Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Fishball Mee Sua

Quite sometimes back, I saw Salted Egg Prata at an Indian eatery place in Jurong Point.  So I thought I will go Jurong Point supermarket get my grocery and at the same time, eat the Salted Egg Prata.  When I reach the eatery place, they do not sell it anymore, that time is only the promotion period.  Disappointed that I didn't get to try it out.

There used to be a fishball noodle at a Food Court near Malaysia Boleh which I quite like.  Now no more Food Court, but taken over by Harvey Norman.  Didn't know that they have shift to the Kopitiam near the Cinema till the other time, I was there to tabao food for my mum. Had fishball mee sua @ $4.50.

Monday, October 30, 2017

Halloween decorations @ Westgate

Happen to be at Westgate, saw some Halloween decorations there, so took pictures of it. 










Friday, October 27, 2017

Sunday (22th Oct)

Start my Sunday morning with Zumba workout.  Ever since I started going church on Sunday, I did not attend the session which is ongoing every Sunday morning from 7.15am to 8am. 

It used to be a Chinese female instructor, now it's a Malay female instructor. I reach at around 7.05am, but come to 7.15am, no sight of the instructor, I was wondering will the instructor turn up as previously (we do have a whatsapp group chat where if there is any changes or cancellation, etc., it will be updated in the  whatsapp group chat), there is ever last minute cancellation of the workout.

Finally saw the instructor turn up and start the workout at 7.20am and ends at 8.05am.

Called Auntie Mary to tell her that while going home after the workout, pass by PPHCSC and saw Auntie Alice waiting for the transport to church, where I went to tell her that I won't be going to church as I'm going to my cousin son 1st Birthday celebration.  And that Auntie Lee is there where she take me transparent, and I take her transparent.

Told Auntie Mary before that I won't be going church as cousin son birthday celebration, she said she's also not going church as I'm not going.  The other time, she was asking, I got to get present, of course lah, I can't go empty handed lor, but I didn't buy present, gave ang bao.  Sunday when I called her, ask me I am going.  Of course lah, me and my father siblings, cousins, no bad blood, invite, sure go.

My mum is not going as her mobility is not that good.  Auntie Mary was telling me, I can't leave my mum at home for so long.  So far, ok lah, my mum won't open the door and wander off.

My cousin son birthday celebration from 2pm to 4pm is at his parents (大姑丈and大姑) condo function room.  When I reach the guard post, the security was asking me for my IC, oh dear, I didn't bring my original IC out nowadays unless I need to go places that needs original IC.  I only bring a photocopy of my IC.  He told me, this round, he let me in, next time must bring original IC.  Also told me if I were to be caught by police and I do not have original IC, they will ask me go police station drink kopi.

Thought my cousin and his wife will invite their friends also, but only relatives.

While on the way home, since near my house, there's a neighbourhood police post, thought I will go enquiry what the security told me earlier on.  I was told best is to bring original IC, some people, they might worry they lost the original IC, so didn't bring original IC, but if the photocopy IC is mine, not a big issue.  I won't be ask to go police station to drink kopi. But if want to go places like bank, renew passport, etc. have to bring original IC.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Saturday (21st Oct)

I have something on, on Sunday (22nd October), so ask my mum if she wants to attend another Church Hokkien Service on Saturday in Tanglin Road area.

After service, she wants to go Bukit Merah Central for an early dinner.  The coffeeshop we went to, not much variety to choose, an Indian stall, Malay stall, fishball noodle stall, roasted duck, soya chicken, wanton noodle, etc stall, drink stall.

My mum had the soya chicken hor fun @ $3.50

Soup to go along with the soya chicken hor fun

I had soto ayam @ $3

Itchy mouth, bought a banana walnut cake @ $1.30 to share.

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Clearing doubts

Went to ask a Pioneer Generation Ambassador regarding my mum MRI Scan in November, whether there is subsidy, as the other time, I called up CHAS, they mentioned no subsidy, Hospital said got subsidy.  The Pioneer Generation Ambassador was mentioning Hospital is doing the billing, so best to check with Hospital.

