Sunday, September 30, 2018

Off day (17th Sept)

17th Sept (Mon)

My mum has a medical appointment at the Outpatient Specialist Clinic in the morning.  After the appointment, send her to the Day Care Centre.

After seeing that she has taken her lunch, I left and make my way to West Coast Plaza as I need to get a pair of sport shoe as my old one has worn-out.

Earlier on,  I tried the  wanton mee from Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee at one of the coffeeshop in Jurong East.  I went back again, wanting to try the dumpling, but I was told the dumpling is not ready.

When I was in West Coast Plaza, has been a while since I was there, saw that there's a new food court, and they have a Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee stall there too.

So I decided to try out the dumpling noodle, but the dumpling noodle at the food court in West Coast Plaza is $1 more expensive than the one at the coffeeshop in Jurong East.  Dumpling noodle @ West Coast Plaza food court : $5.50.

After getting my new pair of sport shoe, went to Toast Box and had their bo luo yao and a cup of coffee @ $3.70.

Then it's time to go back and wait for the transport to bring my mum back.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Not a very good day - (16th Sept - Sun)

Sunday morning will be exercise time for me if I need not bring my mum to Senior Friendship Circle.

After the exercise, back home to shower and after settle my mum, make a trip to Chinatown.

Why do I need to make a trip to Chinatown?  I injure my hand and the Accupressure Centre I previously went before and they are good is in Chinatown, so I am back there.

At first, I thought want to walk a bit first before going for the acupressure, second thought, go first just in case many people.  True enough, many people, I was told to come back in two hours time or come another day, since I was there, I might as well wait instead of go back and come back another day.  What to do, walk walk.

Earlier, while on the way to the Acupressure Centre, saw Mid-Autumn Festival decorations.


This yellow hibiscus caught my attention

Mid-autumn Festival decoration

Mid-autumn Festival decoration

Was at Hong Lim Hawker Centre for my dinner and also to buy dinner back for my mum.  Many stalls was closed.  Saw a stall selling spinach noodle, decided to have that as hardly have stalls selling spinach noodle.  The lady saw my bandage hand and nice of her to ask me if she needs to cut the noodles for me, reply her no need as I can still manage.  Told her I hardly see any stalls selling spinach noodle and she told me spinach noodle more expensive and also not easy to cook, if cook too long, won't be nice.

My spinach noodle @ $4 which has 4 dumpling and 3 fried wanton.

Sunday, September 23, 2018

It has been a while (15th Sept - Sat)

Usually every Saturday morning, if nothing pops up, I will go for the usual morning exercise.

It so happen one of the exercise friend, who is from Thailand, is going back Thailand next Sunday.  So a group of us went to the nearby coffeeshop for a drink.

This is my first time at that coffeeshop, didn't know that this coffeeshop exist.  So before going back, bought food back for my mum and also a piece of egg prata @ $1.70 for myself.

Few days back, I receive a call from the Hokkien Service Pastor asking me how come my mum and I didn't attend the Hokkien Service.

So today, I show my face at the Hokkien Service.  As I didn't attend Hokkien Service for a month, heard from some elderly that due to mooncake festival, there's a buffet after the service.

Initially, my plan was to go Bukit Merah View for the Teochew porridge, since I have eaten at the Church, I went Bukit Merah Central for a cup of Mocha @ $5 before buying food back for my mum.

Monday, September 17, 2018

A new week has begin

10th Sept (Mon)

As usual,  Monday is burger day.

I was addicted to the drumlet and also onion rings.

Whopper junior,  fee : meal provided

11th Sept (Tue)

There's a new stall at the Halal coffeeshop which is walking distance from my place that sells gado-gado which I have bookmark to try it out.

Gado-gado @ $3.50 which I don't said that it has swept me off my feet that I will return soon to have something else. 

Feel like having chicken fries, so took some chicken fries back, fee : meal provided.

I was lazy this week, so skip Bible Study Fellowship.

12th Sept (Wed)

My mum has a medical appointment at the Polyclinic in the morning.  Then it's to the Day Care Centre.

As I have an appointment with one of the staff from the Day Care Centre Head Office in the afternoon, I stay on at the Day Care Centre.

My mum's lunch at the Day Care Centre, brown rice with fish, egg and french bean.

There used to be a Chinese eatery place near the Day Care Centre, it has change hand, now is a Malay eatery place.  Try out the curry chicken briyani @ $3.50.

My mum's tea break  - carrot cake

I brought home a burger and thought of giving it to the staff who ferry my mum back, but was told could not accept it.  So not to waste food, I kept it in the fridge and heat it up for my dinner.

13th Sept (Thur)

Since I need to buy grocery from the supermarket...

Bought a mixed maki @ $4 from the supermarket sushi counter.

From my workplace, fee : meal provided, a piece of fried chicken. Also 2 piece of drumlet and onion rings.

14th Sept (Fri)

It's Friday again...

Potato salad for my mum

Futomaki for my dinner

Thursday, September 13, 2018

An ordinary weekend

8th Sept (Sat)

My mum has a blood test appointment at the polyclinic in the morning.  After done with the blood test, ask my mum where she wants to go for her lunch, her reply is Jurong West st. 42 

My mum fish soup from her usual fish soup stall @ $5.

Rice @ $0.50

I had minced meat fishball kway teow mee @ $3.

