Wednesday, January 31, 2018

26th Jan (Fri)

I was watching TV, and came across a Cafe that serves breakfast for Senior's on Friday from 9.30am.

The Cafe is located at Bukit Batok West ave 4.  Breakfast are prepared by a group of volunteers.

The place is quite near to the Church that I am attending Bt. Batok premises. I went to racky the place the other day before I went for the cooking demo in Church, so that I know where is the place.

Initially, my mum is not keen to go as she saids have to take transport and ask me to go myself.  Told her, if you don't go, I can't go as it's for Senior's.  Then told her, we go try out for 1 time.  In the end, she agree.

There are Set A and Set B to choose from, I choose both set so that my mum and I could try the Set A and Set B.

We were given a card, when our numbers are being called, we go and collect the food.

One thing I like also is that not so many people, think around 30 - 40 people.


Set A - Waffle with omelette and fruit

Set B - Spaghetti with fruit

A cake to share among those in the same table.

Price : Pay as you wish

There's a talk by a speaker, Understanding Love, halfway through the talk, my mum was getting impatient and wanted to go back, no choice, got to leave, so didn't manage to finish listening to it.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

25th Jan (Thur)

My mum appointment with the Neuro Consultant at the Hospital was in the afternoon.  Cook porridge for her and told her, after seeing Doctor, we go eat.  She eat a bit of the porridge and then said she wants to eat out before seeing Doctor.

We were at the Food Court, where she wants yong tau foo.

With kway teow @ $4.90

Mouth itchy, so order fan choy set @ $2.90 which comes with a coffee or tea.

At the Clinic, before seeing the Neuro Consultant, she was called by the nurse to a room, she almost scream at the nurse as she thought the nurse was going to give her an injection.  Told the nurse, my mum thought injection, the nurse then told her, take blood pressure, then she keep quiet.

After seeing the Neuro Consultant, at first, thought my mum wanted to eat the macaroni at the Food Court, but she said have to walk a distance, so end up at Hanis.

Sometimes back, my mum had wanted the soup at Hanis, if order ala carte, it will be $4, which I find not worth the price.  So ordered a Western set which comes with the soup.

A piece of bread


Grilled Dory Fish 

Only order 1 set as not too sure if she can finish all.  In the end, she finish almost all.

Went for 2nd round and we end up in KFC.

Saw from TV KFC advertisement about honey sesame chicken, looks tempting.  Order a set @ $8.90 to try it out. But I won't said that I will go back sooner to eat it again.

It comes with a coleslaw and mashed potatoes, but as my mum likes mashed potatoes, so change to 2 mashed potatoes.

It comes with a sjora drink

Monday, January 29, 2018

24th Jan (Wed)

There's a 美食烹饪班 (cooking demo) at the Church Bukit Batok Centre.  Fee is $2.  Thinking that there won't be so many people, as the other time at Tanglin Centre, not much people, i took my own sweet time and reach 15 minutes earlier, only to see so many people have reached. 

From what I obverse, there are 3 types of  participants.

First type : The serious participants, when the trainer is doing the demo, they stand around the table till the trainer have to get them to go back to their seats, if not, others could not see.

Second type : Few participants were busy talking away, while the trainer is doing the demo, they are still talking.

Third type : A participant sitting beside me, 3/4 of the time, she is busy WhatsApp-ing.

Learn how to cook 新春发财鸡,in which it was distribute to every participants to sample it after the cooking is done.

Also learn how to bake 香椰饼, it's very nice, but I am too lazy to bake it.


Went to a coffeeshop in Bukit Batok West wanted to eat the chap chye rice I like, but not much variety, so end up having popiah @ $1.50 each.

Then to buy dinner for my mum.

Friday, January 26, 2018

23rd Jan (Tue)

As usual, elder-sitting for my mum on Tuesday.  Then she went PPHCSC listen to others sing karaoke.

* Picture taken on Facebook

I have told my kaki Sharon that I will not be able to go for workout on Monday for 12 weeks and ask her to let me know if she do go for workout on Tuesday.

Usually Sharon will go for the Monday workout, sometimes if something pops up and she is not able to make it, she will go for Tuesday workout (if nothing pops up for her).  It so happen last minute, she's not able to go for the Monday session as her mum is not feeling well.  Sharon can only confirm if she can go on Tuesday in the later part of the day. 

If Sharon can make it, I will go to the same place where Sharon goes, if not, I will go for the one nearer my place.  Was happy to receive message that she could make it and able to catch up with her.

Last week, I only did 1 workout during the weekdays, hopefully I am able to attend it for more days.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

22nd Jan (Mon)

The day starts with the Social Worker visiting my mum.  He used to visit my mum once a week, but now, once a month.