And also I was told, don't choose doctor, if choose doctor, no subsidy as it will be taken as private patient.  If you take whichever doctor they give, got subsidy.

As she mention the other time, she went for cataract operation, she wanted to choose doctor, was told she will be charged as private patient if she were to do that, in the end, she didn't choose doctor.

Thought I will make a trip to the Hospital before going to the supermarket to get my grocery.  Went to the radiology department to make the enquiry.  Was told that there is subsidy for Pioneer Generation Card.  But no subsidy for the Health Assist Card.  Health Assist Card can only be used in the Clinic. As for how many percent subsidy, she's not too sure as the system will do the calculation.

After that, went to AICare Link.  The Social Worker was telling me can go apply for Day Care Service for my mum.  But AICare Link was saiding have to wait for doctor diagonsis, if my mum is diagnose with dementia, Doctor have to put up a report. Now no diagnosis yet.  Hmm, the Social Worker gave me wrong information.  Didn't know that Day Care Centre also need to have referral from Doctor, all the while, I thought Day Care Centre do not need any referral.

The lady was asking if I need transport, yes, I do need transport for my mum  She was mentioning, if no need transport, the waiting time for the Care Centre will be shorter.

After that, went IMM Giant buy grocery.  Since this round, I bought bathroom tissue, on the way back, need to pass by Hospital before proceed to Interchange to catch a bus back.  So went to Han's drink coffee.

Mouth itchy, ordered a Apple Crumple @ $2.80 to eat.

And a coffee @ $1.80

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Deepavali (18th Oct)

Last year, my mum and I was invited to a neighbour house for Deepavali dinner.  This year, I did not bump into the neighbour before Deepavali.  So I ask my mum if she wants to pay the neighbour a visit during Deepavali.

On Deepavali day itself, told my mum we go around 1pm.  But at 10.30am, she insist on going to the neighbour house.  Earlier on, she told me she saw from the window, the neighbour went out.  So I told her, since the neighbour went out, we go later, she insist want to go.

When we knock at the neighbour door, I was embarrass as early in the morning, we were there.  The son open the door and told us his father not in, went to call the mum (neighbour wife), we went into his house.  Me still feeling paiseh for being early.

The wife mention the husband has gone out to buy chicken to cook briyani. As the previous day, could not get hold of chicken.  The wife then ask my mum if she wants tosai, my mum ok, so a tosai for each of us.

The husband then ask us to come back at around 6pm for briyani dinner.  5.30pm, my mum wants to go neighbour house.  Homecooked chicken briyani by his wife.

After eating, my mum wanted to go back, told her we sit a while first before going back as I find that if after eating, we leave the place, not so nice.  At least sit and chit chat a while before leaving will be better.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Sunday (15th Oct)

At first, my mum was saiding do not want to go church.  Was thinking, better to get her to go out walk walk, better than she stays at home sitting there doing nothing.  Told her I got nothing in the fridge.  We go church, then go out and eat.

Refreshment hosted by a couple in thanksgiving to God for the gift of their baby girl.   The filing for the ang Ku Kueh is muah bean. 

Seah Im Food Centre is undergoing spring cleaning, so we went Holland Drive.  Had lunch at a coffeeshop.  My mum wants chicken rice.  They have $3/$4, ordered $4 for my mum with more chicken.

西洋菜排骨汤 @ $3.50 to share

I was sitting facing the stall selling wanton mee and the char Siew tempts me to order wanton mee $3.50.

After that, we went Han's to have coffee ($1.70) and my mum wants the pandan kayak cake ($2.40).

After that, went back to have a rest before going for the 5pm Sundays at the Park workout.  First workout after the completation of the Home Improvement Plan.

Friday, October 20, 2017

A date with a female doctor

During the Home Improvement Plan period, the skin around my breast develop rashes.  I thought it will go off, but it did not. So I thought I will go see doctor after the Home Improvement Plan finish.

