Monday, August 27, 2018


18th Aug (Sat)

Church friend husband cremation day.  Called up another church friend who is staying at the same kampong if she's going.  Yes, she's going and we arrange to go together.

On the way, while chatting, she was mentioning she's a Malaysian but Permanent Resident of Singapore.  She will travel to the General Hospital in Johor for her medical appointment.  Was telling her, I need to work, if not, will follow her to Johor.

And as she's a Senior, she need not pay a single cents for her medical fee.  Haiz... My mum has to pay for medical fee.  Hmm, maybe I should shift my mum to Malaysia and see doctor at the General Hospital in Malaysia.

After everything is over, church friend and I went for lunch at a nearby coffeeshop to have our lunch cum chit chat before going back.  I had seafood claypot rice @ $5.  When the food arrive, it looks like vegetable rice to me as more vegetables.  Ingredients include vegetables, fishcake, squid and prawn.

19th Aug (Sun)

Since yesterday I didn't go church and my mum doesn't want to go out.  I went for workout at my kampong and then 2nd service, english service.

After service, went Bukit Merah View for lunch, had fish don from a western food stall in the hawker centre @ $4.  Of course, the food can't compare to those sold as in the Japanese restaurant.

As I message Mr and Mrs Choo younger son towards the end of the service, I only receive the reply when I was having my lunch, so after lunch, head toward the hospital to visit Mrs Choo.

This round, she repeat a few times she wants to die, die better.  And ever said ask Jesus to let her die.

After visiting Mrs Choo, a cup of coffee @ $2 in NUH Medical Centre.

And a packet of chicken wing nasi lemak @ $5.90 for my mum.

Sunday, August 26, 2018

Pre weekend

17th Aug (Fri)

Pass by this eatery place in Jurong Point several times, but yet to try out their foods.

Decided to try it out after I knock off.  At that point of time when I was there, it was off peak hour.  I place my order at the cashier and took my seat as I was told, they will call my number.

Service was slow as it took quite a while for them to prepare the food.  Then the auntie calls out, wanton mee, I ignore as I didn't order wanton mee, then she look at me.

So I went over, and she told me that the wanton mee was ready, reply her I order mee siam, she then went to look at the duplicate piece of receipt and ya hor, mee siam and not wanton mee.

My nonya mee Siam @ $4 which has beansprout, shredded egg, tau pok.

At first, I was thinking, how come I saw from the menu, there's prawn, but mine don't have when my food was serve.  Only to realize there's two small prawns hidden below.

The food, so-so only.

Was craving for cake, bought a piece of cheesecake @ $4 from Four Leaves. 

Thursday, August 23, 2018

A new week

13th Aug (Mon)

The new timing for sending my mum back will starts today.  I was told to standby 15 minutes before the stated time, as they might send back earlier.

Depending on the day, as some clients, they do not go to the Day Care Centre every day.  Sometimes, some clients, due to some reason, they did not go to the Day Care Centre.  It also depends on the traffic condition.

On the first day of the new timing, my mum was send back 15 minutes before the stated time.

My dinner - tendergrill chicken burger

14th Aug (Tue)

There's a pasar madam at Jurong East MRT station.  Went for a walk after I knock off and before I go back to wait for the transport bringing my mum back.

takoyaki @ $2.50 for 6 pc

"shark fin" soup @ $2

Pass by a durian stall, as I am taking bus, I can't buy whole durian, can only buy those pack in boxes.  Bought a box at $15.

I was quite tired and don't feel like going for Bible Study Fellowship, but in the end, drag myself to go.

15th Aug (Wed)

Early in the morning, brought my mum for her medical appointment.  The shocking part is that when they take her blood pressure, it was 162 at the measurement station.  Inside the doctor room, her blood pressure was taken again, this round, ok.  So I ask the doctor, how come her blood pressure when first taken, it was 162.  Doctor was mentioning, some elderly, when they go to the doctor, they are afraid, so the blood pressure shot up.

 After seeing doctor, collect medicine, make payment.  Ask my mum if she wants to go elsewhere to makan or go Day Care Centre, she wants to go Day Care Centre, so bring her to the Day Care Centre.

