Sunday, October 28, 2018


20th Oct (Sat)

Two days back, while waiting for the transport with my mum, bump into a neighbourhood neighbour who mention that her hubby is in the Community Hospital, decided to visit neighbourhood neighbour hubby.

While there, neighbourhood neighbour mentions that the ward her hubby is in are all dementia patients.

It so happen the patient next to neighbourhood neighbour is an eighty plus Ah Gong.

The helper is there taking care of him.  Was saiding hello to Ah Gong and  was told that Ah Gong has not been talking for a period of time and he even couldn't recognize his sons.  Saddened to hear it.

After the visitation, my meal, nasi padang (chicken) @ $5.

Photo taken from facebook - There's a free workout at the Community Centre near my house every Saturday from 5pm, this is my first time attending it.

21st Oct (Sun)

Zone 3 RC Senior Friendship Circle is on every 3rd Sunday of the month.

Ask my mum if she wants to go, at first, she doesn't wants.  Sweet talk a bit and she said ok.  Lucky while there, she's in good mood and didn't throw tantrum.

Breakfast for the Seniors - nasi lemak

Decided to go church after bringing my mum back from the Senior Friendship Circle.  Was quite rushing and I was 15 minutes late for service.

After service, I was at Redhill Food Centre buying food back for my mum. As I was not very hungry, had durian chendol @ $3.

Monday, October 22, 2018

Halloween decorations @ Westgate

Usually I will stop at Jurong East Station to catch the bus back home.  Westgate is the shopping centre that is link to the MRT Station.

It so happen I saw some Halloween decorations there, so took picture of it.





Same old rountie

15th Oct (Mon)

Bought a batang steak from one of the fishmonger in Redhill market yesterday.  This is my first time buying from this lady fishmonger as previously when I was there, I bought from another stall.  That stall was crowded,  so I bought from this stall.  Should be my 1st and last time as her attitude piss me off.

Batang steak @ $3

While on my way home, bought a banana leaf prawn otah @ $1.70 as I was craving for otah.

Bump into Mr and Mrs Choo helper at my neighbourhood.  Ask whether Mrs Choo had been discharge from hospital.  Was told she's still in hospital.

Causally ask the helper how long she has been in the hospital, the helper reply was 4 months. 

16th Oct (Tue)

Now that the timing of the transport picking up my mum is earlier, I can take a bit of sweet time to get to work.

Thought that I will go for a cup of kopi @ $1.40.

Also a chicken curry puff @ $1.40

When I reach my workplace, I got a shock.  My manager is on mc and big boss is here to cover her. 

17th Oct (Wed)

I was nearby my manager workstation when she was counting the earning for the shift.  It so happen short of $7 and she has to cough out the $7.

After I knock off, since I pass by Jurong East on the way back, want to Springleaf Prata have my quick early dinner before going back to wait for the transport bringing my mum's back.

Had a plain prata ($1.30) and egg prata ($2.30).

The curry for the prata

18th Oct (Thur)

My chin chye cook dinner with whatever i have in the fridge.

Have wanted to cook rice, but I add in too much water, so become like porridge.  Ingredients : fishcake, dry oyster, chinese sausage.

19th Oct (Fri)

Recently, I did not knock off on the spot, but around 20 minutes later.

I don't have the luxury time to sit down and eat as I have to be back before the stated time when they send my mum's back, so tabao food back home.

Otah @ $1.40

Nasi lemak @ $1.40

Saturday, October 20, 2018

An unexpected call

13th Oct (Sat)

Early in the morning, ask my mum if she wants to go out walk walk.  Her answer is she wants to go West Coast makan.

I had vegetarian bee hoon @ $4

Then I receive an unexpected call from my manager asking if I can work today.  Actually I have a Caregiver Support Group in the afternoon.  So I went to work instead, earn some income for.

My meal, my own creation chicken burger, fee : meal provided.

At night, got a surprise from my neighbour, auntie (the auntie who also goes to the Day Care Centre) daughter,  she gave me a bit of the cake she bought from Sarawak when she went there for retreat.

14th Oct (Sun)

Usually if I go for Sunday service, I will go for exercise first before going back shower then go for 2nd service.

As today I have something on, I went for the 1st service.

After service, I was at Redhill market buying some item and also to have my lunch.

I had vegetarian bee hoon @ $3 from one of my favourite stall in Redhill. 

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Something unexpect pop up

8th Oct (Mon)

From the look of the burger, should be able to tell this is not a correct burger.  It's my own creation burger.

My long chicken burger which has lettuce, mushroom sauce, bacon, a piece of cheese and a long chicken patty.

9th Oct (Tue)

Oyster mee sua @ $4.80 from Shilin in Jurong Point.

I didn't go for Bible Study Fellowship for two weeks, this week, show my face there, if not, I might get kick-out.

10th Oct (Wed)

My mum has a medical appointment in the morning.

After everything is done, she wants to go to the Day Care Centre.

The drama part came around lunch time.

My mum share table with 3 elderly auntie.  One of them is the auntie (Auntie G) who keeps asking transport coming already?

Auntie G had a conflict with another auntie (Auntie Y) that the staff had to intervene.

