Monday, November 30, 2015

Alexandra Village Food Centre

I don't go Alexandra Village Food Centre for meals often, only once in a while, those times when i was there, i always see many people at this stall, i was telling myself, i will come back one of the day to try out their foods.

(1) I had to have a quick snap of the stall, as at that time, i was having my meal, it was peak period, and beside the table i was sitting, it was a passage way, and people were passing by, while taking this picture, a lady was passing by, she must be curious about me taking picture, and then she turn to take a look at the stall.

(2) I am half hearted at that time, as i wanted to have Xiao Long Bao, or Steamed Dumpling, Pan-Fried Dumping or Szechun Spicy Wanton.  Since i have not tried Szechun Spicy Wanton, chose Szechun Spicy Wanton @ $4 (10 pieces).

(3) and also a Sweet and Sour Soup @$2

Friday, November 27, 2015

Deepavali Open House

I was invited to 2014 Subaru Challenger winner Jaishanker house on 11th Nov for a Deepavali dinner homecook by his wife in which all the dishes, i loves it, together with 2007 winner Kelvin Lee, his wife and their 10 month old baby girl, 2011 winner CK Chong and his wife.

(1) The cake on the left, understand that it's bought from Batam, the one on the centre, not too sure what it's called and the fruit cake on the right, is homemade by Jaishanker wife.

(2) Homemade by Jaishanker wife

(3) Homemade by Jaishanker wife

(4) Pineapple tarts, which is bought from outside

(5) Chicken

(6) Prawns

(7) Fried chicken

(8) I used this to go along with my rice

(9) Call me jakun, i didn't know that this long grain rice is bought from mama shop till i ask the couple as usually the rice i bought from the supermarket is from Thailand.

(10) Dessert - heard it's made from shredded cucumber

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Usually, i will go for Zumba on Tuesday, being an auntie, nowadays, i go for those free session organise by Health Promotion Board instead of signing up for it at Community Centre.

As it's a rainy day today and the rain starts before noon, i was worry that the rain won't stop, and it will be cancel if there's rain.  But luckily the rain stops around 4pm.

As on Tuesday, the workout is Zumba @ Mapletree Business City (Yesterday the session was at Labrador Park), Zumba @ Capital Building, Kpop @ Lot 1 Shopping Mall.  Only the session at Lot 1, it's under shelter, whereby Mapletree Business City and Capital Building, it's open space.

Since the rain has stopped, my kaki and i decide on Zumba @ Labrador Park as the timing and place suits us.  Capital Building is too far for us, and as for the Kpop in Lot 1, we will go if it's raining.

As my kaki is not familiar with Labrador Park, she get her hubby to drive her there. and she reach the place 5 ~ 10 min late.  After around 10 min of the workout, she left, at that time, i didn't manage to talk to her as the workout is ongoing.

After the workout, i message her asking how come she left and she replied she quarrel with her husband.  Replied her what happen, she didn't reply.  So when i reach home, i called her, but she rejected my call and reply with she can't talk at that moment, reply her me calling to see if she's all right.  Will follow up with her later of the day, hope she is all right.


Back to my meal, has been sometimes since i went to Collins, was at the outlet in West Coast, had the Grilled Salmon Fillet with Mango Sauce, Pasta and Salad @ $8.90.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Decoration @ JEM & Westgate

Usually, i will do my grocery once a week, either at the Fairprice X'tra in JEM or Jurong Point.  This round, i was at JEM doing my grocery, so took the Christmas decorations there.

This place is also when i meetup with Claire for the first time.  Too bad, as mention in the previous post, Claire will not be coming this round due to her fractured leg, sobsssss. 

(1) Outside JEM

(2) Outside JEM

(3) Outside JEM

(4) Outside JEM

(5) Outside JEM

(6) Inside JEM

(7) At the entrance of Fairprice Xtra

(8) A closer up of the decoration

(9) At Fairprice Xtra

(10) Westgate

(11) Westgate

(12) Westgate

Friday, November 20, 2015

Christmas Decoration @ Jurong Point

I went for a Sundays@The Park workout at Jalan Bahar Mini Park organised by Health Promotion Board last Sunday morning.  The place requires me to take bus from Boon Lay Interchange which is next to Jurong Point.  Before going back, i was at Jurong Point taking pictures of the Christmas decoration.

(1) At the entrance near the MRT Station

(2) A closer up

(3) A closer up picture of the fairy

(4) Another closer up of another fairy

(5) Decoration inside the building

(6) Another decoration

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ho Kee Roasted Food 好记烧腊

The other time, when i walk passed this coffeeshop after my monthly Zumba at the opposite Community Centre and saw this new stall, (previously it's a stall selling soup), i tabao the chicken rice back, find not bad, so i was back to patron the stall.

(1) They sells char siew, roasted pork, soy sauce chicken, roasted duck, can order it with rice or noodle.  They also do sell wanton mee.

(2) The 1st time, i had roasted duck plus roasted pork rice @ $4

(3) The 2nd round, i tried their wanton mee @ $3, which comes with char siew

(4) and 3 wanton

Overall, i find that i like their roasted pork the most.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Capitol Piazza

Actually, on the day i went to look see look see at the Subaru Challenge on 3rd Nov, after that, i went to Capitol Piazza as they just recently started a free Zumba workout by Health Promotion Board there.  Only to realised when i reached there that the workout is cancelled due to maintenance when a staff there came to inform those who were there about it.  The lady took down our particulars.  While on the way home, i receive a call from the lady  as per below message.

(1) Nice of them to give out a $10 voucher for Palette restaurant and goodies as mentioned in the message.

(2) So on Deepavali Day, i ask my mum along to go, actually she didn't want to go as she mention that the place was far, so i told her, this place is newly open after renovation and we don't go there often, since have a voucher to collect, why not go there walk walk and makan.  So on that morning, she wanted to go to another place to have porridge before going down to Capitol Piazza.

(3) See that the newly open mall is not really very crowded

(4) A picture of the inside of the building

(5) Was attracted by the 2 big red umbrella

(6) Inside the building

(7) The ceiling 

(8) Fountain

(9) Staircase leading from one storey to another

(10) The $10 voucher that was given

(11) At the entrance of Palette

(12) This place, to me is like a "High Class Food Court" as the foods that is sold inside, can be found in Food Court, Hawker Centre.

(13) We use a ipad to order our foods

(14) The cutlery

(15) On the wall

(16) It was quite crowded in where i was seated, it so happen this section, there's nobody, so i took picture of the seating arrangement.

(17) Siew Mai with Fish Roe

(18) Chilli Sauce

19) I did order a Fried Rice with Salted Fish and Diced Chicken and a Pink Guava Juice, but i do not know what happen, maybe my handphone goes a-wire, the pictures of the Fried Rice and Juice disappeared.  But the Fried Rice as according to my mum is nice.  We did not o(rder much as earlier in the morning we went to eat porridge before coming here for lunch. 

Palette Restaurant & Bar
@ Capitol Piazza
13 Stamford Road #B1-20 to 27
Singapore 178905
Tel : 6384 3359
Fax : 6384 3382

(20) Christmas decoration in the midst of  "decorating" as at Tue (10th Nov)

(21) The goodies as mention in the sms - shoe bag, water bottle, a note pad.
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