As in the Day Care Centre, everyday, blood pressure will be taken.  Ask the staff if my mum blood pressure has ever that high, 162, I was told, nope, never has my mum blood pressure that high before.

After settle my mum in the Day Care Centre, bring her medicine back home and then I was out again, to attend a wake of a church friend hubby.

Before attending the wake, went for lunch at a coffeeshop.  Had signature mee kia at $4.50.

And at night, it's time again to do homework for Bible Study Fellowship.

16th Aug (Thur)

Burger day again.

Tendergrill chicken with rendang sauce

In the evening, finally I went for foot reflexology, it has been a long time since I went.  Usually, previously, I will do 40 minutes.  This round, I did 1 hour.

Monday, August 20, 2018


11th Aug (Sat)

Usually on Saturday, I will bring my mum go for cellgroup at the church follow by service.

But recently, I started going for an exercise and if go for cellgroup at church, will be rushing, so I didn't go for cellgroup but only service. 

After the exercise, I need to buy lunch for my mum.  I had chee cheong fun @ $2 and tabao sliced fish porridge for my mum.

After the service, while on the way to Bukit Merah View for early dinner, was in the same bus with some church mates and they were going there for dinner, so we went to eat together.  

I had porridge

with cabbage


and otah @ $4.10

12th Aug (Sun)

My mum was asking what day is it today and going Day Care Centre.  Told her, it's Sunday, no need go Day Care Centre.

Second thought, wanting to get her out of the house, so told her, the driver called and said will fetch you later, but need to walk to PPHCSC there wait as have new comer.  So we went PPH Brethren Church.

While waiting for the transport, Uncle Tang is there, again he said he wanted to give me an ang bao as he mention 3 person visit him during his stay in the hospital, the Senior Pastor and Chinese Ministry Pastor of PPH Brethren Church and me, tell him no need.  Lucky, when he open his bag, he has no red packet in his bag.

Refreshment at the church

Was thinking of bringing my mum for a walk, so ask her if she wants to go to her favourite Seah Im Food Centre to eat, then go see ferries to Batam.  Her answer is she wants to go home.

There's a new stall selling fried carrot cake, fried kway teow, fried hokkien new.  My mum's want fried carrot cake @ $3.

I had glutinous rice @ $1.80.  Order 2 siew mai @ $0.60 each and gave one to my mum.

Went to look for my friend in Bukit Timah Food Centre, mange to chat with my friend.

After my friend stall, went to cut hair and my dinner is fried fish thick bee hoon @ $3.50.

Sunday, August 19, 2018

National Day/Pre-weekend

9th Aug (Thur)

Today is a Public Holiday (National Day), but I still need to work.  My mum do not need to go to the Day Care Centre.  Told her that I will buy dinner back for her after I knock off.

After I knock off, I was at JEM, need to buy grocery from the supermarket.  Thought that there won't be so many people as people will go Marina Bay watch National Day Parade or fireworks.  But I was wrong, the whole shopping mall and the supermarket, mountain people, mountain sea.

Unagi Yakitori Don from Isetan supermarket for my mum.  Supposed to be $12.80, but special offer $9.80.

I had Nagomi Bento Cod Fish, also suppose to be $12.80, but special offer $8.80.

Watch a bit of the National Day Parade, then start on my Bible Study Fellowship homework.

10th Aug (Fri)

When the staff fetch my mum, I was told, Monday, there will be a change in the timing of the transport.  But the timing not confirm yet as there will be a discussion about the route as there's a new client staying further away from the Day Care Centre.

I thought I will make a quick trip to the Day Care Centre to check with the person-in-charge.  She told me about the roughly timing, but not confirm yet as there will be a discussion with the two staff who are doing the fetching and sending back.

After I knock off, went to the Day Care Centre to re-confirm with the staff in-charge.

My dinner - chicken burger

Saturday, August 18, 2018


8th Aug (Wed)

My mum told me yesterday that she was scolded by the auntie who always said transport cone already anot.

So after my mum boards the transport, I hurry down (need to go work) to the Day Care Centre to find out more about what happen.

