Friday, December 30, 2016

Gallop Stables @ Punggol End (25th Dec)

My friend booked chalet for her family at Gallop Stables @ Punggol End.  Suppose to meet friends at the reception at 2pm for check in.  But my friends only arrived at 2.30pm.  Instead of sitting down, i thought i will go walk walk.  I been here once, that was in 2014.  Didn't take much picture since i been there before once.

(1) Since it's Christmas, the horse was decorated in Christmas theme

(2) Christmas decoration

(3) The walking path

(4) Inside are rooms

(5) Trees

(6) Karaoke ship

(7) Saw a horse

(8) Inside the room

(9) Beside this bed, there's another double bed, but as my friend B daughter was sitting there, i didn't take the picture of the double bed.

(10) Decoration in the wall

(11) Decoration in the wall

Gallop STABLES Punggol
Location 900 Punggol Road Singapore 829168
Tel : 6690 0900
Email :
Website :

Joke of the day : I didn't stay overnight, i went back on that night after the party.  Punggol MRT Station, there's LRT, which is aboveground, and MRT which is underground.  I was suppose to take the MRT, don't know why, i went to take the up-riding escalator, only to realise halfway through, oh, LRT above, and i have to turn back and take the escalator to the ground floor and then the down-riding escalator to the MRT.

Happy New Year 2017

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ichiban Bento

Whenever i goes to the supermarket at JEM, i will walk pass Ichiban Boshi and then i saw that they sell Bento set.  Bookmark the place and will try it out.

It's located at the basement of JEM, same level with Fairprice X'tra

One fine day, done with my grocery, i pop by the place and see what they had in the menu, they do have quite a number of variety to choose from that i do not know which to choose, the cashier lady point to me that the Salmon Teriyaki is quite popular, ok lah, so i chose the Salmon Teriyaki set @ $10.80.  It comes with potato salad, pickles, fried gyoza and half breaded egg. Only that i find that the rice is a bit too much.  If i were to know about it, will have tell them lesser rice.

Kuriya Japanese Fish Market
50 Jurong Gateway Road, #B1-01 JEM
Tel : 6684 4353 
Fax : 6268 8781
Website :

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Osaka Ohsho @ Raffles City

Was meeting friend for dinner at Raffles City, we walk one round and end up at Osaka Ohsho.

(1) When i saw this place, it looks familiar to me, just can't remember if i been to this place before, went back to check old post,  i been there in Maybut at the Westgate branch.

(2) We ordered a Ramen set (can't recall the name as recipe not with me) to share, the Ramen comes with 2 piece of meat and half-egg, we order an extra half-egg.  We were disappointed when the ramen was served as the egg yolk looks like braised egg to us and the Ramen looks normal to us.

(3) Since we order the set, it comes with 6 pcs of Goyza

(4) We ordered a Mixed Fry Toji to share, was disappointed that the outer layer of the prawn was not crispy.

(5) For the drink, friend had the cold drink while i had the hot green tea which is refillable.

Not too sure of the price as it's a belated birthday treat from friend.

Osaka Ohsho
252 North Bridge Road
Singapore 179103
Tel : 6338 5584

(6) Got a box of Almond Cookies from friend when went holiday at Hong Kong/Macau with her hubby.

(7) 12 individual package

(8) Closer up

(9) Had it while watching TV, that i had 2 of it

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Christmas decoration @ Raffles City

Christmas decoration @ Raffles City.





Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas decorations @ Bugis Junction

I was meeting friend at Raffles City, i was a bit early, since from Bugis to Raffles City, it's not far, i thought of buying bread from a stall from Bugis Street and also taking a look at the Christmas decorations at Bugis Junction, so i end up taking picture of the Christmas decoration at Bugis Junction before walking over to Raffles City.










Merry Christmas
to all my 
readers and friends

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas decoration @ Vivo City

I was at Sentosa Broadwalk for my workout last Wednesday (14th Dec), since my kakis, S is on leave, YP has something to attend to, i was solo on that day, i decided i will go Vivo City for a quick round to take picture of the Christmas decoration before going for the workout.

