Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sunday - 17th Sept

While waiting for the transport, Auntie Lee and Auntie Mary was talking to each other, but after service, they did not went West Coast together.  Auntie Mary went West Coast herself while Auntie Lee follow the transport back. While at the refreshment area, Auntie Lee was complaining to me about Auntie Mary.

Refreshment for the day - something different from the usual refreshment.

This round, my mum opt to go Holland Drive for lunch.  At first, I thought she wants to go to the Food Centre for lunch.  We need to pass by a coffeeshop before the Food Centre and my mum want to have lunch at the Coffeeshop.  She wants hor fun, I ordered a 三捞河粉 @ $6 for her.

Saw a table ordered roasted meat and it looks good, so I thought I ordered that.  Roasted meat with roasted duck @ $5.

At first I thought the roasted meat and roasted duck, they will put on top of the rice, but it's separated which I prefer this way.

The soup

My mum took the bowl of soup to drink, saw a stall selling soup, ask her if she wants soup, she wants, so ordered a ginseng chicken soup without rice @6 for her.

After that, we went to the nearby Han's to have a cup of coffee @ $1.70 and a piece of Panda Kaya Cake @ $2.40 before calling it a day.


  1. I would love that soup! Ginseng's good for the body.

  2. the prawn mee...roasted pork tempting...I can't stand anymore!!

    1. The roasted pork, I saw other table order it, was tempted to try it out...

  3. The soup you ordered for your mom looks good.

  4. Aiyor! This Aunty Lee and Aunty Mary are always pretending to be nice to each other.


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