Tuesday, November 27, 2018

It's Weekend

24th Nov (Sat)

I need to buy something for my mum from the hospital pharmacy.  Initially, I thought the pharmacy opens at 8.30am, only to realise that the pharmacy opens at 10am and close at 2pm on Saturday when I reach there at around 9.10am.

Since I have not eaten anything yet, went to the nearby 1983 for my brunch.

Ordered a kaya butter bun set @ $4.10.

Comes with 2 soft boiled egg

A kaya butter bun

Drink, I had kopi

Still had some time before the pharmacy open, I walk around the hospital vicinity.  Saw lady finger plant.

Went for the Saturday church service, this round, after service, was at Bukit Merah Central as I wanted to eat the yong tau foo that I wanted to try.

Minimum is 6 pc, @ $0.70 per pc, with kway teow mee ($0.70), total is $4.90.

25th Nov (Sun)

4th Sunday of the month, Zone 2 RC Senior Friendship Circle.

Nasi lemak for the Senior's


After the SFC, my turn to eat, had roasted duck rice @ $4

Trying to get my mum out jalan jalan, she's ok to go to the nearby shopping centre jalan jalan.  Before going back, was at Han's.  Order a grilled dory fish set @ $9.80 which comes with a soup of the day and a drink.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Very routine

19th Nov (Mon)

I did not go off on time as a colleague was late for work, have to wait for him to turn up.

My dinner - my own creation - long chicken burger, with mushroom sauce, lettuce, a slice of tomato, a slice of cheese.

20th Nov (Tue)

Feel like having fishball noodle, manage to have a quick brunch before going back.

Minced meat mee kia @ $3 from a coffeeshop @ Jurong East.

The soup

21st Nov (Wed)

Have something in mind to eat, but then, have to wait for colleague who is late to turn up before I knock off.  In the end, burger again.

My own creation - tendergrill chicken with lettuce, a slice of cheese, ham and mushroom sauce and BBQ sauce.

22nd Nov (Thur)

I was at the Jurong East MRT station, on my way to work when I feel the urge to go to the washroom to do my "big" business.  After done, pass by an eatery place in West gate and saw nasi lemak.  Was tempted to buy it back for my dinner.

Nasi lemak @ $3 with ikan bills, sambal chilli, chicken wing, a slice of cucumber and a half hard boiled eggs.

Overall, I like the nasi lemak.

23rd Nov (Fri)

Manage to go and eat the saba fish with chicken set which I have wanted to eat.

Saba with chicken set $6

Comes with a bowl of soup, rice and small kimchi.

Sunday, November 25, 2018

The usual weekend

17th Nov (Sat)

Initially, thought of getting my mum going elsewhere for breakfast.  Then, there was a sudden heavy downpour, so have to drop the idea.

So, was at the hawker centre tabao food.

I have yet to try the nasi lemak from this Indian drink stall.  They have ikan and ayam.  Left two packet of ikan when I was there.  Bought a packet @ $2.

It comes with an ikan, ikan bilis, egg

Since I need to bring my mum for the Senior Friendship Circle tomorrow, so went church today.

Was at Bukit Merah View for early dinner.  Has been a while since I wat from the  Teochew Porridge.

Salted egg


Tau kee


Total : $3.00

18th Nov (Sun)

3rd Sunday of the month, Zone 3 RC Senior Friendship Circle.

At first, I thought it's pudding, but it's bobo chacha.

Breakfast for the Senior's

Has bought a packet of udon from the supermarket as craving for it.  Cook it with hotdog and fishcake.

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Not well

12th Nov (Mon)

Have a craving for fried chicken, so my dinner is 2 pc fried chicken.

Fee : meal provided

13th Nov (Tue)

When I woke up, I feel that my stomach is uncomfortable and then I also vomitted.  I then send an whatapps to my manager that I can't go to work as I am sick.

Told my mum that I won't be going to work, but instead I will be going to the doctor.  She then ask me to go to the Day Care Centre during her lunch time, told her, no lah, I very sleepy and won't be going to the Day Care Centre.

