Friday, May 25, 2018

Week 20 (Part 2)

17th May (Thur)

As yesterday after I left, there's a Functional Screening where they check the vision, oral and hearing for those at the Day Care Centre.

My mum told me there's a piece of paper, but she can't describe what is that piece of paper.  So I told her I will go to the Day Care Centre to check it out.

Over at my place there, there's a supermarket which is within walking distance, around 5 - 8 minutes, but I hardly buy from that supermarket.  It so happen I need to buy fruit, so I went to the supermarket and then to have lunch.

Had kway teow with prawns fritter and 海带 @ $3.70.

The prawns fritter is nice, only that the prawns is small.

As for the 海带, I don't really like it

Find that the kway teow is oily

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  Usually the afternoon activity is from 1.30pm to 2.45pm.  My mum was assign to a handicraft session.  The session ends at 2.30pm.  So my mum and I walk back to the usual group where they are playing games.

The game they are playing is using a cupboard ruler to hit the ping pong ball.  It so happen my mum was sitting next to the auntie who always said I want to go home.  When the ping pong ball was near them, both of them were wanting to hit it.  Out of sudden, the auntie becomes unhappy and starts scolding my mum, I was not spared too.

The staffs has to intervene, and one of the staff ask apologize and ask not to blame her due to get confusion.  Reply the staff I don't blame the auntie.  My mum was then ask to sit at another area so as to let the auntie cool down.

I then heard that for future activities, they will not be seated together.

My mum tea break - dessert


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