Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Week 17 (Part 2)

25th Apr (Wed)

Saw Rose roasted chicken, I was tempted to do it, bought a chicken leg from the supermarket.

Did a honey roasted chicken leg, as for the ingredients, I agar agar and the timing, I agar agar also.

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon.  The Malay guy was mentioning that my mum was staring at him as he's handsome.  This round, I am security guard.

There's a Malay elderly auntie sitting same table with him, too bad, difficult for me to communicate with her as I can only speak very simple melayu and she doesn't speak english. She then came to me while on her way to the toilet, what I can understand only is bising, which she is referring to the Malay guy.

Afternoon activity, there are six person in the group.  The staff ask the elderly, which day is it today.  Only one elderly answer correctly that it's Wednesday.  My mum said, it's Monday.  Two elderly keep quiet and the other two reply don't know.

The elderly will throw the ball into the hole, certain holes, there are points.

My mum tea break  - muffin

26th Apr (Thur)

I need to return books to the library and end up at Bukit Batok West ave 8.

The other time, I tabao food back for my mum and saw customer eating roasted meat, and it looks good, so this round, I order roasted meat noodle @ $3, thumb up to the roasted meat.

Was disappointed that the Zumba workout at Raffles Holland V was cancel, as I thought only when it rain, then cancel, but the reason was thunder and lighting visible.

To console myself, I bought a pandan egg tart @ $2 from Tai Cheong, at first, I thought want to buy 2,  lucky I bought one only, as when my mum saw me take the pandan tart out, she told me, the crust is hard, I don't want to eat. 


  1. Was your roasted chicken as good as Rose's?

    You love to exercise so much and should be able to do own Zumba whenever you hear thunder and lightning. Are the guys from Axis so scared of thunder and lightning because they conducted outdoors??

    1. Me now aiming at the chicken wings from kakak Phong Hong blog, hehe...

      Ya, they are outdoor...

  2. Roast chicken...hmmm long time i havent cook this. Must make this one of these days

    1. Next I want try the one from Phong Hong blog, hehe...

  3. One leg only kah? Like that, where got enough? :D

  4. 這只全鷄腿你也烤得太好看了吧!

  5. Your roast chicken very well roasted...looks yummy!


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