Lucky my mum was not affected by it, she was busy eating her lunch.

After seeing that my mum has taken her lunch, I make a move as I have to go get things and also take my lunch.

My lunch - salted egg fish with an egg

and lunch @ $5.50

While home, my mum ask me,  you had a conflict with Auntie G, reply her, no lah, not me but another auntie.

Then there's this elderly, Ah Ma C, usually when I went over to greet her, she never answer me, so far I never hear her talk before, today is the first time I heard her speak, she point to her eye and said sakit (hope I didn't spell wrongly, pain).

11th Oct (Thur)

Save money day.

My dinner - maggie mee

12th Oct (Fri)

Nothing in mind to cook, so chin chye cook, chin chye eat.

Rice with whatever I have in the fridge

Monday, October 15, 2018

An ordinary weekend

6th Oct (Sat)

I was in the vicinity of Holland Drive after church service when I saw a stall selling beef noodle (should be a new stall as previously I didn't see the stall when I was there), has been a while since I had it, so decided to eat it.

8 beef balls with thick beehoon @ $5

7th Oct (Sun)

My mum was asking about the timing for the transport to the Day Care Centre, play along with her as wanted to get her out of the house and bring her for a walk, so bring her to PPH Brethren Church.

After the service, ask her if she wants to go elsewhere for lunch or follow the transport back, she said wan to go back.

Had lunch at the food centre near our place.

My mum wants the mee siam @ $2.50 from the chinese stall.

I had fried carrot cake (black) @ $3

Friday, October 12, 2018

A new month has start

1st Oct (Mon)

A new month has begin and it's also a new week.  Also some changes in the timing of my mum's transport

Nope, I didn't eat any burger.

But maggie meet for my dinner

2nd Oct (Tue)

Surprise that the transport is early today, first time, we went down, the transport is there waiting already.

My simple dinner, rice mixed with fish, tofu and egg.

3rd Oct (Wed)

Need to buy some grocery from the supermarket, not enough time to sit down and enjoy my meal as need to be back by certain time to wait for the transport to bring my mum back.

Bought a packet of chap chai rice, has been while since I had sweet and sour pork, vegetable and a braised egg @ $3.40.

4th Oct (Thur)

Today is burger day.

My meal : CNC chicken burger, fee : meal provided.

5th Oct (Fri)

Saw a new stall at one of the coffeeshop in Jurong East selling bak ku teh, sesame oil chicken rice, etc.

Try out the sesame oil chicken rice @ $4.50 which has braised peanut, half braised egg, salted vegetable and sesame oil chicken.

Monday, October 8, 2018

It's weekend again

29th Sept (Sat)

I was schedule for work tomorrow, so went for Hokkien Service.

I arrive just in time today so didn't manage to chit chat with the elderly there.

After the service, was at Bukit Merah View for my early dinner.

This round, I had rice

with curry chicken


And egg, total cost : $3.30

30th Sept (Sun)

My working day today.  Before going to work, went to the food centre to buy food for my mum and also bread just in case she's hungry before I come back.

The good part about working on weekend is that I do not have to rush back (no need to wait for the transport to bring my mum back from the Day Care Centre) and I can relax a bit.

Was craving for prawn bee hoon mee, from Malaysia Boleh @ $3.50.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Short week for me

24th Sept (Mon)

I was schedule off.  Run some errands in the morning.

End up at the food court in Ng Teng Fong Hospital and had yong tau foo.  6 pieces with bee hoon mee @ $4.50.

After getting some grocery from the supermarket, had a cup of cup of ice cream @ $1.90 before going back.

I was thinking whether to go and cut hair or to go to the Day Care Centre as they are celebrating Mid-Autumn Festival and also International Day of Older Persons.  In the end, I went to the Day Care Centre. Tea break is a piece of cake.

25th Sept (Tue)

Since yesterday spending day, so today must save money.

My dinner - a piece of fried chicken wings, 4 pieces of nuggets, 2 Mexico wings.  Fee  : Meal provided.

26th Sept (Wed)

Again, today, I was schedule off.  After my mum board the transport, I make my way to the CPF Board as I need to make some enquiry, then to NTUC Learning Lab, also to make some enquiry.

Then I receive a call from the Social Worker, this Social Worker is a new staff and he has been assign to take over my mum's case as the previous Social Worker has resign to further her studies.

He wants to visit my mum at the Day Care Centre and ask if I will be available to meet him.  So I have to make my way to the Day Care Centre.

My mum's lunch - brown rice with cauliflower, chicken and tofu.

After my mum had her lunch, I left the Day Care Centre and make my way to IMM as I need to get something and also take my lunch.

My coffee @ $2.

Minced pork with century egg porridge @ $6.50.  Which I find so so only, should have eaten bento set from the Kopitiam.

The minced pork call

The century egg

27th Sept (Thur)

I was told by my colleague that I need to learn how to make burger, so today, I learn how to make 2 type of burger.

Save money day again today.

Mushroom Swiss Burger

28th Sept 2018 (Fri)

This round, I was told by manager that I need to learn how to do counter.

My dinner - craving for nyona change, bought it from Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh.

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