Wednesday, May 9, 2018


I was at the void deck with my mum waiting for the transport to fetch her to the Day Care Centre.

The neighbour who said that I am pan tang, passed by, look at me, and walk off.

Then another neighbour, not too sure which block she stays as I hardly see her.  Stop and ask me, your mum goes to the Community Centre there (My mum's Day Care Centre is next to the Community Centre).  I reply her yes.  Then she starts asking me how much I pay.  Reply her my mum got subsidy.  The subsidy is depending on the salary.   And if she wants to know more, I ask her to go make enquiry at the Day Care Centre.  She then ask me, for normal person, how much.  I told her, I don't know, that have to check with the Day Care Centre.  Again, she ask me how much I pay, then said her father is old, she might want to send her father to the Day Care Centre.  Reply her, the amount might be different due to individual salary and the subsidy.  If want to know more, please check with the Day Care Centre.  From her reaction, see that she is frustrated with my reply and walk off.


  1. Sometimes these people can drive us up the wall!

  2. Aiyah..some of these people. They can't understand that we don't have all the answers.

  3. Some people, really cannot stand them!


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