Thursday, May 24, 2018

Week 20 (Part 1)

14th May (Mon)

As usual, needs to go supermarket to buy grocery.  Nothing in mind to eat, so went KFC.

Had the porridge set, it comes with a cup of coffee @ $3.90.  But I doesn't like the coffee, so I change to milo with a top up of $0.40.

The chicken that is inside the porridge

* Facebook picture

Weather was good, had a good workout at Capital Tower, Strong by Zumba with Instructor Din.

15th May (Tue)

My mum has an blood test appointment at the Polyclinic.  Her appointment is at 11.20am, we were there at around 10am, but the system only allows registration 1 hour before the appointment time.  Even 10.19am also cannot, have to be 10.20am then can register and take Q number.  After the blood test and make payment, send her to the Day Care Centre.

Lunch for my mum at the Day Care Centre - stir fry rice with cabbage and fish.

At first, thought of going back and cook maggie mee to eat, but in the end, eat at the nearby coffeeshop.  My first time ordering without rice.  Had tau kwa, sweet and sour pork and the other one, not too sure what it is called @ $3.

Before the start of the afternoon activity, the staff ask the elderly, which day is it today.  My mum said it's Monday.  Another elderly auntie (the auntie who has always said, has the transport arrive, I want to go home), told the staff, I do not know, I didn't see calendar.

My mum tea break - bread with strawberry spread.

My initial plan was to go workout, but I receive a call last night telling me that I can start Bible Study Fellowship, so now on Tuesday, I will not be able to go for workout except during school holiday where there is no BSF, then I am able to go for workout.

16th May (Wed)

In the morning, bring my mum to the doctor.  As usual, the doctor prescribe 3 months medicine.  After collecting the medicine and make payment, bring my mum to the Day Care Centre.

As usual, the noisiest among the elderly around my mum area, the Malay guy.

My mum lunch - brown rice with braised chicken, steamed egg and vegetable.

As for me, curry chicken with a bowl of rice @ $4.50, nothing to shout about. 

I was tired, so went back to have a nap before going down to fetch my mum when the transport send her back.

Was tired that I didn't go for workout and slept at 9 plus.


  1. That's a nice photo of the zumba session. Can see you in it or not?

    1. It so happen I was late, so was standing behind...

  2. Wonder KFC porridge can compared with McD's porridge? The chicken is chunky.

    1. Recently there's a new McD's porridge which I didn't try, so can't tell which is better...

  3. You have been posting about this noisy Malay guy. Next time you can post his handsome photo here for us to see.

  4. Porridge I like, curry chicken I like too! Yumz!


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