I was told that not that they know about it.  They have staff station at the area.  They didn't hear of any quarrel or anything.  Should be a misunderstanding.

When my mum was back from the Day Care Centre, my neighbour wife coffin was at the open space in the neighbourhood, we went to bid her last good bye, but we did not go with them to the crematorium complex.

My dinner - mixed rice with fried chicken, braised egg and sichuan vegetable @ $3.40.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

A sad day

7th Aug (Tue)

While at the void deck waiting for the transport with my mum.  Bump into my Indian neighbour.  Whenever I bump into him, he's always joyous, but this round, he looks different.  So I ask him, you don't looks good.  He then told me his wife passed away yesterday at the hospital.  I was in a shock when I hear it as I saw his wife 2 days back and she looks fine.  He then told me that his wife had an heart attack.  Ask his when will his wife body be back and was told the body will be back in the afternoon and cremeration will be tomorrow.

He then said he going to the hawker centre for coffee, if not, at home, he will be thinking of his wife.

And now he's not working also as this month, he mention it's school holiday as he's working in a Japanese school.

My dinner, 2 piece of nuggets (left only 2 piece when I knock off) and 4 Mexico drumlet

As I was ask to return items to Jurong Point before going back, I bought a scone @ $1.10 from the bakery shop to go with my dinner.

After an early dinner as I have Bible Study Fellowship, ask my mum if she wants to go to neighbour house for his wife wake, anyway, I plan to go even if my mum doesn't wants to go. She's ok, so we went to the neighbour house where his wife body was back at around 2.30pm (that's what I was told).

When he saw us, he sadly told us, no more briyani.  My mum and I was at his place during Deepavali and his wife cook briyani.

After that, went for my Bible Study Fellowship where I was late.

Monday, August 13, 2018

It's Monday again

6th Aug (Mon)

A shorter week for those who need not work during this coming Thursday as it's National Day, but for me, no difference as I need to work as me in the food industry, they do open for business.

Usually, if I take the burger for my dinner, I will tell my colleague, you prepare what, I take whatever you prepare.  I was given a piece of fried chicken. I didn't take any burger.

Had it with maggie mee and an egg

Sunday, August 12, 2018


4th Aug (Sat)

My mum has a blood test (non fasting) appointment at the Polyclinic at 11.05am, I thought that blood test is very fast, so we reach the Polyclinic at around 9.15am.  When I scan my mum Identify Card for a Q no., it stated registration only opens 60 minutes before the appointment time.  Instead of waiting stupidity at the Polyclinic, ask my mum how about we go eat first, then come back.  We went to the nearby (within walking distance) Indian eatery place (one and only eatery place at the vicinity) to have my mum early lunch and my breakfast cum lunch.

The chicken looks tempting to me, so I decide to order the nasi lemak.  The chicken  has started to turn cold, only a bit warm, but the ikan bilis is nice.  The rice is alright.

My mum had lontong

Total is $9.50 for the nasi lemak, lontong and a cup of coffee.

Attend a Caregiver Support Group @ New Horizon Centre (Jurong Point) in the afternoon. Topic is (Providing Comfort and Quality of Life in Late Stage Dementia Care by Ms Lola Ng, Senior Medical Social Worker.

After the talk, there's refreshment, the bee hoon is so nice that I went for second round.

A croissant @ $1.80 to brunch at home

5th Aug (Sun)

Since yesterday didn't go church, in the morning, ask my mum if she wants to go church.  She said she wants to rest.

My plan is, if she wants to go church, will bring her to the chinese service.  If not, will go workout at my kampong, then go for the 2nd service (English Service).

Was at Bukit Merah View for lunch.  I have ever bought the chicken rice back for my mum, but I have yet to try it out myself.  Had steamed chicken rice @ $3.

The soup is nice that I ask for a second round as usually, I don't ask for second round.

Friday, August 10, 2018

Gonna be weekend

2rd Aug (Thur)

I was ask to "travel" to another branch to help the manager to collect things.  And was extended by 1/2 hr to finish off some work before going back.

As the staff of the Day Care Centre WhatsApp that he will be a bit late in sending my mum back, I went JEM to have a quick bite before going back.

