Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 19 (Part 2)

10th May (Thur)

I was woken by my mum telling me that she has done her business and she wants to shower.

Just when I have done what I want to do and have a short rest before bringing her down to wait for the transport, she called me again, this round, she has soil herself and I had to shower her for the second time.

As last Friday, I went to see doctor, the doctor told me that, if a week later, my condition didn't get better, ask me to go back to the doctor in which they were refer me to the skin specialist.

So after my mum board the transport, I went to the doctor.  As usual, Polyclinic is packed with patients.  We can't choose doctor.  The other round, I was told it's infection, this round, the doctor told me that it's pimple only.  So was given cream to apply.

After that, time to have my lunch.  Went Bukit Batok West ave 8 as I have in mind to eat pasta.

After ordering, was given a pager, when the food is ready, the pager will blink blink.

I had chicken sausage pasta @ $6

At first I thought whether wants to go to the Day Care Centre anot, in the end, I went.  The Chinese Ministry Pastor and some volunteers from PPH Brethren Church were there.   As they were be in the Day Care Centre on every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month, they bring over a cake to celebrate those born in the month of May.

A box of biscuit from PPH Brethren Church for the elderly.

There's a new Uncle who just started this month at the Day Care Centre, he's sitting in the same area with my mum, but different table.  I only know on Tuesday that he's staying same kampong as me, but different block when I was at the Day Care Centre on Tuesday, where he introduce himself as Mr T and told me he stays at what block.  Didn't see him today, ask one of the staff, was told, he had a fall and his wife has bring him to the doctor.

In the evening, went for Support Leaders & Event Volunteers Meeting @ Caregiver Alliance Head Office.  Dinner is served, the dinner is alright except that the chicken is bland.


  1. Are you alright? Skin specialist? Take care, ya!

    Wow, looking at the dinner, so many dishes. Once a while it is good not to eat too much salty food.

    1. Pimple only, so no need see skin specialist...

      Nowadays I try to control my diet, but at times, not easy...

  2. The dinner looks good, so many items.

  3. Meiji, Japanese product. The new supermarket here has lots from that company.

  4. I would like to advise you to change the brand of your bath shower gel and hair shampoo. Sometimes these detergents could trigger rashes or skin problems too. Sometimes we could eat seafood or peanuts all our lives but suddenly developed allergy after 40 or 50 years old.

  5. The pasta looks good and yummy!


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