Thursday, May 3, 2018

Week 17 (Part 3)

27th Apr (Fri)

This round, as the transport pick up my mum earlier, I can go in peace to PPHCSC and eat peacefully without having to swallow my foods and walk back to ensure my mum boards the transport.

As usual, beehoon with you tiao and egg

This round, there's half boiled egg, I only manage to get 1 instead of 2 as I was late in coming to PPHCSC.  There's also bread which I guess have finish.

Went to ask one of PPHCSC staff if they do know of the Malay guy in the Day Care Centre. I only know the Malay guy stays in which block, but do not know the unit no., but heard they do know of a Malay couple, the guy is talkative, but PPHCSC staff do not know the name of the guy as they know the name of the wife.  I only know the name of the Malay guy (every client in the Day Care Centre wears a name tag) but not the name of the wife, so not sure if it's the same person.

There's a new bakery shop in my neighbourhood, they sells steamed tapioca kueh @ $1, bought a piece to try, nice.

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  This round, the Malay guy said that my mum is darling, then cooker.  

During the activity, an elderly auntie sitting beside him, is sweetheart.  The staff conducting the activity is kindergarden student.  As I was sitting at a table where they place some plants in the table, I am gardener, another moment, I am his enemy.

My mum tea break - egg tart


  1. If I could enjoy free food everyday like this, I would save a lot of money. I just need to bring my own spicy sambal belacan there to add on.

    1. I realised that without that malay guy, the whole sessions might be boring. He is like a clown! So entertaining and give free FRENCH KISSES some more! Muacks! Muacks!

    2. I save on my breakfast on every Friday, lol...

      Something comes into my mind, if TM were to talk to him, I wonder what will he tell TM, lol...

  2. I love that steamed tapioca kueh!

  3. I don't like eating in a hurry. Choke myself only. Haha.

  4. I like half boiled egg with toasts!


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