Friday, December 29, 2017

Christmas decorations @ Orchard Road

Christmas decorations @ Orchard Road.

@ Tanglin Mall

@ Tanglin Mall

Random picture

@ Tanglin Mall

@ Orchard Gateway

@ Centrepoint

@ Paragon

@ along Orchard Road

@ along Orchard Road

@ along Orchard Road

@ Wisma

@ Ion Orchard

@ Ion Orchard

@ Ion Orchard

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Tai Cheong @ Holland Village

Manage to make a trip to Orchard Road before Christmas, before going Orchard Road, was at Tai Cheong having something to eat.

Picture taken from internet

Had chicken pie @ $2.80

The ingredients inside : potato, button mushroom, chicken.  But I don't quite like the crust as find it too buttery.

Hot coffee @ $2.50

Total after GST is $5.65.

Tai Cheong Bakery Pte Ltd
31 Lorong Liput 
Singapore 277742

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Vegetarian bee hoon mee @ Redhill Market

I hardly go to the wet market to do my marketing as usually I go to the supermarket.  There's a vegetarian stall at Redhill Food Centre which I quite like and it has been a while since I went there.  Beside, I quite like the market there as many stalls there.  So I decided to go there to do my marketing.

There's a vegetarian stall at the coffeeshop there and one at the Food Centre.  Usually, I had it at the Food Centre.  My vegetarian bee hoon mee @ $3.

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Saturday (23rd Dec)

I was woken by my mum at 5 plus in the morning telling me that she has done her business and that she didn't flush as she wants to show me the proof that she was done with her business.  Guess she knows I have been monitoring her constipation problem.

As usual, went for the 1.30pm Hokkien Service in Church.

As Christmas is around the corner, the Church order buffet.  That's my first round.

After that, as usual, went Bt. Merah Central for early dinner.  My mum wants mixed rice.  Cost : $2.80.

I couldn't resist fried chicken, when I saw it, ordered it, 70 cents each, so total is $1.40.  Only to realize after returning to the seats that I have eaten it in Church earlier on.

I have wanted to eat zi char, but I was not very hungry since earlier have eaten something in Church, so I ask my mum does she still have space for zi char, she said yes, so order ee mian @ $4.50, ingredients is some sliced fish, sliced pork, a few small prawns and vegetable.

Then it's going home time.

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas decorations @ Jurong Point

Checking out the Christmas decorations @ Jurong Point and buying grocery at the supermarket there.






(6) Inside Fairprice X'tra

Merry Christmas to all my friends and reader...

Friday, December 22, 2017

Dinner @ Canton Paradise Compass One (10th Dec)

Morning before I go 三姑 place, she WhatsApp me, are you eating dinner.  My answer is, of course yes, since I miss her homecook foods.

While there, boss (小姑) said eat out.  They decided on Compass One @ Sengkang.  While on the way, boss was mentioning, if not rain, can go Punggol End, lots of foods there to eat.  As the carpark there no shelter, have to carry umbrella.  
Since I am not familiar with Compass One, they decided on what to eat.

We end up at Canton Paradise.  (Dinner for four person, 三姑,五叔,小姑,我)

Appetizer - peanut with chestnut

Chicken claw, which I don't eat


Char Siew with roasted duck


Salted egg prawn


XO carrot cake

Ee fu mian

Chee cheong fu

Please don't ask me how much, as boss paid for the meal.

After that, time to go home.

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Sunday (17th Dec)

It's the 3rd Sunday of the month.  Senior Friendship Circle by Zone 3 RC.  I didn't go for the morning Zumba as bringing my mum to the Senior Friendship Circle.

Two types of foods.  I was serve with fried hokkien mee, my mum was serve with bee hoon.  It so happen, Guest-of-Honour, Member of Parliament for my constituency turn up this month.  Previous Sunday, no Guest-of-Honour turn up.

In the afternoon, went to visit a relative at Tiong Bahru.  After that, I end up at Beo Crescent.  The Food Centre at Beo Crescent, most of the stalls are closed.  Walk and walk, end up at a coffeeshop.

I was tempted by the mixed rice stall salted egg as didn't eat it for a while.  End up having mixed rice @ $3.50.

Chicken, which was cold, it will be better if it's warm.

One of my favourite vegetable, kangkong

Salted egg to satisfy my craving

Overall, don't think I will go back for the mixed rice if I were in the vicinity.

Pass by a shop selling pastry, eye greedy and also cannot resist the temptation.  Bought two apple crumple king at $0.90 each and a fruit tart at $1.80.

Shop name is Happy Oven

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Grilled Chicken Chop @ Bukit Timah Food Centre

My friend runs a business in Bukit Timah Food Centre.  On the right unit, is the fish soup.  Opposite is laksa.  The other time I was at Bukit Timah Food Centre finding friend.  Saw the laksa stall, the boss and her daughter having the Western Food.  It looks good, so I thought I will come another round try it out.

The laksa stall, the boss used to have an assistant, but didn't see the assistant, so ask friend, was told the assistant has resign, the girl helping out is his daughter.

Was back at Bukit Timah Food Centre to try out Peter Pan Western Food.  Had the grilled chicken at $6.  It comes with potato wedge, coleslaw, baked beans.  At first, I thought the portion was a bit big, maybe it's late meal for me and I was hungry at that time, so I finish the whole plate.

This round, I didn't see the fish soup assistant.  Ask friend, was told she went for holiday.  As ever heard friend mention juicy story about the laksa stall assistant and the fish soup stall assistant, I was telling friend, I thought the laksa assistant resign, the fish soup assistant also follow suit and resign.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Saturday (16th Dec)

As usual, after attending Saturday Church Service, went Bukit Merah Central for early dinner.  This round, went to the other coffeeshop.

My mum wants mixed rice, but not much variety to choose from.

So order from the 烧腊 stall.  My mum wants chicken, so ordered chicken with roasted meat for two person @ $8.

Two plate of kway teow @ $1 each

After finishing, was asking my mum if she wants bao, but she doesn't want, and she wanted wu xiang.  So order a bit to share. I'm not a fan of tau kwa, but my mum likes tau kwa, so the tau kwa, hers.   Wu xiang at $3.90.

Then saw that the mixed rice stall, the liao, out.  My mum wants mixed rice, at first I thought she wanted to tabao back to eat, but she said wants to eat here.  I was shy to go order, wait people said, this two person, eat so much.  So I ask my mum go order, but when at the stall, she seems lost, so I have to go and do the ordering.  Ordered cereal fish and braised egg with rice at $2.70.  My mum finish 3/4 of it and the 1/4, finish by me.

Then it's time to go back.

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