Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Week 19 ( Part 3)

11th May (Fri)

After my mum boards the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC.

Breakfast is beehoon with fishball, fishcake, otah and chicken mid-wing.

No bingo game last Friday, so they had it this week.

I was lucky this round to win something, a small purse.

Saw a regular elderly auntie, her hand was bandage, ask her what happen, was told she has a fall in the kitchen.

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  As usual, the Malay guy, this female, darling, that female, also darling.  And ask my mum to keep an eye on me as I am a gorilla.

Before the start of the afternoon activity, the staff (female) ask each of the elderly to introduce themselves (there are 7 elderly in the group), the Malay guy introduce himself as Raymond, then Hulk Hogan.

The drama part came is where he fell from his wheelchair, due to him talking too much and with his actions.   His wife (his wife needs to be with him at the Day Care Centre whenever he was there), the 3 helpers of the 3 elderly and the staff help him (he's quite big size).  But thank God, he didn't hit his head or injure himself.  Another drama is that he gave the staff a "slap".

Tea break is a bun with otah, as my mum now doesn't take spicy foods, they didn't put otah but spread with kaya.

Before going back, he told the male staff who ferry the elderly back, I love you, the male staff then reply him, but I don't love you.


  1. 贏得小獎品真的很讓人鼓舞!:)

  2. Nice purse, very cute!

  3. He called you a gorilla? You should scream like a gorilla and throw bananas at him.

  4. The purse you won is cute and colourful. Can start saving all the coins.

    1. Ya, then count how much I have save when it's full...

  5. I like the small purse you won. So cute!

  6. That is a nice prize! Cute purse!

  7. Oh my. What a drama with that old man. Geez.

    Cute purse. Now you won something.

    1. Usually I am not lucky, this round, lucky...


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