Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 1 of Home Improvement Plan ( 27th Sept)

My house Home Improvement Plan for 10 days is from 27th Sept to 7th Oct (Exclude Sunday).  During the 10 days, I have to eat out, as they are doing the toilet and bathroom, and it is very dusty.

The first day, the workers came at 8.30am, I later went to the Home Improvement Plan office to check if I could get out of the house and go elsewhere, thought I might go somewhere else to tabao food for my mum and also I could eat at other places.  The lady mention a quick one should be ok, as if my mum is alone at home with the workers, she might not be comfortable.

At first, I thought want to go Jurong East Library to borrow books to read and tabao food for my mum, but when I was at the bus stop, I realize I did not bring my ezlink card.  So eat at the coffeeshop near my house.

The pan mee stall and the next stall selling prawn mee, laksa, lot mee, etc, same owner.  Saw the signboard of the pan mee stall, they put pork ribs pan mee, thought of trying that, but was told the pork ribs is from the prawn mee stall, in the end, I choose dry pan mee @ $3.20.  I do not want lean meat, so only minced meat, egg, vegetable, ikan bilis.

The soup

The worst part is no toilet and bathroom for use for the 10 days and on the first day, my auntie decide to pay me a visit.  A portable toilet/bathroom is place for temporary use, but only can be used at night.

After being done on the first day, I only roughly mop the floor, as I thought after everything is done, then I do a cleanup of the whole house.


  1. How come I do not see any minced meat, egg and vegetables...only ikan bilis?

  2. 10 days in a dusty house and without toilet is so inconvenient. I dread renovation or repair work, thinking of all the dust and cleaning up to do.

  3. OMG! 10 days without toilet is very difficult.

  4. 好!這個周末我們就吃板麵去!

  5. Wow! There will be a new look to your home soon! You can do house warming and invite all of us to party.

  6. Aiyo .. the inconvenience of not having a toilet. Show us some pictures, Sharon ..haha ^.^

    1. I paiseh to take pictures when they doing the job, hehe...


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