Friday, May 11, 2018

Week 18 (Part 3)

2nd May (Wed)

There was this day when i went to the supermarket at JEM and bump into my caregiver-to-caregiver programme support leader, she was mentioning that she's attending the Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) at a Church in Bukit Batok area which is on every Tuesday.  Told her that if there's a new intake, do let me know.

She then inform me that the welcome day for BSF is on 2nd May, as 1st May is a public holiday, so they had it on 2nd May.

In order to go for the welcome day, I had to send my mum myself to the Day Care Centre as if I were to let her follow the transport, I won't be able to make it for the welcome day.  And also to make payment for my mum's Day Care Centre fee as start of new month already.

The BSF use the premise of a Church in Bukit Batok area.  As whether I will be accepted for the BSF anot, have to wait for their call as the turnout is more than they expected and limited vacancy.

 After the session end, as my friend needs to run errands and then fetch her kid from school, so we bid each other goodbye.

I went to buy fruit from a stall which I usually go buy from when i was in the vicinity, surprised that it has change hands, not the usual people anymore.

Then went to 潮州卤味 to have my lunch, this round, I had duck rice @ $4.  Next round if I am in the vicinity, I wants to try the roasted meat. 

 It comes with a bowl of soup

The duck which I can said that I like it

The cai po



  1. good afternoon. coming here to mark attendance . Hahaha,,

    eh the rice grain for the duck rice so long. I think maybe they use basmati rice. must be taste very good. yum yum

    1. Good morning...

      Not too sure what rice... I only know long grain which is use in Briyani...

  2. I don't like the sauce pour all over the meat and rice.

    1. Some places, the sauce, they will pour a lot, which I will not like it too...

  3. I'm like Rose, don't like sauce over roast meat. I want to enjoy the taste, will only resort to sauces when something tastes bland or is not nice.

  4. Dropping by to wish u a happy weekend

  5. I love duck rice but long time haven't had duck rice!

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