Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Seeking Opinion

While waiting at the void deck fetching my mum back from the Day Care Centre yesterday, I bump into a neighbour who then ask me , your mum go old folk home.  All along, Old Folk Home to me is those Nursing Home where they stays there.  So I reply her, not Old Folk Home, my mum goes Day Care Centre, morning go, afternoon come back.  She keeps insisting that it's Old Folk Home, and said that I am pan tang (superstitious).

I share with my kaki when we were having a drink after our workout, she was also saiding Old Folk Home to her is those staying in Nursing Home.

Would like some opinion, is Day Care Centre consider Old Folk Home? 


  1. Day Care Centre is really a place for people to be cared for, during the day only. That's why the name is "Day Care" centre. I am sure about this as I used to fetch patients to the day care for cancer patients. They will return home by 4.00pm.

    I suggest you don't waste your time talking to morons who would argue until the cows come home.

  2. My elders used to tell me, people's mouths we can't close one. Let them say what they want, we just do what we feel is best. Lots of busybodies around, that's for sure. Such a nuisance, those people.

  3. If your neighbour insists it old folk home, let it be lo....as long as we know it is day care centre. No need to worry about what they choose to think.

  4. no point arguing with people who is so 'ego' to listen to other's opinion....Can just ask the fella to google out what is day care centre and old folks home to know the difference la..save time arguing

  5. When I am in a situation like this, I don't bother to argue and waste my time. They can think what they like.

  6. Old Folk Home: 老人院
    Nursing Home: 疗养院
    Day Care Centre:看护中心。

    to me, day care centre is like child care centre.
    a place where someone can look after my children when i working.

  7. No. It is not old fool's home. I think those going there is full day, longer term.

    Day care centre is like a child care but here, is taking care of elderly.

  8. Then you ask them is kindergarten orphanage? lol

  9. aiya...no need tomind them la. Their mind are made up ...so no need to waste your breath la


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