Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Week 17 (Part 1)

23rd Apr (Mon)

On Friday, before leaving the Day Care Centre, I double confirm with the female staff who fetch the elderly in the morning to the Day Care Centre, is it she fetch my mum first.  She then told me she will call me.  Thought will bring my mum down earlier, as if she comes earlier, then no need to rush if I get the call from her.

While in the void deck, WhatsApp the staff that my mum is already downstair, if she's early, also ok.

She came earlier, my mum is the first person she pick, usually my mum is the last person to board the transport.

Need to buy grocery, end up at McDonald having the Chicken Ham Wrap Meal.  Inside the wrap, there's a chicken ham, hash brown, egg and cheese. The set comes with a hash brown and a coffee which I change to milo.  Chicken Ham Wrap Set cost $5.40, as I change to milo, so need to pay 40 cents more, so it's $5.80.

Coming back, my mum is the first to alight, as usual, the Malay guy favourite word, darling.

* Facebook picture

Good to see my kaki Sharon again and workout together at MBC.  It has been a while since we workout together.

24th Apr (Tue)

Was down in the void deck earlier as not sure if the staff will be early, I was playing game with my hp when my mum tell me, cone liao, come liao. 

My anyhow cook beehoon

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Usually if I go workout on Tuesday, unless my kaki Sharon is going, I will be at MBC, if not, I will be at IBP (Icon) as I can walk there and walk home.

It so happen I saw in Facebook that Instructor Dennis will be at MBC leading Fight-Do, as I have not tried his Fight-Do before, so went for the class.


  1. The instructor is very muscular :)

  2. Fight-do? Must be a strenuous exercise.

    Wish we have that chicken ham wrap over here.

    1. When i attend fight do for the first time, it's a female instructor, quite boring at that time, but this instructor, interesting...

      Not too sure if it's for long or only for sometimes only...

  3. Oh dear! My comment disappeared!

  4. Sharon & Sharon are always happy to work out together. Both are twins?

  5. your fried meehoon is very tempting with so much ingredients....my type of meehoon!


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