Thursday, May 10, 2018

Week 18 (Part 2)

1st May (Tue)

Ask my mum in the morning whether she wants to go out jalan jalan and eat, her answer is that she wants to stay at home and rest.

Bought a small slice of salmon fish from the supermarket yesterday @ $4.44, decided to try oven baked it for my mum's lunch.

After doing the roasted chicken leg last week, thought of trying on pork, so bought a bit of ribs @ $3.50 to try it out.

It started to rain and the rain stops around noon.  Again, ask my mum if she wants to go jalan jalan, same answer, she doesn't want, she wants to rest.

Went downstair to get something, when coming back, bump into my downstair neighbour, the elderly auntie who also goes to the Day Care Centre, but different Centre, her daughter mention she's going home (her daughter don't stays with her as she has her own family), auntie son is bringing her go out.  I told her, so nice, her mum will go out.  She reply her mum likes to go out.  Reply her, I want to bring my mum go out, but my mum doesn't want.

I also see that in the Day Care Centre, there's an elderly auntie whom I likes to kajiao, she is happy when mention that during weekend, her daughter will bring her go out.  Haiz, nowadays, my mum doesn't likes to go out.


  1. uiks... i also had similar to this.. LOL

  2. so so cheap! X3 less than RM15. Here, no need to say very expensive! But still I will buy sometimes - my girl loves salmon.

  3. Both the roasted salmon and chicken look good! Some elderly people likes to stay at home but some loves to go out for walks.


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