The soup

The chilli sauce for my mum's fish soup, but she doesn't wants it, so I use it for my fishball kway teow mee.

My mum second round - chee cheong fun @ $1.40.

Pass by a bakery shop while on the way back after finding a friend in the afternoon, saw a piglet, tempted to buy, $2 per piece with pineapple filling.

9th Sept (Sun)

As usual, workout in the morning, then to church for the 2nd service, english service.

Drop by a relative place after the service ends.

My brunch - beef hor fun $4.50, from Tiong Bahru Food Centre.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Not a healthy week

3rd Sep (Mon)

Monday is usually burger day for me.

My dinner - whopper junior

4th Sept (Tue)

Yippy, no Bible Study Fellowship due to school holiday.

Was at one of the coffeeshop in Jurong East when saw a stall selling black chicken herbal soup 

A bowl of black chicken herbal soup @ $4.  Of course, $4, can't expect much, a small piece of black chicken.

My second round, mixture, fee : meal provided.

5th Sept (Wed)

I have wanted to try Jolibee at Jurong East MRT station.

Order a 2 piece chicken meal which comes with a drink, 2 piece chicken which I had 1 original and 1 spicy, 1 fries and 1 mashed potato, but the fries, I change to mashed potato, which I bring back for my mum as she likes mashed potatoe.

6th Sept (Thur)

The other day, while going back from Jurong East, saw a new stall, Tanjong Rhu Wanton Mee and I have bookmark this place.

Dumpling or wanton, which one to choose, in the end, choose wanton.  They run out of char siew and the new batch is in the midst of preparation, so it's all wanton.  Total there are 7 wantons.  Overall I loves the wanton meet and I will go back again one of the day for the dumpling noodle.  Wanton mee @ $4.

7th Sept (Fri)

I have been addicted to the drumlets and today is not healthy foods again.

Halfway eating, I realise that my mum has been in the toilet for a while, decided to check on her when she walk out and told me that she has done with her big business and ask me to wash up for her.  So gotta wash up for her before I continue with my eating.

Monday, September 10, 2018

1st weekend of the month

1st Sept (Sat)

Miss my Saturday morning exercise for two weeks, this morning, I manage to make it for the exercise.

After the exercise, need to buy food for my mum.

I had spicy pork with vegetable wanton @$3.

Two days back, I WhatsApp Mrs Choo younger son asking him how is Mrs Choo.  He reply me with his mum's ward no. and ask me to visit his mum if I am available.  Reply him I will let PPH Brethren Church Chinese Ministry Pastor know about it also and let Pastor decide if he's available to visit her.  He then ask me again if I will go and visit his mum.

Receive a WhatsApp message from Pastor that he visited Mrs Choo at the hospital yesterday.  

So today, my turn to turn up at the hospital.  At first, Mrs Choo was all right, but again, she mention, die better.  Then when I started to talk to her helper, she then said that I was teaching bad things to her helper and ask me to go back and don't come again.  From what I understand, she has ever chase away Pastor sometimes back when he visited her.

My brunch before I go back home, chee cheong fun with soon kueh @ $2.80.

2nd Sept (Sun)

My mum was telling me it's Monday and going Senior's Club.  So tell her, starting new month, got new comer staying at PPHCSC that block, we need to walk there wait for the transport.  So off we go to church.

At first, my mum was saiding want to follow the transport back home.  Then last minute change her mind, want to go Seah Im Food Centre for lunch.  Saw a new stall selling pig organ soup, kway chap, etc. My mum had kway chap but instead of the kway, she change to yam rice.

The yam rice

I had a small pig trotter, total is $8

While at Harbourfront, usually after visiting the ladies, we will go to the area where passengers board the ferries to Batam to look look see see at the ferry and sit sit then have some brunch before going home.  My mum throw a bit of  tantrum and said wait to go Heavenly Wang eat marcaroni, but while on the way, again, throw a bit of tantrum and we end up at McDonald's.  Order a filet-o-fish set meal @ $5.50 for her.

Mochaccino (Small) for me $4

Sunday, September 9, 2018

A new week has begin

27th Aug (Mon)

After seeing Claire fried oyster omelette in her blog, I was craving for it, so after I knock off, was at Jurong Point Malaysia Boleh having fried oyster.

Fried oyster @ $4

28th Aug (Tue)

I was craving for fried chicken, my workplace, they do sell fried chicken, think for a period of time only, so my dinner is fried chicken.

Fee : meal provided 

29th Aug (Wed)

Having craving again, this round is soba.

Tamago mentai @ $3.80

Mini soba @ $2.40

Both are from Kuriya Japanese Market @ Jem.

30th Aug (Thur)

Usually after knock off, I will take MRT, this round, I try taking bus and end up in Jurong Point.  As I have limited time (need to rush back to wait for the transport to bring my mum back), I cannot take my own sweet time, had a quick brunch.

Braised pork glutinous rice @ $3

31st Aug (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I make my way to the Day Care Centre to make payment for my mum's September Day Care Centre fee before rushing off for work.

My initial plan was to go to the supermarket to buy grocery after I knock off, but a colleague was on medical leave, so I was required to work a bit later and no tr to go buy grocery as need to rush back to wait for the transport to bring my mum back.

End up at West Coast Drive after i'm done with my mum.

My dinner - Seafood spaghetti @$8.50

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