Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Dry Pan Mee @ Malaysia Boleh

Was back at Malaysia Boleh to try out the Dry Pan Mee.  This round, there was no long queue, maybe due to the wet weather.

Dry Pan Mee @ $4, ingredients include minced meat ikan bilis, egg, mushroom.  No vegetables as no stock. 

The Pan Mee

Comes with a soup

A cup of coffee a day for me.  Latte @ McCafe ($3).


  1. The food looks delicious but the portion was small. Did you have enough to eat?

  2. The egg looks half-boiled/cooked, not poached. They do it this way at one place here - can't say I like it like that.

    1. At first when they break the egg, I thought it's raw egg...

  3. The pan mee just filled up half the bowl. I agreed with TM that its portion is small.

  4. I like the dry pan mee spicy. Over here, they will put the veggie in the soup if you order the dry version.

  5. They should give some greens in the soup.. try the Face to Face pan mee next time if you go JB.. I think you will like it!

  6. I like dry pan mee . Rarely order the soup one not because I don't like it - just that I'm a 'kicap' girl..lol


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