Thursday, September 7, 2017


Auntie Lee ever mention, usually she goes Jurong West 500 plus Market do marketing.  That's a stall selling 梅菜 which is from Hong Kong and it's nice.  She mention she will help me get it the next round she goes there.

While waiting for the transport on Sunday, she pass me the 梅菜.  But u know lah, I am no good in cooking, so I told her, why not the next round you cook it, at the same time, u help me to cook it and I will collect from you. After she cook it, she called me to collect it.

Auntie Lee 梅菜 with lean meat.


  1. Olá, cozinhar é inventar, quem inventa consegue refeições saborosas, a que partilha, certamente que tem bom sabor.
    Feliz fim de semana,

  2. My FIL loves 梅菜, everytime eat porridge sure have this one.
    For me, so so only la.. hehehe :p

  3. Dunno what that is but Google translates it as plum.

  4. What is your verdict of her cooking? I am not sure what it is.

  5. Looks like mui choy in cantonese to me.. :)

  6. I dont like mui choy with meat as a kid. But I started to enjoy it this recent years. Great to go with porridge.

  7. I love this.. so yummy with porridge!


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