I did not go to the General Practitioner that my mum see as he's a male doctor.  Beside, the fee will make you jump.

It has been a long time since I last see doctor.  Went to Jurong Polyclinic, I understand that nowadays, polyclinic accept making appointment prior to seeing doctor.  But I did not, want to see if the waiting time is as long as donkeys years back when I went.

When arrive at the Polyclinic, scan my Identify Card, take a number, wait for the number to be called.  The staff ask what's my problem, told her rashes around the breast area, she ask me, female doctor, yes, I want a female doctor.  Then take a number, proceed to the waiting area to see doctor. Whole process from registration to seeing doctor, takes me 2 hours.

After seeing doctor, proceed to the pharmacy, take number, wait for number to be called to collect medicine.  After taking medicine, proceed to payment area, take number again, wait for number to be called to make payment. Time taken, 1 hour.

Was given a cream, clotrimazole cream

And a powder, minazol powder

From the label, then I realise that it's fungal rash, thought it's just rashes.

Cost of seeing doctor and the medicine $17.12.

Consultation fee for Singaporean is $13.20.  Saw also that consultation fee for child/elderly is $6.80.  As for the clotrimazole cream, it's a standard item, cost is $2, Government Subsidy $1.50, so payable amount is $0.50.   As for the minazol powder, it's non standard item, cost is $3.42.

Thursday, October 19, 2017

Seeking opinion

On every second Saturday of the month (my mum started in the month of July this year) from 2pm, my mum will receive a food pack with items like 5kg rice, cooking oil, some canned food, biscuit, cereal, Milo, etc from the Community Centre.  I will collect on my mum behalf.

6th October
Auntie Lee received the letter to start collecting from this month.  She called me, from the way she speaks, must be wanting to go with me.  I rejected her, by telling her to get her granddaughter to go with her.  She was telling me, not too sure if the granddaughter knows the way to the Community Centre. In my heart, I was thinking, young people, her granddaughter is 16 or 17 year old, can't be do not know the way . Beside, I am collecting for my mum, rice itself (5kg) is already very heavy. How am I going to help her with it.  She's 80 years old, has some leg problem, touchwood, if she had a fall, I had to be responsible for it.  From my place to the Community Centre, around 10 min walk.

7th October
She got Auntie Mary handphone number from PPHCSC staff and called Auntie Mary, telling Auntie Mary that her granddaughter told her got food pack and $25 voucher to be used to buy foods at the Food Centre near my places.  Auntie Mary told her, it's either food pack or food voucher, can't be both as Auntie Mary has collected food pack for many years.

Auntie Mary help Auntie Lee to call the Community Centre to arrange for the food pack to be deliver to Auntie Lee house.  Auntie Lee told the Community Centre staff that she's staying with her son and granddaughter, the Community Centre staff told her to get her granddaughter to help her carry.

13th October
During  the breakfast session at PPHCSC, Auntie Lee told me she will be going with her granddaughter to collect the food pack.

Auntie Lee called me in the afternoon, I didn't answer the call.

16th October
Auntie Mary called me.  Auntie Lee didn't go church on Sunday.  Auntie Mary bump into her at the void deck of Auntie Lee place on Sunday if I didn't hear wrongly, Auntie Lee complain to her about me not helping her out.  And also she won't call me anymore. Upon hearing this, Auntie Mary told her don't call her also.   Ask Aunty Mary, what's Auntie Lee reaction, the answer I got, Auntie Lee walk off.  I told Auntie Mary, if Auntie Lee is staying alone or if her relationship with her granddaughter is not on good terms, I can make an additional trip to the Community Centre to help her.

Questions to ask : Am I in the wrong for rejecting Auntie Lee and ask her to get her granddaughter to help her out?

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Little India

Home Improvement Plan has completed, am able to visit Little India before Deepavali.






(6) I have no green fingers, can only admire






(12) Should be Deepavali around the corner, there's a crowds there.




