Monday, February 27, 2017

Breakfast @ PPH Community Services Centre (3rd Visit)

Brought my mum again to PPH Community Services Centre for the third time last Friday morning for breakfast.

(1) Archive Photo - Think my mum is quite happy going there for breakfast, as I ask her if she wanted to go there again next Friday, she reply yes and look forward to it.

(2) Beancurd in which heard the lady there mention most of the people find it nice.

(3) Last Friday, the breakfast consist of Bee Hoon, Mee, Chee Cheong Fun, egg.

(4) Soya Milk

Friday, February 24, 2017


Usually I will do my grocery once a week, there was this day when after doing my weekly grocery, was craving for Bento set.

There was this place Umi Sushi where they do sell Bento in the vicinity of the supermarket I went to.  Ordered Tori Teriyaki @ $7.20, nothing to shout about and the chicken was a bit salty.

I must have a cup of coffee a day, was about to order coffee when I saw Kopiccino, ask the staff what is Kopiccino, she reply it's kopi mixed with milo, since I have not try it before, so order a cup at $1.90.  Overall, I still prefer kopi as kopi, milo as milo.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Tiong Bahru Lee Hong Kee Cantonese Roasted

I made an unexpected trip to my Uncle's (My mum younger brother) place last Saturday afternoon, as his wife has been over the phone with me discussing about my mum's Medical Report, so I thought I will make a trip there, bring the Medical Report over to show them which will be easier than talking about it over the phone. My uncle opened the door, and from the look on his face, guess he must be thinking something happen to my mum, no lah, only an unexpected trip.

(1) After the trip to my Uncle's place, went over to Tiong Bahru Food Centre to have my early dinner, heard about the above stall from my friend, so decided to try it out.  Wanted to try Roasted Chicken, but see that they didn't hang it out, must be finish liao. And I don't feel like eating Roasted Duck that day, so ordered Wanton Noodle.  It so happen as I was standing right in front of the stall, saw they still have Roasted Chicken in the tray, too bad can't cancel my order already.

(2) Wanton Noodle @ $3.50 which comes with char siew, vegetable, 3 wanton, in which I like the char siew, overall, the Wanton Noodle, not bad.

(3) Comes with a bowl of soup

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Coffee & dessert

I am a coffee lover and must have at least a cup of coffee everyday. Random coffee I had.

Old Town Coffee @ $2.20

McCafe Mochaccino @ $4.00

There was a day, before my workout, I had a bit of time and my mouth was itch, so went KFC and ordered a Froyo before going for my workout.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Senior Friendship Circle

From what I understand, from the notice board at my place, there's Senior Friendship Circle at my Constituency on every 3rd Sunday of the Month.  But my mum didn't attend.  It so happen, last Friday evening, I went to my neighbourhood park for my weekly workout organize by the RC.  My mum wanted to go and have a walk.  After the workout, the RC Chairman, who happen to be there, came and chit with my mum.  He invite her over to the Senior Friendship Circle last Sun, usually they will have it at 8am on Sun.  It so happen last Sun, they have event going on in the morning, so the Senior Friendship Circle was change to 12 noon.  And ask me to bring my mum there.

(1) I brought my mum there last Sun, they have 2 ladies from National University Hospital to come and talk on Hearing Loss.  Didn't know that they have the talk, so I didn't bring any paper or notebook to note down on the symptoms of Hearing Loss.

Based on my memory, they mention if someone calls you from behind, you can't hear till the person have to pat you, one of the symptom.  If you on the volume of the television, radio, so loud till your grandchild said that it's too loud, another symptom. The rest of the symptom, return what I have heard to the speakers.

(2) They also ask if any person is interested in the above hearing testing and only 9 slots left.

(3) Then lunch is served, which is nasi lemak

(4) Fruit will be banana

(5) Someone sponsor Tuna, and each senior gets a can of it

They also celebrate February seniors birthday with a cake, I didn't manage to take picture of the cake as it so happen my mum finish her nasi lemak, I have to help her with the clearing of the plate.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Breakfast @ PPH Community Service Centre (2nd Visit)

(1) Archive Photo - Brought my mum again to PPH last Friday morning for the Breakfast Session.

