Monday, July 2, 2018

Week 27 (Part 1)

25th Jun (Mon)

I was in the vicinity of Jurong West as I need to get stuff from there.

There's this stall inside one of the coffeeshop selling kolo mee, Sarawak laksa, etc which has been around for quite sometimes.  And the foods, so so only, nothing to shout about. Actually I have something in mind to eat, but that stall, the foods is not ready yet.  And Monday, most of the stalls in the hawker centre is not open and I am lazy to walk back to the hawker centre.  So I order a bowl of Sarawak laksa @ $4.  It comes with shredded egg, shredded chicken, 3 small prawns and the worst part is, the prawns is not even fresh.

The chilli sauce

26th Jun (Tue)

Attended a talk at the church.
Topic : 十点十分人
Speaker : 容浩然牧师

After the talk ends, we were told to go to the 2nd storey as there's lunch provided.

I was asking whether any table can sit, a helper leads me to a table.  I notice that there's number in the table, where I was told that every Tuesday, there's activities in the church, different activities each week.  Attendance will be taken and each person will sit in the table that is assign.

Told the helper that I thought this is only a one time event as I saw about this event in the weekly church bulletin.

Then there was this grumpy lady in the table, looking at me and asking me which table number I was from and I was supposed to be sitting in the table number I was assign.  Reply her, I do not know as a helper leads me to this table.

Then the helper came back with a lunch box in which I ask if there are enough, if not enough, I will eat elsewhere, actually I have in mind where and what to eat if there is no lunch provided.

On the way home, I went Hoo Kee Bak Chang, Bukit Merah Outlet, Blk 161 Bukit Merah Central, #01-3735, Singapore 150161.

Bought a salted egg yolk bak chang with chestnut @ $4.

The inside of the Chang

My Bible Study Fellowship resume, I was very tired and feeling very sleepy, I know I am very in need of a cup of kopi to keeps me awake.  Indeed it has kept me awake and I didn't doze off during the Bible Study Fellowship.


  1. There is quite a lot of filling in the chang you bought.

  2. Yum Yum on the bak chang! Lots of filling!

  3. Hahhh!!! How ironic! You had Sarawak laksa and I had Singapore nyonya curry laksa - in my blogpost today.

  4. Gosh! I missed eating Bak Chang recently during the festival as I was in HKG. I must go and buy one.

  5. So nice one your bak chang. Makes me feel like getting some again even though I've had my share!

    1. I like to eat chang, but can't eat often as will feel bloated...


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