Tuesday, October 17, 2017

A date with General Practitioner

My mum High Blood Pressure medicine is finishing soon and that means she has to go back to see the doctor.  At first she was telling me, ok liao, no need to see doctor, no need to take medicine.  Reply her, I am not the doctor, u go see doctor, if doctor said no need to take medicine, then no need to take.  Told her also, after see doctor, we go eat the sliced fish mee sua at the stall u patron before.

While at the clinic waiting for her turn to see doctor, she was grumbling about the other day at the hospital seeing doctor. But inside the room, she become quiet and didn't talk much to the doctor.

As her cholesterol was a bit high, the doctor ask her if she wants to take medicine or control her diet. She reply take medicine.  The doctor perscribe 3 months high blood medicine for her.  As for the medicine for cholesterol, told the doctor 1 month first just in case she doesn't want to take the medicine.

Phew, lucky my mum still have balance from the Pioneer Generation Subsidy of $540 per year, so no payment for that visit.

After that, we went to eat, where I order sliced fish mee sua for her (didn't take picture of it).

It has been a while since I had porridge, so order porridge from the chap chai rice stall 

Had steam egg, salted vegetable, sliced fried fish fillet @ $3.80.

When I took the medicine from the registration staff, I only saw that the packaging is different.  It was only when reach home that I realise that for the high blood pressure medicine, it's 10mg whereby the label states 5mg. As all the while, the medicine my mum took is 5mg.  Is either the doctor increase the dosage of the medicine or the staff mistaken give wrongly.  Went back to the clinic to check with the staff. Ask her how come the label states 5mg whereby the packaging is 10mg. The staff change the medicine to 5mg.

Lucky I told the doctor 1 month medicine for high cholesterol, my mum change her mind, she doesn't wants to take the medicine, she wants to control her diet.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Sunday (8th Oct)

On Saturday, my mum was saiding she doesn't want to go church the next day.  It so happen Auntie Mary called me that night to tell me something.  The next morning, I bluff my mum, Auntie Mary called and ask me if she's going church, when Auntie Mary heard that she is not going,  she's disappointed my mum not going.  My  mum change her mind had go.

At the waiting point for the transport which is outside PPHCSC, Uncle Tang, Auntie Mary, another Auntie, my mum and I was early. The Auntie was asking what my mum usually do at home, my mum heard the Auntie asking about her, she sudden throw tanturm, Auntie Mary sweet talk her and she calm down.

Uncle Choo son was there, but not Uncle Choo.  Usually Uncle Choo son come on the dot.  Ask him, where's your Dad, he reply quarrel, since he's sitting at the back and i'm sitting in front with my mum, didn't ask more.

When at the church, ask him what happen that he quarrel with his father, only to realise his father quarrel with his mother.

Refreshment after the church service

My mum had her usual duck porridge, while I had Yong Tau Foo mi tai bak @ $4.

A bowl of soup with vegetable

It so happen I was walking around undecide on what to eat when I bump into the Chinese Ministry Pastor wife who is there having a brunch before rushing for her appointment.  She was asking where's my mum, told her my mum is sitting behind and I was looking around seeing what I wanted to eat, when I was back with the Yong Tau Foo, she has shift to the same table sitting with us.

My mum wants mutton soup with bread @ $4.50, but she couldn't finish the bread and have it pack back.

After walking one round, my mum said she was full, told her we go have a cup of coffee before we go back.  We went McDonald's.  At first she wants soup, told her I order soup for her from McCafe.  She the change her mind saiding she wants nuggets with drink which I told her, if order set, will be more worth it, but can finish anot as set consist of 6pc nuggets, fries and drink.

In the end, she said she wants cake.  A piece of Mango Cheesecake cost $5.

Cappuccino costs $3.  If order set, Mango Cheesecake with cappuccino cost $6.50.

After coming back, I did not go for Sundays at the Park workout.  Was thinking, since I have to do cleanup for the house, might as well I do spring cleaning, so when CNY coming next year, I have lesser cleanup.  I only did the kitchen as I chasing after a Taiwan drama that night.

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