After my mum boards the transport, I proceed to see the doctor.

Actually, the weather was cloudy, nice for walk at Park Connector, etc, but being sick, I was not in the mood for that.  Instead I went back home.  Slept most of the time and for the whole day, I have no appetite and didn't eat anything.

After my mum was back from the Day Care Centre, told her, you just take your dinner, can finish or not, just leave it there as I want to sleep.

14th Nov (Wed)

Morning, I didn't take my breakfast as no appetite and I was worry that I might vomit when I go work.

In the midst, I  started to feel hungry and was craving for porridge.  So after work, I was at a coffeeshop in Jurong East, saw only 1 duck rice stall selling porridge, so order a duck porridge.

Duck porridge @ $3.30

15th Nov (Thur)

There's a pasar malam in Jurong East, near the MRT station.  It so happen I was craving for macaroni, saw a muslim stall selling it, so bought packet back to make an.

Fried macaroni @ $3

16th Nov (Fri)

There's a fishball noodle stall at Jurong Point Kopitiam Food Court which my mum and I quite like, so I thought of eating it.  When I was there, the stall looks different as now the stall sells lor mee, laksa, prawn mee, fishball noodle, etc... Unlike previously, the stall sells fish ball noodle.  So I ask it is previously, they were at the Food Court near Malaysia Boleh which is now taken over by another shop and then shift over to the present food court, but the lady answer is she doesn't know about it.

There was a guy behind me asking how come it was close for a while the other time, the lady reply was change owner.

Fishball mee sua @ $4 which I find the taste is different from the one which I like.

Monday, November 19, 2018

As per normal

10th Nov (Sat)

There's an eatery place which is not very far from my workplace that I have wanted to check it out.  But no chance on weekdays as I have to be back before the stated time to wait for the transport to bring my mum's back.

Since I'm working today, and I need not rush back as Saturday, my mum don't go to the Day Care Centre, I decided to check out the place.

Not all stalls are open.

I had pig organ soup @ $3.50

With yam rice @ $0.70

11th Nov (Sun)

Early in the morning, I ask my mum if she wants to go church, at first she said she doesn't want to go.  After a while, ask her again, she's ok, so we went church.

After service,  was asking her if she wants to go home or go Harbourfront makan.  She wants Harbourfront.

She had sliced fish mee sua @ $5

I had braised duck rice with an add on @ $3.50.  This duck rice has been around for a long time and the guy still recognize me.  He told me, when I know you, you are still young.  You should be younger than me.  So I ask him, if you don't mind I ask you, how old are you.  He told me his age, his age and my age, not very far apart.

The soup for the braised duck duck

Usually, will go walk one round and look look see see ferries to Batam, then see if my mum wants to have anything for brunch before going back.  But my mum complaining her leg tiring after crossing the overhead bridge, so told her we go the nearest KFC sit sit then we go back. 

The dining crew of KFC overheard me telling my mum we go find a seat to sit.  He ask me, you eating, then point to me the kiosk machine, I feel like telling him, I won't come in and sit and not ordering anything.  You have to let me settle my mum first mah before I go and order foods.

Order a snacker @ $4.20, used to be $4, now the price increase by $0.20.  KFC now is say NO to straws.  There's a notice stating if you really need straw, approach the service crew.

As I need a straw so that it will be easier for my mum to drink.  I request a straw from the service crew, who insisted that NO straw.  So I point out to the notice, then I was given a straw, and the service crew told me, i'm following instructions.

Went for the 5pm Sundays at the Park workout, each participant was given a box of snack by the RC volunteer, guess there's balance from an event, so we were given a box each.

Sunday, November 18, 2018

As usual

5th Nov (Mon)

Lazy to cook dinner and also don't know what to eat, so eat burger.

Long chicken burger - my own creation, chicken patty with lettuce, mushroom, cheese and BBQ sauce. Fee  : Meal provided.

6th Nov (Tue)

Today is a Public Holiday, I need to work, as I'm in the food industry. Told my mum that I will buy dinner for her after I knock off.

