Monday, May 14, 2018

Week 18 (Part 4)

3rd May (Thur)

I was so absent-minded, I have bookmark Phong Hong sticky soy chicken wings but I forgot to get chicken wings yesterday when i was at Bukit Batok.  So thought i will make a trip to the wet market, get some chicken wings, put them into the freezer, so that when i wanted to do it, I have the ingredients.

Glutinous rice came into my mind, so I went to ask around for glutinous rice, was told minimum I have to buy is 500g, I don't take much glutinous rice as I will feel bloated if I eat too much of it.  And my mum is not a fan of glutinous rice.  So forget it.

The worst and jialat part is, I got a call from a staff from the Day Care Centre telling me, your mum finger nails is long and there dirt in it, please cut your mum finger nails.

There's a time before my mum went to Day Care Centre, when my mum finger nails was long, and the staff of PPHCSC has to sweet talk her a few times when she was there before she could let me cut her finger nails.

And a time, when the Social Worker came to do elder sitting, seeing her finger nails was long, she wants to cut for her, surprise that my mum let her cut.

There were days when her finger nails is long, she refused to let me cut and will give all sorts of excuses.

Since I'm not making glutinous rice and craving for it, so ordered from a stall selling dim sum @ $1.80.

and a prawn chee cheong fun @ $2, after ordering it, I realise that I ever order from this stall before and the foods was so so only, nothing to shout about.

Saw some plants in the community garden, usually i do not know the name of the plants as plants to me, is plants.

Seeing those plants, wish that I had green fingers, so that I can grow some plants.

As for flowers, I only know a few like morning glory, sunflower, hibiscus.  Most flowers name, I do not know.

Another nice flower I came across


While looking at the vegetable, a guy pass by and said he's mountain tortoise, not knowing the name of the vegetable, in my heart, I was telling myself, not only you, me also mountain tortoise, doesn't know the name of the vegetable.

Lady finger


  1. glutionous rice ...can make extra for the day care staffs lo

    1. Me not expert, paiseh to make, wait not nice, I malu...

  2. Lovely plants!

  3. I love looking at the flowers. I don't know some of the names myself. I only know how to admire.

  4. I like glutinous rice. I hope to grow some of the plants but the sun comes up too fast these days!

    1. I stay pigeon hole, no chance to try to do gardening...

  5. Mountain Tortoise is Sua Koo? LOLOL


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