Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Week 20 (Part 4)

19th May (Sat)

Didn't go for Church service as I have sign up for Caregiver Support Group at New Horizon Centre (Bukit Batok).  

Topic : Sundown Symptoms Management in Dementia Care.

Speaker : Dr Lim Jun Pei, Associate Consultant, Tan Tock Seng Hospital - Centre for Geriatric Medicine, Cognition and Memory Disorder Service (Geriatric Medicine), Continence Service (Geriatric Medicine)

Refreshment after the talk

Saw a few Caregivers at a table chatting, thought want to kaypo, but I want to watch the last episode of the 7pm show, so make a move to have any dinner and tabao food for my mum.

Was at Bukit Batok East, wanted to have Salted Fish Pork Patty Rice, but sold out, so go for the Salted Egg Pork Patty Rice @ $3.50.

And a chicken wing @ $1.50

20th May (Sun)

3rd Sunday of the month, brought my mum to Zone 3 monthly Senior Friendship Circle.

Breakfast for the Seniors - beehoon, chwee kueh, chee cheong fun, swiss roll.

Guest-of-Honour, Member of Parliament for my constituency is there too.  And police officer is there to share about crime prevention with the elderly.

As my mum hair is long, she goes for the free haircut for the elderly by the volunteers who will come every month to cut hair for the elderly. Kudo to the volunteers.


  1. Anything with salted fish, I like!!!

  2. Aiya..every time come here see food make me very tempted hee..hee.. I like chwee kueh but long time liao never eat.

  3. Hi Sharon, sorry for not coming by for the past couple of weeks! Now I hope I can come by regularly as before...
    I like the salted fish plus meat... very appetizing!!

  4. I am waiting for your write up on the Caregiver Support that you have learnt.


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