Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Sunday (3th September)

While waiting for the transport, saw that Auntie Lee and Auntie Mary are talking to each other.  Ask them if they are going West Coast together after the Service end, they ask each other and from their answer, they should be going West Coast together after the Service end.  Auntie Mary went English Service while Auntie Lee went Chinese service.

There's Baptism after the Service, 7 from the Chinese Service, 6 from English Service.

After Baptism, food is served.  Either nasi lemak rice or bee hoon.  I took 1 nasi lemak rice and 1 bee hoon so that my mum and I can share the nasi lemak rice and bee hoon.  The ingredients included egg, peanut with ikan bilis, fried chicken and a popiah.

My mum didn't eat much, so I try hard to finish the portion she can't finish in order not to waste food.

As usual, my mum wants to go Seah Im Food Centre.  She wants fried hokkien mee @ $3.

I was full, so ordered a ABC Juice @ $2.50

My mum had Ice Lemon Tea @ $1.30

Then went Harbourfront walk one round, there's Toast Box at Harbourfront, but my mum not keen in Toast Box, she wants Heavenly Wang, ordered the same as previous Sunday, chicken ham with cheese @ $4.20 and a kopicinno @ $2.50.


  1. Replies
    1. The fried hokkien mee stall has been around for a long time...

  2. Aunty Lee and Aunty Mary are back together again. So Aunty Sharon took her mummy to Seah Imm court to eat. I must visit Seah Imm Court on my next visit as the food must be good.

  3. Heard Seah Im FC got one grumpy hokkien mee auntie that only allows one pair of chopsticks. Is that the one you go to?

  4. seems like Seah Im FC got lotsa good food! I must go see see one day...

  5. Mother and daughter walk and food bonding! Nice..

  6. Nice food to share with your mum!

  7. I miss Singapore Hokkien mee - so very nice! Not served in the dried leaf? I hear they will only use it if you tapao to take home.

  8. Fried Hokkien noodle is new to me!

  9. 蝦子蠻大的,我也要吃福建麵!

  10. Sharon, you eat the yummiest food! ^.^


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