Friday, September 29, 2017

A day at Ng Teng Fong Hospital (20th Sept)

My mum first appointment at Ng Teng Fong Hospital Specialist Outpatient Clinic was at 1.30pm.  What I was told when the Hospital called me on 14th July to inform me of the appointment was that my mum has to be at the Clinic on 20th Sept at 1.30pm for registration, 2.15pm see Memory Nurse, 2.45pm see Memory Doctor.

The Social Worker ask me to make appointment with the Medical Social Worker to enquire about Day Care Services.  The appointment with the Medical Social Worker was at 11.30am.  I was then told that this will be done by AICare Link as AICare Link will have access to my mum medical record.  As for whether if my mum will go Day Care Centre or Dementia Care Centre will have to wait for the Doctor report to be out.  If my mum is diagnose with Dementia, she can opt for Dementia Care Centre, if not, will be Day Care Centre. The appointment with the Medical Social Worker ends at 12 noon.

I was telling my mum, if she were to go to the food court, will be walk to the other end, then she have to walk back again to the Clinic.

She wants Han's which is nearby.  She wants Hor Fun, Hor Fun is $8.50, I ask her if she wants the Fish and Chips set which is $9.80 which comes with a soup and a drink.

The soup which I let my mum have it as the other day at Han's in Holland Drive when we went for coffee, she has been telling me about wanting soup.

Garlic bread

Ice Lemon Tea

Fish and Chips to share as earlier at home, we have eaten a bit.

After that, we proceed to the Clinic to register. Then meet with the Memory Nurse to do an assessment where the Nurse will ask questions. My mum was then taken to another room, not to sure what they ask her to do as I was not allowed to go with her.

After that is see Doctor.  The Doctor also ask questions.  Doctor then send her to do blood test, blood pressure reading which I was told the blood test result will be out in few hours.  If the Hospital called, mean there's some issues, if didn't called, mean good news.

An appointment was made in November to do MRI scan and in December to see the Memory Doctor. In January, my mum has to see Neurologist.

When at the payment counter, my heartbeat shot up as I was thinking about the bills for the whole poecess.

The assessment with the Nurse itself cost $150.  Doctor consultant fee is $72.  The services (blood test, etc) add up to $379.40.  If not for the Government Subsidy, which the bill shrink to $90.21, I will faint upon seeing the bill.

We went for an early dinner at the Food Court.  At first, I thought my mum wants Yong Tau Foo. But she wants Chicken Macaroni @ $3.60.

I had a simple Ham & Mushroom Alio Alio @ $4.80. They do have alio alio with chicken/fish, I didn't order that as I might not be able to finish it as not really very very hungry.

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Day 1 of Home Improvement Plan ( 27th Sept)

My house Home Improvement Plan for 10 days is from 27th Sept to 7th Oct (Exclude Sunday).  During the 10 days, I have to eat out, as they are doing the toilet and bathroom, and it is very dusty.

The first day, the workers came at 8.30am, I later went to the Home Improvement Plan office to check if I could get out of the house and go elsewhere, thought I might go somewhere else to tabao food for my mum and also I could eat at other places.  The lady mention a quick one should be ok, as if my mum is alone at home with the workers, she might not be comfortable.

At first, I thought want to go Jurong East Library to borrow books to read and tabao food for my mum, but when I was at the bus stop, I realize I did not bring my ezlink card.  So eat at the coffeeshop near my house.

The pan mee stall and the next stall selling prawn mee, laksa, lot mee, etc, same owner.  Saw the signboard of the pan mee stall, they put pork ribs pan mee, thought of trying that, but was told the pork ribs is from the prawn mee stall, in the end, I choose dry pan mee @ $3.20.  I do not want lean meat, so only minced meat, egg, vegetable, ikan bilis.

The soup

The worst part is no toilet and bathroom for use for the 10 days and on the first day, my auntie decide to pay me a visit.  A portable toilet/bathroom is place for temporary use, but only can be used at night.

After being done on the first day, I only roughly mop the floor, as I thought after everything is done, then I do a cleanup of the whole house.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Tuas West Extension MRT Station Open House (16th June)

The RC Manager of Zone 3 RC ask me if I am interested in visiting the Tuas West Extension MRT Station Open House.  Transport is provided to and fro.  Time is 11.30am pick up from the RC.  Return is 3pm. But on the day itself, we reach back to the RC at 2.30pm.