Then I received a call that the document I requested for is ready for collection.  So after the Social Worker left, actually thought of cooking porridge for my mum, but since need to run errands,  cook a packet of instant noodle (just in case she's hungry before i'm back) for her and told her I buy back foods for her after I settle the things.

I ever bought the chicken rice from the stall selling chicken, roasted duck, roasted meat, char siew, wanton noodles for my mum and find that the chicken is nice. I was back. At first, I was undecided what to eat.

In the end, I had roasted duck rice at $3.50.  Would prefer that they debone it.

Like the soup

Went to collect the document and summit it to the Government agency that request the document.

I got to know about Caregivers Alliance Limited from the Hospital.  Went to enquire if there are any training or talk available.  Was told that there is a 12 weeks 2 1/2 hours Caregiver-to-Caregiver (C2C) Programme starting on 22nd January from 7pm to 9.30pm, I sign up for it.  It's free as the programme is funded by NCSS (from what I heard during the programme).

Due to the confidential of the contents (we were told about it during the programme), I will not be able to share more about it here.

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Chinese New Year decorations @ JEM

Chinese New Year decorations @ JEM.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

20th Jan & 21st Jan

20th Jan (Sat)

My mum throw tantrum in the morning, keeps saiding she doesn't want to go Church. Told her, we go out walk walk, go Church, then go makan.

Went Bukit Merah Central Food Centre for early dinner after the service.  Most of the stalls are not open.  Not much variety to choose from.  My mum had lor mee @ $3 in which the gravy is very watery.  

While buying lor mee for my mum, saw a neighbourhood auntie pass by, ask her if she had eaten, she said she has eaten, then point to her where my mum is sitting, she then said she wants to go talk to my mum.  When she saw the lor mee, she ask me what's that, reply her lor mee.  She then ask me to order bee hoon for her.

As the other time, she had a fall and was in wheelchair, now that she's ok.  She mention she took a bus to Hougang, then from that, take a bus to Bukit Merah, if not at home, she got nothing to do. Then keep thanking me for the lor bee hoon, aiyo, she's an elderly, almost same age as my mum.  My pleasure to bless her with the meal.

I had yong tau foo, 5 pc with bee hoon mee @ $3

The sauce

I wanted to "get rid" of the neighborhood auntie, so tell my mum, we go coffeeshop order drink.  She then want hor fun @ $4.

21st Jan (Sun)

I only manage to go for 1 workout on Monday (15th Jan).  On every 3rd Sunday of the Month, there Senior Friendship Circle by Zone 3 RC.  My mum doesn't want to go, so I went for workout.  Hopefully, I can go for more workout.

Went to return books at the library, then at the cafe, ordered a Chocolate Lava Cake @ $4.  Eat back what I burnt out in the morning.

No chocolate flowing out

I manage to make it for the 5pm Sunday at the Park workout.

Monday, January 22, 2018

18th & 19th Jan

18th Jan (Thur)

My mum and I was going to a Government agency to settle some issues.   At first, she was mentioning, after settle the thing, then go eat.  It so happen we pass by an eatery place and then she said she wants to eat first.

Signature kway teow @ $5

While at the Government agency, we were given an appointment time.  While waiting, we went to the cafe nearby to makan.

Order a nasi lemak set @ $3

After settling the issues, we went Hanis.

I had blueberry crumble pie @ $2.80

My mum had wholemeal tuna mayo and cheese sandwich @ $3.60.

19th Jan (Fri)

As I need to submit some documents to the Government agency and also to enquire about things in the Hospital, went to the eatery place where my ex-colleague mention that the laksa was nice to have my meal.

Laksa @ $4.50 which I find that the gravy was just nice, not too thick and not too watery.  But the chilli was so so only.  Ingredients include half hard boiled egg, fish cake, 3 small prawns, tau look.

Was at the supermarket buying grocery, then wanted to have a cup of coffee before going back, but change my mind, had ginger milk tea @ $2.

Bought a castella cake @ $4 for my mum.

Friday, January 19, 2018

2nd Week of 2018

8th  Jan (Mon)

Healthy Workplace Ecosystem is back after the Christmas and New Year Season.  I was thinking whether to go anot as previous day (Sun), I already did my workout (Zumba, by Zone 2 RC)  in the morning and in the evening (Sunday at the Park).  In the end, motivate myself to go, if not, I will end up getting fatter and fatter.

My kaki Sharon didn't WhatsApp me, guess she must be busy with her work or with her mum.

Before going for the workout, thought I will go for a quick drink.  The place where I like the kopi has closed down, disappointed.  So went to the neighbour, Heavenly Wang.

