factory premises, a small area only

(3) Most of the items are nuts

(4) Cute bottles

(5) Cute bottles

(6) The Arrowhead Chips makes me think of Mama Kucing

(7)  Chinese New Year Cookies

Tai Sun (Lim Kee) Food Ind P L
255 Pandan Loop 
Singapore 128433

Tel : 6779 6611/6776 6733

Website :

Opening Hours :
Mon - Fri : 9.30am - 6pm
Sat & Sun : 9.30am - 5pm

Hock Seng Food Pte Ltd @ Pandan Loop (Part 1 of 2)

Pandan Loop is not very far from my place and understand that there are two places there that are open before Chinese New Year to the public to stock up for Chinese New Year.

(1)  The first place headed to is Hock Seng Food Pte Ltd

(2) Banner outside the premises about the Warehouse Sales

(3) At the entrance

(4)  After entering, was greeted by cans of Fortune Seafood

(5) My first time seeing extra large canned fruits, as usually in the supermarket, what i saw is only large canned fruits as above the extra large canned fruits.

(6) Saw one of my favourite, Crispy Fish Skin

(7) Canned Drink

(8) They also sell Chilled Coffee Drink

(9)  Items sold there

(10) Frozen Fish

(11) Another of my favourite, Tuna Spread w/Crackers

(12) Chocolates

(13)  They have a few types of crackers, and also samples for the customers to sample, i loves this fish cracker, wish they have smaller packet, i will sure buy, if i were to buy the big packet, i will be out of control and finish the whole packet in no time.

(14) Stacks of Stocks

(15) Paste's that is sold there

(16) Won't miss the place as there are two huge canned food outside the premise

(17) The building

Hock Seng Food Pte Ltd
267 Pandan Loop 
Singapore 128439

Tel : 6595 9222

Website :
Email :

Opening Date :
29th December 2016 - 25th January 2017

Opening Hours : 
Weekdays : 9am - 6pm
Weekend : 8am - 6pm

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