I have bookmark this satay from Rumah Sayang Cafe @ JEM #B1-41/42.  4 sticks for $5.

Sauce for the satay

3rd Aug (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC,  when I open the door, the queue for the weekly breakfast was long.  No thank you, I do not have the luxury time to queue for just a plate of bee hoon with youtiao, otherwise I will be late for work.

Again, I was ask to "travel" to another branch to collect things.  1/2 hr was extended to complete my job.

My dinner - takeaway mixed maki @ $3.80 from one of the Japanese Restaurant in JEM.

I do not have enough time to buy grocery before going back to wait for the transport to bring my mum back.  So, got to make a trip to the supermarket to buy grocery.  Pass by Ya Kun and saw the Kaya Durian Toast, so bought a set (with coffee) @ $4.80.

Thursday, August 9, 2018

A new week

30th Jul (Mon)

Since it's Monday and I didn't eat burger over the weekend as it's my off day, so burger (chicken patty) for my dinner?

Ever since I started work at this new job, I didn't go for any workout.  Wish I still have the energy to go workout.

31st Jul (Tue)

Since tomorrow is the start of the new month, I thought I will make a trip to the Day Care Centre to make payment for my mum August Day Care Fee.

Burger (beef patty) again for my early dinner before going for my Bible Study Fellowship.

1st Aug (Wed)

Two day in a row eating burger, so today no burger for me.

Yong tau foo

with noodle @ $4.90 

@ Jurong East MRT Kopitiam before going back to wait for the transport bring my mum back and then Bible Study Fellowship homework time.

Monday, August 6, 2018


28th Jul (Sat)

My mum didn't go church.  As usual, after service, went Kim San Leng coffeeshop at Bukit Merah View for early dinner.

Instead of the usual chap chai rice, this round, I had roasted meat rice @ $4.

29th Jul (Sun)

I was given one set of uniform when I started work.  Now that I was given another set of uniform, the pant was long and I need to send for alteration.  The other time, I was in the vicinity of Bukit Batok East and the pant I send for alternation cost me $8.

It comes to my mind that there's a alternation service at Bukit Timah Market as I recall, there's a time, my friend went to make enquiry.  The alternation costs me $5, much cheaper than the one at Bukit Batok East.

There's a time, I bought a new pant and was asking around where got alternation service and friend mention Clementi Market.  The charge was $6 and I was told have to come back again to collect and if I want it on the same day, add $1, at that time, I was thinking, if I were to go back, I have to take transport, counting the transport fee, I paid the lady $7 for the alternation.

In future, if I have any alternation to be done, I will go back Bukit Timah Food Centre there.

While waiting for my pant to be done, I thought I will go to the food centre to said hi to my friend who's running a business there, but got customers, so didn't go said hi.  Beside, the Food Centre was very crowded.

Instead, cross over to Bukit Timah Plaza and eat duck rice @ $4.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

26th - 27th Jul

26th Jul (Thur)

Nope, I didn't eat burger today, but went to the food court wanting to eat yong tau foo.  Of course, I can't take my own sweet time eating as I need to be back before the transport brings my mum back.

Had yong tau foo, 6 pc with kway teow @ $4

The soup

The sauce

Pay Mrs Choo a visit at the hospital, in which she is in ICU, if not for the helper mention, she was in the hospital for almost a month already.

Before going back, had a cup of teh halia @ $2.20.

27th Jul (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC for the weekly Friday breakfast.  When I open the door, no queue, can have a quick bite before I leave for work.

No more bee hoon, the staff went to buy, so I had porridge first.

The bee hoon with you tiao, which is 2nd round, saw the first round, white bee hoon.

Too bad, I need to rush off, can't chit chat with Uncle Choo, only manage to talk a bit with him.

Auntie Lee first question to ask me when an auntie sitting next to her, I was mentioning I need to go off as need to work, is what is my salary, @$^$%#.  

Usually, Toast Box at Westgate is crowded whenever I pass by, this round, saw that there's seat, so had a cup of kopi @ $1.90 before going back.

My dinner - whopper

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