Had Milo @ $2

As the usual spot where the workout is usually conducted is occupied by an event, the venue is change to another spot.  Just as I was searching for the spot, saw an angel (the facilitator) pass by and he told me the direction.  He was on his way to the usual spot to direct anyone who is going for the workout to the temporary spot.

Just as the workout is about to start, saw my kaki Sharon coming.  After the workout, while chatting, she mention she wanted to message me, but she was very busy with her work.

Walk together with Sharon and the instructor to the MRT station where we goes on our separate ways, Sharon and the instructor take the train where I take bus.

9th Jan (Tue)

As usual, elder-sitting was on, for my mum.  And then she went PPHCSC for a while to listen to karaoke.

Since my kaki Sharon is not going for workout, I thought I will go Icon@IBP, which is nearer to my place, for my workout.  As for that venue, from what I know, rain or shine, they will start as certain area, there's shelter.  It so happen, the weather was not good, started to rain heavily in the late afternoon. But upon reaching the venue, was inform by the Facilitator that the session might be cancelled as only a small portion of the sheltered area was dry and the place can't cater to around 40 to 50 people as certain area was wet.  In the end, workout CANCEL. Disappointed.

10th Jan (Wed)

My mum feet start swelling on Tuesday, so I thought I will bring her to see the Doctor on the next day if it still swell.  As usual, I told her my rashes is back, I need to see the Doctor, then I pretend to scratch and tell her it's itchy.  And ask her to go with me, then after go see Doctor, we go eat.

This round, we reach the Polyclinic at 8.05am and was done at around 9.10am.  Not so many people and was quite fast.

Doctor was asking what my mum does at home.  Most of the time, she's sitting and doing nothing.  Was told it's due to lack of exercise.  She was given permasol cleaning solution and moisturiser.

After that, we went Jurong West st. 42 for lunch, where my mum had her fish soup from her favourite stall.

I ordered chwee kueh, 4 @ $1.20 for brunch, 2 for me and 2 for my mum, while waiting for my mum to finish her fish soup before proceeding to the other coffeeshop for my favourite white coffee and lunch. 

Had mini wok

With mee kia @ $4.50

Since I didn't had any workout on Tuesday, so must make it for workout, if not, will feel uncomfortable.  Went Science Park 1 for Kpopx.  Wet weather, lucky there's sheltered area, so the workout continue.

11th Jan (Thur)

Since the Doctor said that my mum lack exercise, got my mum to go for a walk at the neighborhood park before going for our meal.

My mum mixed rice @ $3.00

My pork rib noodle @ $4.50

My mum wants bread.  Was told 2 slice of bread was $1.60.  I took out a $1 coin and 3 $0.20.  The guy took the $1 coin and not the $0.60.  When I approach him, he insist on taking $1 only and want to bless my mum.  Feel paiseh for that.  When I reach home, it came on my mind, earlier on, I ordered 2 cup of Milo and he collected $2 from me, usually Milo is more than $1 a cup.  May God bless him for his kindness.

12th Jan (Fri)

Suppose to go for an appointment at the Day Care Centre with my mum at 9.30am, but last minute, they change to afternoon.

End up at PPHCSC for the breakfast session.  Guess due to the wet weather, lesser people.

After the appointment at the Day Care Centre, went for early dinner, I had wanton hor fun @ $2.50. Request for no char siew, only wanton.

My mum mixed rice @ $3.20

13th Jan (Sat)

I got to know about Alzheimer's Disease Association from the Hospital.  I got a brochure and from there, I learn about the Caregiver Support Group where there is a talk by a Guest Speaker and sharing session amongst caregivers and learn about Dementia.

Sign up for the Person-Centred Care Approach in Dementia Care at New Horizon Centre (Bukit Batok).  Session is from 2.30pm to 4.30pm.

Refreshment is served after the session

14th Jan (Sun)

Went for Sunday service at Church.

Refreshment at the Church

Refreshment at the Church

 Since there is no rain after the service, my mum is ok to go Harbourfront.  

As usual, my mum had her favourite duck porridge.  I saw a new stall, try out the sweet and sour fish @ $4.50.

Like the chilli sauce

Then we went Harbourfront Centre jalan jalan.  After that, my mum want to go Heavenly Wang makan.  At first, she wants the macaroni set.  I ask her, is she sure she can finish it as earlier on, she had duck porridge and we also share Indian rojak, I have no room for it if she can't finish it.  In the end, we order large milo ($2.60) to share.

And a chicken ham and cheese thick toast @ $4.20.

Went back home and some rest before going for 5pm Sundays at the Park.

* Instructor photo in Facebook, group photo taken after the workout.

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