(2) They have a drink machine there, where you can choose drink you wanted, they have coffee, milo, tea, soya milk drink, etc.

(3) Lontong is served that day

(4) The previous Friday, they only have bee hoon, last Friday, they have kway teow and bee hoon,  butterfly bun, braised pork, egg.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Pontian (12th Feb)

After leaving 平台咖啡馆, M has something on, so left C and me.  C mention about a park which is about 20 minutes drive and ask me if I am in a hurry, I said no, and since we are in the vicinity, might as well make a trip there.

(1) At first, we arrive at a beach, but this is not the place that C has wanted to bring me to.  So she made a phone call to her friend and ask her friend who direct her to the correct place. Bicycle for rent.

(2) Beach

(3) Saw a satay stall in preparation for business, seats for dining

(4) Random picture while C on the phone with her friend

(5) This is the place that C has mention

(6) The beach

(7) The place should be quite nice at night

(8) Quite quiet as didn't see many people




(12) At first C mention drive me to the Bus Station at Giant to take Causeway Link back to Singapore.  I mention to her,  wonder if Causeway Link from Giant will stop at Gelang Patah Terminal, before proceed to Singapore.  In the end, I was at Gelang Patah Terminal taking the bus back to Singapore.

(13) Causeway Link Counter

(14)  The place also sell foods, but see most of the stalls are closed

(15) Trip from Gelang Petah to Singapore Jurong East Interchange cost RM4.  The trip from Gelang Patah Terminal to Malaysia Immigration is not very far.  There's a bit of jam at the bridge from Malaysia to Tuas Checkpoint.  I reach Gelang Patah Terminal at 6pm, the bus left the Terminal at 6.15pm, clearing Malaysia and Singapore Immigration, waiting for the bus, etc, and the time I reach home, it's already 8pm. 

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Fried Nian Gao

I bought the above Nian Gao before Chinese New Year at Chinatown, they have Factory made and Homemade, I chose the Homemade and it cost me $5.50.

The guy selling me taught me, if I do not want to cook and want to keep for sometimes, cut into piece and keep in the fridge.  I coat it with a beaten egg with some flour.  I accidentally pour out too much flour and also I didn't watch the fire, it was a bit burnt.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

平台咖啡馆 @ Pekan Nenas (12th Feb)

Usually, during Chinese New Year, will arrange with my friends to meet at Johor Bahru, we didn't manage to meet during the Chinese New Year period, only manage to meet a day after Chap Goh Mei.

(1) As usual, I will take CW3 from Jurong East Interchange to Bukit Indah, as friend C stays near Bukit Indah.  Trip from Singapore Jurong East Interchange to Bukit Indah is S$4.

(2)Crossing the 2nd link bridge from Singapore to Malaysia

(3) Hello Malaysia

(4) Next will be hello to the Immigration Officer

(5) Stop at Aeon Bukit Indah, usually I will leave my house early, as I do not want to be late.  So I was early and went to walk one round before meeting up with friends.  Pass by KFC and saw that they have Chocolate Lava, don't think the KFC in Singapore have.  I was telling friend I feel quite relaxed walking in the shopping mall as it's not so crowded, whereby the shopping mall in Singapore, it's always super crowded during weekend.

(6) C pick me up at McDonald, managed to find a shade under a tree to wait for her

(7) Saw a friend post in facebook about 平台咖啡馆 @ Pekan Nenas.  Asked C & M if they have been there, M was asking where is it and C have no idea.  We went there.

(8) Their off day is on Wednesday and Thursday

(9) Saw a lotus flower

(10) Heard that this flower has just blossom

(11) Random Photo

(12) The counter

(13) Seats that is available outside

(14) Seats that is available inside

(15) Random Photo

(16) Not too sure the name as the receipt is with my friend

(17) My cup of Double Doppio

(18) After finish the coffee, saw this "shit" at the bottom of the cup

(19) Apple Danish

(20) Croissant

(21) Cream puff

(22) Lampstand?

(23) Saw the hibiscus when I was leaving the place

(24) Heard friend mention that this is the landmark for Pekan Nenas

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