Monday, May 7, 2018

Week 18 (Part 1)

30th Apr (Mon)

During the last lesson of my caregiver-to-caregiver program, we were ask whether we want to volunteer as trainer, support leader, etc.  I sign up as a volunteer where when there is any outreach event, I will help out to man the booth and to introduce the caregiver-to-caregiver programme.

It so happen they have an outreach event on 20th April at Admiralty area from 2pm to 6pm.  I can only go a while as I need to fetch my mum when she comes back from the Day Care Centre at the void deck.

While there, there was a couple where the husband mum's has the same diagnosis as my mum.  I learn that his mum also went to the Day Care Centre, but different Day Care Centre.  He told me that the Day Care Centre that his mum went to, they have a new Center at Jurong West.

I went to the website to check the address and out of curiosity and also kaypo, I decided to check out the Day Care Centre at Jurong West. 

When I reach the place, saw that it's Nursing Home, website has indicate Day Care Centre.  Went in to enquiry and learn that they do have Day Care Centre there.

I was directed to the Day Care Centre and I did manage to make some enquiries.

The staff did mention about the activities there.  When I enquiry about the transport, only then that I realise, those with Dementia and those without Dementia, the transport fee is different.  Those with Dementia and those in wheelchair, the fee will be higher and without Dementia, fee will be cheaper.

All the while, I understand that referral from Hospital, Polyclinic, General Practitioner is needed and it will be summit to Agency for Integrated Care where they will process it.  I was told best is get referral from Hospital, if not, Polyclinic.  As for General Practitioner, they might not know the procedure for it.

I then went to the Community Centre to see what courses they have there.  After that, I thought going to the nearby coffeeshop for lunch when I chance upon The Clef Cafe where they sell vegetarian foods.

Try out the vegetarian duck noodle @ $5.80

From what I was told, the noodles are handmade. Food is nice, only that I find that the gravy is a bit salty.

After that, went to the supermarket to buy grocery before going back.

When the staff ferry my mum back, my mum is the last person to alight, I ask him, what is his role today as one moment, he is gardener, then toilet cleaner, then kindergarten student, he then reply, the Malay guy didn't say anything.

While home, ask my mum did the Malay guy call you darling, she was mentioning everyone is darling, the female staff ferrying the elderly in the morning, he also call her darling.

* Facebook picture

My kaki Sharon WhatsApp me that she's not going for workout as she has painful heel.  At first, I was thinking of not going for workout also as feeling tired, but in the end, went for Strong by Zumba at Capital Tower.


  1. As I have said few times that Singapore is really a caring republic that has so many community centres besides these Health Care Centres to cater for people with specific needs. Sadly we don't even have a centre for dementia patients when our population is almost 8 times more than yours.

    1. Maybe I should open a centre just for Dementia Patients in memory of my late father to help others.

    2. I can also ask that funny Malay man to come over and call everyone darling plus give free FRENCH KISSES!!! Muacks! Muacks!


      Yeeerrr so geli again.

    3. If the Malay guy go over, he might assign each person a job title too, like the few I heard him said, cooker, toilet cleaner, kindergarten student, bodyguard, security guard...Lol...

  2. What's this? The title... weekly blog entry format these days?

  3. I had a friend who used to call his women friends baby, even his female colleagues. After a while, we got used to him!

    1. Same here, everyone should be used to him saying that...

  4. Vegetarian duck? I sure would like to try. Cooked duck today, what a coincidence - post on it in my blog coming up real soon.

  5. It's good that you signed up as a volunteer.

  6. where to you find out whereabouts all the Zumba activities. I am visiting SG in Sept and like to attend some of these classes. Thanks Christine

    1. You can find from the website, the classes are by Health Promotion Board...

  7. 很親切,都叫大家darling呢!:D


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