Friday, July 29, 2016

Children's Garden @ Gardens by the Bay

The other time, i went for my workout at Marina Bay area, i was a bit early, so went Gardens by the Bay for a quick walk and saw Children's Garden.  It was closed on Monday and also, even if it's open, i won't have time to racky the place as i was going for the workout.

(1) Then i learnt that there's a Garden's by the Bay (East) Park Connector and on the way to racky the place, passed by Children's Garden, so went to have a look.

(2) Decoration on the tree

(3) Water Play for kid's

(4) Random Picture

(5) Random Picture

(6) Random Picture

(7) Random Picture

(8) Random Picture

(9) Water Play area

(10) Random Picture

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Random Post

The other day, while on the way to workout, was chit chatting with a kaki about National Day performance.  She has been participating in the National Day performance for many years.  This year, she did not join due to other commitment, but her sister is participating in the event.  And it's her sister second year taking part in the event.  They did ask me if i wanted to take part.  But i hesitate as have to take our own transport there for the rehearsal/training, but there is transport remuneration, not like last year when i took part in Chingay, they have transport to and fro from the Community Centre and back to the Community Centre, and also it will be very crowed after training when taking transport back home.  My kaki was telling me, if i wanted to do it, don't think so much about it, if not i will not accomplish anything. Maybe next year, i should go for the audition?

(1) It so happen that's a time i passed by Polar Puffs and saw the Salted Egg & Cheese Eclair, but that time, i didn't buy it as i have taken my meal and no more room for anything else.  So another time i passed by, i bought it, $2.60 per piece.

(2) This is how the inside looks like

(3) I have a sweet tooth, can't resist dessert, but i have to know my limits, can't eat too often, when i saw this piece of cake, Royal Chocolate Cake @ $3, at the bakery shop, can't resist, so bought a piece back to eat.

(4) I have not tried the pizza that is sold in the supermarket, that's a day when i ask my mum if she keen in it, and she said ok, so on my grocery day, i saw that there's promotion, usual price is $9.95, but they selling at $7.90, so bought one back.

(5) This is how it looks like after baking

Monday, July 25, 2016

Surrounding of Jurong Bird Park

(1) Was doing my 10,000 steps and landed in Jurong Bird Park, so took some pictures of the surrounding.

(2) Ticketing Counters

(3) Ponds

(4) Not too sure what's the name of the plant

(5) Random Picture

(6) Entrance to Bird Park

(7) At first i thought this is a dustbin, but it's not, for decoration


(8) Foods kiosk

(9) Random Piture

(10) Since it's Bird Park, the decorations there has to be bird's

(11) Flowers

(12) Plants

(13) Walk further up from Jurong Bird Park, saw the flyover leading to Jurong Island checkpoint.

(14) Flyover leading to Jurong Island checkpoint

(15) Wanted to racky further till Jurong Island Checkpoint, but since the walkway was covered with barriers, so have to turn back and take the bus back.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Raffles Marina

I remember at my ex-company, during lunch time, an ex-colleague ever drove my lunch kakis and me once or twice to Raffles Marina for lunch, that time, there used to be a eatery place. Since that, after i left my ex-company, i never been there again.  Was there again after many years to racky the place.

(1) Since there's construction around the area, this sign was helpful in finding the place after aligning from the bus.

(2) The entrance, was told by the security lady that not suppose to go down to the yacht area and not to take pictures of the yacht, only picture of the lighthouse could be taken.  Asked if could take pictures of the surrounding, the expression looks like not really.

(3) The sky was dark when i was there, at that time, really hope that it will not rain, walk the wrong way, walk down to the yacht area which was not supposed to, then the security staff came up, luckily was not scolded, he was quite polite, said that this is the wrong way and saw me on CCTV, so he came, he was nice to show the way to the Lighthouse. 

(4) The path to the Lighthouse

(5) Lighthouse

(6) Second Link Bridge to Malaysia

(7) Tuas Checkpoint 

(8) Sea

(9) Random Picture

(10) The building

(11) Swimming Pool

(12) Swimming Pool

(13) Took a picture of the building before leaving the place

Address : 10 Tuas West Drive, Singapore 638404

(14) Buses that passed by that

(15) The place was quite quiet and construction going on

(16) Soon there will be MRT passing by there

After that, it started to rain heavily, lucky left the place already.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

The Green Corridor (Part 5 - Last part)

(1) Archive photo - The first time i walk the Green Corridor, i exit at the above point and it leads me to Beauty World Centre.

(2) Archive photo -The second time i walk the Green Corridor, i started from the above point, which is Bukit Timah Road.

(3) In between, there is still a path which i have not walk, so after my meal from the previous post, i took a bus (not walk, as don't think i have the strength to walk the whole stretch) to the second point there and start my walk.  Passed by some beautiful private house.

(4) The path

(5) Pass by shop houses

(6) Path

(7) Railway track

(8) Above picture, the road will lead to Bukit Timah Nature Reserve

(9) Above path is after the railway track, but i decided not to walk any further, since the journey to the first exit is not very far.

(10) I dare not walk down this exit, scare fall from it

(11) Instead, i exit from the above

(12) Random Picture

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