Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Decorations @ Bugis Junction

I was on my way to Vivo City after church service on Sun, as i was taking bus, the bus passby Bugis Junction, so i thought i will go take picture of the Christmas decoration before going Vivo City.

Christmas Decorations @ Bugis Junction

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Subaru Challenge ~ The Asian Face-Off (Day 4 - 11th November 2014)

I was there on the 4th day of the challenge, my purpose of going there is to see whose the winner for this year Subaru Challenge.

When i reach there, Kacang and one-armed runner Adam Kamis was still in the challenge.

It was a rainy day on that day

Mr Desmond Ho, who has been in the challenge for the 11th time, and this is the last time, he will be at the challenge, being looked on by Marshalls & Uncle Paul.

Adam Kamis being photographed/interviewed after he drop out of the challenge.  On the right is his mum.  On the left is a contestant from Cambodia.  I manage to chat with him.  He was telling me he was in the challenge for 28 hours, during the every 6 hours break, he eat 3 bananas which makes him hungry the next day.

Again, i played in the public challenge and stand for 1 1/2 hour and got myself a screen wiper, can use it to wipe my computer at home.

Channelnewsasia reporter is there to do a report on the Suburu Challenge.

The only lady who's still there in the challenge

Supporters, family members and members of the public looking on

When i left at around 9.30pm, there's still 5 contestants who's still there, 4 Singaporean and 1 Malaysian.

This year, the winner is 49-year-old Mr G Jaishanker, whose timing is 82 hours & 16 minutes & 58 seconds.

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Naughty Bites

When i saw  from Phong Hong blog her Naughty Bites, at first i didn't thought of doing it as i was lazy, when i was in the supermarket and saw the bacon, thought i will buy a bit to try out, can't buy too much, if not in the end, i will overeat.

Suituapui blog about the Hershey's cookies, didn't notice it before in supermarket, till after STP blog about it, i was in Fairprice Xtra and saw it, a box of it cost S$3.90.  But i didn't buy as i still have biscuits at home.  If i buy and keep, i might end up, can't resist the temptation and overeat.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Christmas Decoration @ JEM & Westgate

Christmas Decorations @ Jem & Westgate

Outside JEM

Outside JEM

Outside JEM

Outside JEM

Outside JEM

Outside JEM

Inside JEM

Inside JEM

@ Westgate

@ Westgate

@ Westgate

Monday, November 24, 2014

Christmas Decorations @ Jurong Point

Christmas Decorations @ Jurong Point

Thursday, November 20, 2014

I love Singapore Walk (15th November 2014)

The last I Love Singapore Walk i went to was in 2010, i did not go to the one in 2012 as my friend did not go and i was not informed about the event.

It was supposed to start at 7am, but after some delays, the walk starts at around 8am.

The stage

Emcees for the day is Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan, they are husband and wife and has 4 kids.

Doing some warm up before the start of the walk, i was quite a distance away from the stage, so didn't take much pictures.

Flagging off the event is Guest-of-Honour Mdm Halimah Yacob, Speaker of Parliament, Member of Parliament, Jurong GRC.

Only took a few pictures during the walk as do not want to take up much time of my friend.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Subaru Challenge ~ The Asian Face-Off (Day 1 - 8th November 2014)

Subaru Challenge is back for the 13th year at Ngee Ann Civil Plaza.  Started at 1pm on 8th November.

Banner indicating the countries of those contestants from

Briefing time

Glenn Ong, DJ from Class 95

Contestants from Indonesia

This lady, Ms Analiza Mokhtar, this year is the 8th year that she has taken part in the challenge.

Contestants from Cambodia

Before the start of the challenge

Getting ready to start

One of the contestants Adam Kamis

Contestants have to place their palms on the car, the lady/guy whose hand is placed there the longest get to win a Subaru car.

First Aid

Public challenge for the public to place their palm there and they get to walk away with prize, depending on the time they place their palm there.

Cute Mascot along Orchard Road

The stage

Preparing in progress for the 7pm break

Public watching the challenge from outside the barrier

Since i was there, i went to take part in the public challenge and got myself a bear, which means i have to stand there and place my palm in the car for 2 hours.

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