Friday, April 28, 2017

Not a smooth weekend

As normal, my mum went to PPH Community Services Centre on Friday (21st Apr) for the weekly breakfast.

(1) Someone was asking if i'm using recycled material or title only in an earlier PPH Breakfast post, only that the title for the post that time is recycled but not the material post as the foods they serve every week, is almost the same, bee hoon, only foods that change is either mee or kway teow.  Youtiao or fried butterfly bun.

(2) As usual, porridge is served

(3) They have a machine there where a person can choose the drink, they have milo, a few types of coffee, soy milk, teh tarik.

The church have a Seniors Party on Saturday (22nd Apr) at the Church premises where they have light exercise, singalong, games and also lunch is provided .  Earlier on, i have sign up for my mum as thought it will be good for her to go, to mixed around with those who went too, and to let her enjoy herself there, better than she sit at home doing nothing, staring at the four walls. Transport is provided from PPH Community Services Centre to the Church.

In the morning, she has done a bit of business, so i thought, that's good, she has did her business.  So we went for the Seniors Party.  When reaching the Church, while taking the lift, some of the residents sense a smell from the lift. At that time, as the lift is crowded, i didn't manage to stand close to my mum.  When at the venue for the Seniors Party, a PPH staff came up to my mum and told my mum that she soil and needs to clear up her faeces and then take a shower.  Nowadays, if my mum soils, she doesn't knows about it, haiz... The PPH Staff was saiding if my mum were to come out, should wear adult diaper, the problem is, my mum doesn't want.  And also didn't expect this will happen, and she did a bit of business in the morning already,  didn't bring any extra clothes, towel, soap, etc.  The PPH Staff manged to find colgate to substitute as soap and a towel and sarong to wrap up her lower part of the body. Thank God for her help.  She also mention might catch a cold, so better for my mum to go back.  Thank God for a guy who send us home.  The guy brings his mum to the Seniors Party and is waiting for the Seniors Party to end to bring the mum home.

The next day, which is Sunday, going to Church day, i was worried she might soil again, so before leaving home to go wait for the transport, i decided to check on her again, true enough, she soils, managed to get her to change before leaving to PPH Community Service Centre to wait for the transport to Church.

(4)  The refreshment for that day is hosted by the grandparents of a baby boy.  Usually my mum will leave just when the service is about to end.  So i thought we were early at the refreshment area, while the rest is not there yet, i could take picture of the foods, then came a guy who came to chit chat with us, so only manage to take a picture of some foods that is left.  They do also have a glutinous rice with hei bi hiam, finish liao before i could take picture.

(5) Earlier on, at home, i have ask my mum, after service, she wants to follow the transport back or go elsewhere for lunch, her reply is that later then decide.  So during the refreshment time, i ask her, she reply she wants to go Harbourfront, Seah Im Food Centre for lunch.  This round, she is ok to walk and didn't grumble about the walking distance. She wants Mutton Soup.

(6) With Bread, cost $4.50

(7) The mutton

(8) Ordered a gado gado @ $3

After that, went one round at Habourfront Centre before going back.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Jalan Pelikat Park Connector

There's a Park Connector in Upper Serangoon area which I have not tried walking before as it's quite a distance away from my place.  Since I was in the vicinity after visiting All Saints Memorial Chapel, decided not to waste the trip and took a walk there.

(1) Only know that the starting point, have to turn in from Kg Sireh, have to find it.

(2) Found it

(3) Temple on the right side, but didn't managed to visit the temple to have a look.

(4) The walking path

(5) Flowers along the way

(6) Jalan Geneng Interim Park along the way

(7) Plant

(8) Private Estate

(9) Condo

(10) Private Estate

(11) Passed by, but not too sure what's this building

(12) HDB Flat

(13) Jalan Pelikat Park Connector

(14) Long Gao

(15) HDB Flats

(16) Private Estate's, heard thunder's while walking, was hoping it will not rain till finish walking.

(17) HDB Flats

(18) There's two path here, on the right, for pedestrians, on the left, for cyclists.

(19) Promenade, was curious about the place, went to have a look, the place was quite quiet, only a few shops.

(19)  Residence area

(20) HDB Flats

(21) End the walk here - Church Building

Phew, lucky it didn't rain during the walk, after the walk, it started to rain.

Monday, April 24, 2017

Malaysia Boleh @ Jurong Point

Back at Malaysia Boleh @ Jurong Point to makan.

The prawn bee hoon mee @ $3.50 which I quite like

Chicken rice $3.50

Comes with a bowl of soup

Friday, April 21, 2017

Ayer Rajah Emergency Preparedness Day

My constituency held the Emergency Preparedness Day last Sunday (16th April 2017).

There's a Counter Terrorism Live Exercise at 9.00am.

Showing a terrorist incident where trained residents will showcase when to RUN, where to HIDE, and how to TELL the Police in the event of a terrorist attack. These residents will render assistance to injured victims by using their improvised First Aid Skills and performing Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to save lives during an attack. The response capabilities of the Police and the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) will also be showcased. (Paragraph taken from Facebook).

I am one of the calefare and had to report at 7.30am, breakfast (above) is provided.

On display

On display

On display

An SCDF staff demonstrate CPR

Residents were able to learn how to put out fires using fire extinguisher

Game Booth

Game Booth

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Yong's Teochew Kueh

After the visit to All Sanits Memorial Chapel at Poh Huat Road on Good Friday, was not very hungry and decided to have something not very heavy.  Yong's Teochew Kueh was in the vicinity.

Ordered a Soon Kueh @ $1.20 and Ku Chai Kueh @ $1.30, I like their Soon Kueh, but their shop is only at Upper Serangoon Road and East Coast, which is out of the place from where I stay.

Yong's Teochew Kueh
1022 Upper Serangoon Road
Singapore 534760

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Yun Xiang Sarawak Kolo Mee

 I tried the Kolo Mee (White) and Laksa from Yun Xiang Sarawak Kolo Mee.Laksa in Toa Payoh. But not the wanton.

(1) Archive Photo - Since from Botanic Gardens to Toa Payoh is not very far away, and I wanted to try the wanton, decided to go.

(2) I wanted to order the wanton + kolo mee, when the guy told me, no wanton, I was disappointed, since I'm already there and the other time, I try the Kolo Mee (white), this round, I order the Kolo Mee (red) @$3.50.

(3) The Kolo Mee (red) is more to the sweet side, and I find that I prefer the Kolo Mee (red).

(4) It comes with a bowl of soup

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Learning Forest @ Singapore Botanic Gardens

Not to sure where is the Learning Forest, have to rely on signs for the directions.

(1) The entrance to the Learning Forest

(2) Flower

(3) Flower

(4) Flower

(5) Random Photo

(6) Random Photo

(7) Random Photo

(8) Random Photo

(9) Resting area, there's even a family there having picnic

(10) Flower

(11) Notice

(12) Stairs to take to get to the wetland

(13) A picture before walking the wetland

(14) Canopy web for kids

(15) Random Photo

(16) Walking path

(17) Random Photo

(18) Random Photo

(19) Random Photo

(20) Random Photo

(21) Resting area

(22) After walking for a while at the wetland, it started to rain, haiz, should have bring along poncho raincoat so that don't have to carry umbrella, but luckily, the rain is not too heavy.

(23) Manage to take the picture in the rain

(24) Also taken during rain time, after that, didn't manage to capture more pictures.

(24) Last picture before leaving Learning Forest

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