Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Week 21 (Part 1)

21st May (Mon)

I have wanted to check out the halal coffeeshop what do they sell during Ramadan month.

There are 3 temporary stall, one sell kuehs, another not ready yet, the other one, in the midst of preparation and some foods are ready.

So I bought the roti kerab which comes with curry chicken (2 drumlet) @ $3 which I will say that it's nice.

22nd May (Tue)

Was schedule for a mammogram screening at the Polyclinic.  I ever heard that it's painful while doing it, but surprising,  I  don't really feel the pain.  From what I understand, the machine is new.  Old machine, might feel the pain.

Fee is $50 for Singaporean after subsidy.  Heard that at age 50, it's free, after 50, have to pay $50 and can used medisave, too bad, I can't use medisave.

After done with the mammogram, was at Jurong West st. 42 as need to buy certain items and makan.

Had 船仔粥 @ $4 which has you tiao, a bit of this and that like peanut, 鱿鱼, sliced fish.

While walking towards the venue for my Bible Study Fellowship in the evening, saw a cat sitting on top of a car.

23rd May (Wed)

I bought a packet of pork liver from the supermarket.

Used it to stir fry pork liver

On the way to the Day Care Centre, saw the above flower.

Hari Raya decoration at the Community Centre.

As usual, the Malay guy, darling here, darling there.  Afternoon activity is bingo, the staff said : Good afternoon A, he reply : Good afternoon darling.

Tea break for the elderly, muffin.

24th May (Thur)

After my mum boards the transport, I walk over to PPHCSC, as I wants to check with the Executive Director on an issue in regards to my mum.

The Social Worker who visit my mum monthly, SMS me yesterday that she will be visiting my mum in the Day Care Centre.  So I went to the Day Care Centre.

Didn't see Ah Ma C and her helper, ask Uncle T helper, was told Ah Ma C was making noise during the night and the helper not enough sleep, tired, so was not at the Day Care Centre.

During the exercise session, was chatting with Uncle T helper where she mention she taking care of Uncle T in the night and she sleep in the same room with Uncle T, Uncle T, if didn't sleep at night, will wake her up and if she didn't wake up, will throw pillow at her.

As the Malay guy is not there, the exercise session in the morning was rather quiet.

After the exercise, and after my mum go toilet, ask the auntie (the one who always ask transport come already anot - same table with my mum), if she wants to go toilet, she was worried her seat might be taken up by other's, so I was told to "keep an eye" on her seat while the staff wheel her to the toilet.

Lunch is brown rice with cauliflower and mushroom, fish and egg.

Thought I will go back after my mum has taken her lunch, but she ask me to stay on.

So lunch was ee mian @ $4 from the nearby coffeeshop.

While at the coffeeshop, bump into Uncle T wife, the Uncle who had a fall, ask the wife how he fell, was told he fell at home.  I was telling her, the other time I ask Uncle T, he said he fell at the Day Care Centre.  The wife was saiding he ever had an operation in the brain, he was confuse.

As today is the 4th Thursday, Chinese Ministry Pastor and volunteers from PPH Brethren Church is in the Day Care Centre.

Before the start of the program, ask auntie again if she wants to go toilet, her reply is if she go toilet, the transport come and don't see her, the transport will leave without her.  And ask me to tell the staff, when the transport come, wait for her while she go toilet.

Tea break for the elderly - dessert

Homemade item by volunteers from PPH Brethren Church for the elderly.


  1. Your ee mian looks like our Foochow friend noodles.

  2. 這個船仔粥很吸引喲!

  3. The yee meen looks and dessert look very good!

  4. This is the first time I hear that certain mammogram machines could be painful. Over here I have seen those easy and painless ones.

    1. For the one I did, as like what you mention, easy and painless...


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