On that morning, bring my mum to PPH CSC for the breakfast session.  An Aunty saw me and came to reprimanded me saiding she saw my mum and me few days back (the day my mum went to the doctor) and that I was not holding on to my mum and what if she had a fall.  She praise the Grassroot Leader for taking good care of the elderly, the night at the Ang Chee Siong dinner for the elderly (she was there too).  The Aunty whom I mentioned before (the Aunty who brings the two grandson to church) was there and heard what that Aunty said.  She jokily said see lah, u naughty girl, people scold u.  She understands and then told me, whatever people said, just smile.  Not that I do not want to hold my mum, it's that my mum, it depends, if she doesn't want me to hold on to her, she will push my hand away. The day at the Ang Chee Siong dinner for the elderly, the Grassroot Leader was helping to hold my mum, she saw how my mum push my hand away.

It so happen that during the breakfast session, there's singing of Karaoke, my mum stays till around 10 plus before I "chase" her back and get ready to go for the Tuas West Extension Open House.

I thought I could get a bit of rest, but then my mum told me she wants to bath, so had to shower for her.  Then the worse part is she soil and I have to clear up the mess and get ready to report at the waiting venue. 

The transport took the whole group of us to the Gul Circle Station.  The Open House is from 12pm to 8pm.  We are free to walk wherever we want to. 

Since it's an Open House, it's free rides within the four station.

I was so happy when I saw these mascots.  Total, there are five of them, but I do not know the name of them.

Since they are not standing very near to each other and also people walking around, have to separate into two pictures.

Took the train to Tuas Crescent where my itchy leg prompts me to walk outside the station.  Saw flower, but I do not know the name of it.




Industrial areas, so those working around the 4 newly open Station will find it more convenient.  I only manage to walk outdoor one station as it started to rain.

There's games to play at every station

Since it's raining, can only stays inside the station.

If not for the rain, I will sure racky the surrounding of each station and I might tell the Person-in-Charge I will take my own transport back.

Was quite disappointed due to the rain and I couldn't walk outside.

Random photo taken

Random photo taken

From the Tuas Link Station, there's Raffles Marina and also can see the 2nd Link.

Tuas Link Station

Last picture before saiding goodbye and Home Sweet Home.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Mid-Autumn Festival @ Chinatown

After attending my cousin L daughter 1st Birthday, since my mum didn't go, I thought I will go Chinatown take a walk before going home.

Road closure for that day for the opening ceremony Mid Autumn Festival.



Rehearsal for the night performance



Rehearsal for the night performance



Sales of mooncake


Lanterns for sales

I have wanted to go Gardens by the Bay for the Mid-Autumn and Bugis walk walk but I have to give it a miss this year as my house is under Home Improvement Plan and I have to be home for 10 days, by the time it end, Mid Autumn Festival will be over.

Monday, September 25, 2017

Sunday (24th Sept)

I skip church on Sunday as I have a friend Birthday celebration to attend.  Start my day with Zumba workout. Then settle my mum lunch, rest for a while before I set off.

Went Bukit Merah wanted to get a baked cheesecake for the friend, but the shop was not open.  End up at a cafe nearby to buy the cake and have a cup of Mocha @ $5 before I proceed to the Karaoke in Pasir Ris.

The wife prepared bee hoon while the curry chicken is prepared by the sister.

Dessert prepared by the wife

Jelly cake, think the family ordered it

Friday, September 22, 2017

Ah Lipp Famous Penang Prawn Mee - 2nd visit

Was back at Bt. Batok to try the Prawn Mee @ $4.  I had kway teow mee, dry version.  The lady was asking if I wanted the $6 which includes pork ribs, but I did not opt for that.

The soup

While chatting with a friend about this stall prawn mee, oh yeah hor, then realise they do not have lean meat and also half hard boiled egg which my friend mention Penang Prawn Mee will have it.

Overall, I prefer the Penang Curry White Mee.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Sunday - 17th Sept

While waiting for the transport, Auntie Lee and Auntie Mary was talking to each other, but after service, they did not went West Coast together.  Auntie Mary went West Coast herself while Auntie Lee follow the transport back. While at the refreshment area, Auntie Lee was complaining to me about Auntie Mary.

Refreshment for the day - something different from the usual refreshment.

This round, my mum opt to go Holland Drive for lunch.  At first, I thought she wants to go to the Food Centre for lunch.  We need to pass by a coffeeshop before the Food Centre and my mum want to have lunch at the Coffeeshop.  She wants hor fun, I ordered a 三捞河粉 @ $6 for her.

Saw a table ordered roasted meat and it looks good, so I thought I ordered that.  Roasted meat with roasted duck @ $5.

At first I thought the roasted meat and roasted duck, they will put on top of the rice, but it's separated which I prefer this way.

The soup

My mum took the bowl of soup to drink, saw a stall selling soup, ask her if she wants soup, she wants, so ordered a ginseng chicken soup without rice @6 for her.

After that, we went to the nearby Han's to have a cup of coffee @ $1.70 and a piece of Panda Kaya Cake @ $2.40 before calling it a day.

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