Thursday, May 17, 2018

Week 19 (Part 1)

7th May (Mon)

I was at the void deck with my mum waiting for the transport.  Out of the blue, this cat appears.

My mouth is always itchy, so I start to meow meow with the cat.  Oh no, that's where the problem arises.  The cat keeps following me that I got to try ways to shake it off.  Phews, I manage to shake off the cat, if not, I think I have to scream for help.

I manage to go for a walk in the Park Connector (another post), before going to the supermarket to buy grocery.

I had the curry chicken set @ $6 at the food court in Jurong Point which comes with a chicken leg, fried egg, I told the lady less rice, so she gave a bit more vegetable.

8th May (Tue)

Lunch is maggie mee with fried egg, two sotong ball and vegetable which I overdo, so no picture of the vegetable.

Went to the Day Care Centre in the afternoon as on Friday when I went in, saw that they have made some changes to the seating arrangement.  My mum and a few others was shift to sit at another area.  My mum used to sit with two uncles, now she sits with two aunties, one of the auntie is the one who will said that she wants to go home and ask if the transport is here yet.

Tea break for my mum - bao.

9th May (Wed)

When I saw Phong Hong Sticky Honey Soy Chicken Wings, I was telling myself, I want to try it out.

Bought some chicken wings from the wet market, and try it out.  But mine was a disaster.

When my mum was back from the Day Care Centre, ask her if the Malay guy got call her darling, she said yes and also the other auntie (the one who has been saiding I want to go home), he also call her darling.


  1. That hamsap man called so many ladies darling. Your mum got jealous kah??

  2. Curry looks very lemak, I like!!!

  3. big fat chicken leg for the fav!

  4. The cat must've thought you had food & wanna give some. 😝

    1. Haha... I ever meow meow other cats, first time this cat follow me, lol...

  5. Looking at the thigh in your curry rice makes me want to eat curry.rice now. But weather too hot to eat spicy food. Hehe.

    Lol. The cat was friendly with you.

    1. The weather here unpredictable, one moment, weather was very hot, another moment, wet weather...

      Haha... First time, I was followed by a cat... Lol...

  6. Sometimes I will also "meow, meow" the cat. Some will just look at me but there are some that will come near to me. I like your curry chicken. Just love curry!

    1. I meow at other cat before also, first time, this cat follow me...


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