(1) Giant Christmas tree 









Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Chee Cheong Fun with Prawn filling

I was craving for Chee Cheong Fun with Prawn filling, as i need to get some grocery from the supermarket, i remember there's a stall inside the Kopitiam Food Court at Jurong East MRT Station selling it. 

(1) Ordered the Chee Cheong Fun with Prawn filling @ $2.70, they made it on the spot.

(2) The prawn inside the Chee Cheong Fun

(3) If order the set, it comes with Kopi or Teh @ $3.60 for the Chee Cheong Fun with Prawn filling, had the Kopi.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Say NO to Loneliness

Image may contain: 9 people, people smiling, text

Picture taken from Facebook

I was at the Community Centre signing up for a workshop sometimes back when i saw a banner on the above event, Say NO to Loneliness on 18th December.  Went to ask the counter staff about it and was told the event is for Senior's age 60 years and above. It's free and tickets can be obtained from respective RC from Dec 1 onwards.

I ask my mum about it but she was not keen.  But i decided to take things into my hand and busybody me went to Whatsapp a grassroot leader (I have her hp no.)  if i could get a ticket on behalf of my mum, she reply bring my mum IC to the RC Centre to collect the ticket.  So i went to the RC and collect 1 ticket for my mum. 

Then i saw on Facebook, the emcee 尤发, 尤发 used to be a popular Radio DJ's during the 90's, post on Facebook (he's my facebook friend), about the same event but at another venue on Saturday 17th December, and ask supporters to go support.  I commented that i went to the RC and collect ticket on behalf on my mum and was told only 60 and above could get ticket.  He reply he went to ask, and anyone can go and watch.  I bumped into the lady from the RC who i collected the ticket from, ask her about it.   Her reply was it's for the senior's and the event was organise by us.  I do no want to argue with her, so i keep quiet.

On the day itself, which is yesterday, i thought i will bring my mum to the Community Centre and leave her there to watch the performance, then come back again to bring her back home when the event end.  When we reached the Community Centre, the person station at the entrance said can go in, can go in, so i went in to watch the performance.

Confusing, one party said for senior's 60 and above, another party said can go in and watch.

Monday, December 19, 2016


Sometimes back, my friend whatsapp me the above and ask me whether if i want to attend the Zumba Party at Cashew Community Centre and she could help me to get the ticket as she's staying near there. So i reply her ok.

After that, i just did not think about it since my friend is going to get the ticket and i also didn't ask her if she has got the ticket.  On the day itself, my friend called me up in the morning and told me that that day itself is the Zumba Party, she herself have forgotten about it too as she's busy with her work till another friend of her who's going ask her about it.  I was like oh, i didn't realise about it as i didn't keep track of the day since i have already entrust her with the buying of the ticket.  Since i am just back from the Zumba session near my place and to go to the Zumba Party, i need time to pack my bag, change and travel there, and might not made it in time, i didn't go. 

Guess age coming up, me tends to forget this and that.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Siglap Park Connector

Last walk with my friend at the Park Connector for the year 2016.

(1) Starting point from Kembangan MRT Station, on the left - Condo - Astoria Park.

(2) Siglap Canal

(3) Walking path

(4) Kampong Kembangan Community Centre

(5) Kembangan MRT Station

(6) HDB Flats

(7) Private Estates

(8) Walking Path

(9) Plant

(10) Private Estates

(11) Then there came the overhead bridge

(12) Overhead bridge

(13) Pan-Island Expressway (PIE)

(14) Map of Siglap Park Connector

(15) Walking Path

(16) Expression on the right side

(17) HDB Flat

(18) Attracted by the trunk of the tree 

(19) Another overhead bridge to cross

(20) Bedok North Road

(21) Construction of MRT on-going

(22) On-going of construction

(23) Construction site

(24) After crossing the overhead bridge, it's Bedok Town Park

(25) Random Photo

(26) Exit

(27) Canal

(28) Passed by a school

(29) So the school is Damai Primary School

(30) Signboard

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