Friday, May 4, 2018

Week 17 (Part 4)

28th Apr (Sat)

My mum doesn't wants to go church, her reason being, in the Day Care Centre, she doesn't gets to nap, so she wants to stay at home to sleep.

I reach the church just in time when the service just started, so today didn't get any chance to chit chat with the aunties in the church.

After service, went to Buki Merah View.  Walk a round at the Food Centre, saw a stall selling pasta, but it was not open, so was back at the usual coffeeshop Kim San Leng.

This round, I had rice instead of porridge, $4.

shrimp paste chicken

egg with cai po

hei bi hiam

29th Apr (Sun)

My Ah Kim (my mum's younger brother wife), has mention earlier she wants to make glutinous rice for my mum, I told her, I do not want to trouble her just to make for my mum, when she makes for her church friends, then give me a call, I will go and collect from her.

I was in Tiong Bahru Food Centre and saw a porridge stall, order a mixed pork porridge @ $4.

At first, I thought the glutinous rice, my Ah Kim gave 2 box, 1 for my mum and 1 for me, leave it for tomorrow breakfast or lunch, in the end, I couldn't resist the temptation and eat some.


  1. I wonder what glutinous rice that is, something like lor mai kai?

  2. Your Ah Kim's glutinous rice looks nice. I also won't be able to resist hee..hee...

  3. I like glutinous rice and the one your Ah Kim made looks yummy! Some more have groundnuts, if I am not mistaken.

  4. Havent had my breakfast. Now looking at this, am feeling hungry jor

    1. Too bad glutinous rice, they sell minimum 1/2 kg, and I will feel bloated if eat too much, if not I thought of doing it myself...


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