When I was back home, the first thing my mum told me was she has soil herself and ask me to help her wash her buttock.

Mero kama teriyaki Bento from Isetan Westgate @ $10.80 for my mum.

Unagi & Yakitori Don from Isetan Westgate @ $10.80.

7th Nov (Wed)

Again colleague didn't turn up for work.  If no student turn up for work, afternoon shift will be left manager and one Malay colleague working.

Salmon steak for dinner

8th Nov (Thur)

The colleague who keeps absent from work, his service was terminated by the Manager.  Now no need to guess if he will or will not turn up for work.

Saw cold soba from the supermarket, feel like eating it, so bought a packet to cook.  My cold soba with meatball and hard boiled egg.

Brought back a 9 pc nuggets from my workplace to share with my mum.  Fee : meal provided.

9th Nov (Fri)

With the current situation of no crew, I had the opportunity to extend my hour, usually I stays around 1/2 hr to 1 hr.  But too bad, I had to go back as I need to wait for the transport to bring my mum back from the Day Care Centre, if not, I can work longer hours.

Again, it's burger time, my own creation.  Tendergrill chicken with ham, cheese and bacon.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Nothing special, the usual weekend

3rd Nov (Sat)

My mum agree to go church today.  As usual, Bukit Merah Central and the same coffeeshop.

Not much variety to choose from, only two muslim store and an Indian stall was open.

My mum had Malay rice @ $3

I had nasi ayam @ $3.50

Closer up of the chicken

Halfway through the meal, my mum said that her rice was spicy, so i had to switch my chicken rice with her's.

4th Nov (Sun)

Ever since I started working in this job, I didnt manage to go for workout often.

* Picture taken by RC volunteer - if nothing pops up on Sunday morning, I will go for the workout near my place.

Nowadays, I do not knock off on the dot.  So to say, I am not able to make a trip to the supermarket to buy grocery as I need to be home before the stated time to pick up my mum when the transport send her back.

A trip to the supermarket on the day when my mum does not go to the Day Care Centre is quite relaxing as I do not need to watch the time and I can take my time.

Before going back, a cup of mochaccino from McCafe @ $4.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

The usual routine

29th Oct (Mon)

Nowadays, I need to stand at the counter for 1 hour after a colleague knock off and while waiting for another colleague to finish his break before taking over the counter.

Recently, I bought a small piece of pumpkin  and some mushroom from the wet market.  So with some chinese sausage, I dump into the rice and cook with it.

30th Oct ( Tue)

I was told by my manager to stand by the auditor coming.  Auditor come, don't play play manz, have to follow procedure manz.  I'm one of them who doesn't follow procedure, auditor come, I sure die lah.  Phew, auditor didn't come.

I was craving for cake, so bought a piece of cake and share with my mum.

Coco exotic from Four Leaves @ $4.20

31st Oct (Wed)

Again, standing by for the auditor to come.

Again, one of my colleague did not turn up, my manager manage to "borrow" a staff from another outlet.  If not, will be manager and one staff only and somemore, month end, my manager have to check stock and standby auditor to come and my manager also just came back from holiday.

My dinner - tendercrisp chicken 

1st Nov (Thur)

When I report for work, I was ask to "travel" to another outlet to borrow some stuff.

While at the outlet, the manager was telling me that my manager, E, was involve in a road accident and in the hospital.

Then, back at my workplace, I was told the auditor has came yesterday, phew, the auditor came after I went back.

Thought of visiting my manager at the hospital, after settling my mum, I decided to make a trip there.  Was told, he has been discharge as he was in the hospital for observation only.

I must drink a cup of kopi everyday, so was at the nearby cafe.  A cup of coffee...

And a piece of pandan cake @ $2.80

2nd Nov (Fri)

Was asking my manager if my colleague is coming today as Wednesday and yesterday, colleague did not turn up for work.  Manager also do not know if colleague will turn up anot.

Yes, colleague turn up for work.

Was craving for taro pie, so took a taro pie back.

The filling, fee : meal provided

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