Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Week 19 (Part 4)

12th May (Sat)

Told my mum that tomorrow is Mother's Day, the Church has announced last week that there's buffet after service.  She doesn't want to go, have to sweet talk her, in the end, she said that I force her to go.

Was surprise that the food is at every table, as thought we have to take the food ourselves.  Carrot cake with bee hoon and soon kueh.

After service, as usual, went Bukit Merah Central.

Went to the usual coffeeshop, there's a new stall selling fish soup, my mum wants sliced fish soup @ $4, with a bowl of rice @ $0.50.

This dumpling soup @ $4 is also new stall.  There are 8 dumplings.

Ingredients include minced meat, water chestnut, spring onion.  Overall, nothing to shout about, should have eat something else.

A flower for all Mother's from the Church

Also a $10 Fairprice voucher for Mother's from the Church.

While on the way back, she was again grumbling that she doesn't want to go and I force her to go Church.  Reply her, see, you go, you got flower, got voucher, got food to eat.  If you stay at home, nothing at all.

13 May (Sun)

It has been raining whole morning.  

Had chinese sausage inside the fridge, craving for chinese sausage with fried egg, so cook it.


  1. So you cooked Chinese sausage omelette. Nice!

  2. Aha!!! Your own cooking! Bravo! Bravo! :D

  3. Dumpling soup looks good! Your Chinese sausage omelette looks good too!

    1. Looks good, but taste not so good...

      Thanks for the compliment... :)

  4. Your church is very generous and kind to everyone for giving flowers and vouchers!


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