Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Sembawang Park Connector

This walk was before Chinese New Year.

(1) Start of the walk, from Admiralty Road West

(2) Sungei Sembawang Canal

(3) San Lian Deng Temple

(4) Should this be called bench or chair? As bench is long. 

(5) Sembawang God of Wealth - can only take from side view

(6) Lantern inside the temple

(7)  They have a back door, too back it's lock, if not, can go in and take a look at the temple.

(8) Woodlands Industrial Xchange

(9) The tree trunk caught my attention

(10)  Pass by Northoaks Primary School

(11) From a different angel 

(12) HDB Flats

(13) Random Picture

(14) Canberra Secondary School

(15) Random Picture

(16) Random Picture

(17) An overhead bridge connecting one side to another

(18) Then came to a point that have to turn to continue with the walk

(19)Sungei Sembawang Canal

(20) The path

(21) One of the flower that is in the Park Connector

(22) Random Picture

(23) Random Picture

(24) HDB Flats

(25) End the walk at Blk 469B Admiralty Drive

(26)Buses that pass by there

(27) Building on the other side of the Park Connector

(28) Last picture before ending the walk

Monday, January 30, 2017

Mandarin Oranges

Don't know why, this year, just seem don't have the right mood for Chinese New Year.  So i didn't do any "homework" about Mandarin Oranges.  I only bought the Mandarin Oranges during the week leading to Chinese New Year.

(1) The first round, i was at Fairprice at my place there, there's a Fairprice at my place there, but a small store only, so usually, i will go to the bigger store at JEM or Jurong Point once a week to buy grocery.  Look here, look there, in the end, chose the 12 pcs (L) Mandarin Oranges at $8.95.

(2) The box for the Mandarin Oranges

(3) Then i was thinking, 12 pcs, might not be enough, so i went to Sheng Siong, another supermarket to look at the Mandarin Oranges.  End up buying the 18 pc Mandarin Oranges at $8.30. 

(4) The box

(5) The Mandarin Oranges is from Yong Chun

Friday, January 27, 2017

ER Marketing (s) Pte Ltd @ 6A Senoko South

Next door to Bee Cheng Hiang Factory Outlet is ER Marketing (S) Pte Ltd, went in to take a look at what they are offering.

(1) The Company banner

(2) Usually, i see those "aunties", they are busy shopping when once reached the venue, me is first take picture first before i shop.

(3) Yu Sheng ingredients

(4) Crackers for Yu Sheng

(5) One of the type of sauce sold there

(6) I only manage to see these two types of pastes as there are a group of ladies standing at the other pastes there and discussing about the pastes.

(7) Hamper for sales

(8)Potato and onion on sale

(9) Saw the box of the Mandarin Oranges and find the picture cute

(10 Mandarin Oranges

ER Marketing (S) Pte Ltd
6A Senoko South Road
Singapore 758092
Tel : (+65) 6755 5225
Fax : (+65) 6758 5335

Wishing all my readers and friends 

Happy Lunar New Year

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Bee Cheng Hiang @ Senoko South

My friend wanted to buy stuffs from Bee Cheng Hiang for her family members, i have not been there before, so went with her.

(1) Bus No. 169 goes there, alight at the stop opposite Sumitomo Bakelite S'pore.

(2) The Factory Outlet is situated in Senoko South Road

(3) Taken outside the Factory Outlet

(4) The Name and Address

(5) Banner

(6) Two of it, one in Yellow and one in Red, since it's the same, so took picture of one of it only. 

(7) Saw the banner there's a Coffeeshop behind, only to realise it's in another building, and also heard that during weekend,there are 100 over buses bringing people going there buy things.

(8) Chinese New Year plants at the factory

(9) Chinese New Year plants at the factory

(10) At the entrance

(11) Operating Hours

(12) Chinese New Year cookies

(13) Sausage

(14) Bak Kwa

(15) Floss

(16) Floss

(17) Mini Crunchies

(18) Durian Egg Roll

(19) Nice for gift set

(20)Royal Jelly

(21) Bak Kwa packaging with Singapore Merlion

(22) Bak Kwa packaging with Singapore Flyer

(23) Bak Kwa packaging with Singapore Garden by the Bay

(24) Bak Kwa packaging with Singapore Changi Airport

(25) Chinese Sausage, got Chicken or Pork

(26) Payment Counter

Chop Hup Chong Food Industries Pte Ltd
6 Senoko South Road
Singapore 758070

Tel : (+65) 6759 0988
Fax : (+65) 6759 1911

Website : www.chophupchong.com.sg

Bee Cheng Hiang Website : www.beechenghiang.com.sg

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