Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Singapore Sinhala Buddhist Association

Since we passed by Singapore Sinhala Buddhist Association, we decided to go in and take a look.

(1) At the entrance

(2) Not too sure what time gate open, but it closed at 11pm




(6) Oil lamp



(9) Plant

(10) Guess it's a hostel (my guessing only)




(14) Inside the building, there is a statue

(15) Picture taken from Internet - Saw this big statue inside the building from the outside, as there is a monk and devotees inside, so i didn't take picture but take the picture from Internet.


Tuesday, November 29, 2016


The other time, while walking the Whampoa Park Connector, the weather was not so good, so friend and i didn't manage to walk around the neighbourhood and look around the neighbourhood.  Was back this round to walkabout the neighbourhood.

(1)  Started off at St. George's West Garden

(2) Passed by Bendemeer Secondary School

(3) As it's a Sunday, the school was closed

(4)  HDB flats

(5) The school building

(6) Passed by private estate

(7) Church

(8) Singapore Sinhala Buddhist Association, we did went in to take a look, that will be in another post.

(9) After the visit to SSBA, we came across this underpass, it so happen an uncle ride a bicycle and pass by, to make sure we are on the right track, we ask him if this underpass will lead us to Toa Payoh, he reply yes, but that will be quite a distance and suggested we take bus, but no lah, our main motive is to walk.

(10) The underpass

(11) After coming out from the underpass, it's HDB flats

(12) The place is called Tenteram Peak

(13) Walk and walk, we come to an overhead bridge

(14) Sungei Kallang Canal

(15)  Opposite is Kim Keat View HDB flats

(16) Pan Island Expressway (PIE)

(17) Flats at Jalan Tenteram

(18) A picture before crossing the overhead bridge

(19) Pan Island Expressway (PIE)

(20) Pan Island Expressway (PIE)

After that, it's Lian Shan Shuang Lin Monastery (Another post).

Monday, November 28, 2016

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee

(1) Suituapui shared the link of this Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee stall in Bukit Merah View Food Centre in Facebook and tag me.  Knowing about this stall, of course, i went down to try it out.

(2) The different type of foods that they sell

(3) I had the Original Kampua Mee @ $4 a bowl, the guy who's doing the cooking, ask me if i want chilli, reply him a bit.  Inside the Original Kampua Mee, at first i thought, there are 2 pian sip, only to realised after stirring, there are 3 pian sip.  

(3) Kampua Mee

(4) I finish up the whole bowl, nothing left

Sarawak Sibu Kampua Mee
Bukit Merah Food Centre

I ask the lady who's helping at the stall, which day is their off day, was told it's Tuesday.

Friday, November 25, 2016

Kallang Park Connector

The other time, walk the Whampoa Park Connector with the starting point within walking distance from Boon Keng MRT Station.  This round, with the same friend, walk the other Park Connector, Kallang Park Connector, with the starting point also within walking distance from Boon Keng MRT Station.  It was cloudy on that day and it did drizzle, lucky it didn't rain.

(1) Sungei Kallang Canal

(2) Starting of the walking path

(3) Condo : The Aberdeen

(4) Bridge to cross to get to the other side of the Park Connector

(5) We walk the wrong way, at first, we walk here, and it came to an end, when we realise we walk the wrong way.

(6) There's some private housing there, guess maybe someone place the table and chair there and sat there during leisure time.

(7) Maybe talk along the way and overlook the PCN sign

(8) Getting ready to cross the bridge

(9) The walking path

(10) Then saw private housing estate

(11) Crossing the overhead bridge

(12) Expressway

(13) Walking path

(14) St Andrew's Junior School

(15) The walking path

(16) Bridge linking St. Andrew's Junior School to St. Andrew's Junior Collage.

(17) HDB Flat's in Potong Pasir

(18) St. Andrew Junior School

(19) Saw this on the grass

(20) Underpass to get to Toa Payoh

(21) Random Photo

(22) Walking path

(23) Flower

(24) End the walk at Toa Payoh with the Kallang Park Connector, we wanted to walk and end at Bishan, but there are some constructions going on, so we end's at Toa Payoh.

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