Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Week 27 (Part 2)

27th Jun (Wed)

While waiting for the transport with my mum, open the letterbox.  A surprise awaits me.

Receive a postcard from TM who went Hong Kong with his wife recently.

Since Bible Study Fellowship has resume, of course, there's homework to be done.

Beside, raining like cats and dogs.

So, my meal will be maggie mee with egg and meatball.

As when I thought that the weather is "fine" after the rain in the morning, it started to drizzle at 6 plus before the start of the workout.  Disappointed as yesterday, due to Bible Study Fellowship, no workout for me and I thought I could burn away some calories and now no workout.

28th Jun (Thur)

I was at the supermarket in JEM buying grocery.  Then nasi lemak came into my mind.

So my lunch is nasi lemak @ $4.80.  The nasi lemak set comes with 1 oath, 2 ebi fry, 1 fishcake, ikan bilis with peanuts and a slice of cumember.

Then I was thinking about whether Uncle Tang and the neighbourhood Uncle has been discharge. Since I did bring my original identify card (nowadays, usually most of the time, I don't bring my original identify card out, unless I need to go to the bank, see doctor, etc), i thought I will make a trip to the hospital to check it out. 

Uncle Tang is still there.  Good news that I heard from him is that, he can be discharge tomorrow, but his next-of-kin is not free to fetch him.  So he will be discharge on Monday.

As Uncle Tang is in Jurong Community Hospital (Tower C), I was not too sure what's the difference between Ng Teng Fong Hospital (Tower B) and Jurong Community Tower (Tower C).  So I went to ask the nurse, I was told, Tower B is for acute condition whereby Tower C, more to rehabilitation.

After visiting Uncle Tang, went over Tower B to check whether neighbourhood Uncle has been discharge.

As I have register last Friday when I visited Uncle, from what I understand, if the patient is still in the ward, I do not need to register again.  I just need to scan my identify card in the gantry.

When I was in the ward, I couldn't find Uncle, a nurse must be seeing that I am lost, ask me who am I looking for, and she help sme to check, then realise that Uncle has change ward.

Another good news, Uncle can be discharge on Monday.

A cup of coffee before I go back

* Facebook photo

Since I didn't exercise for 2 days, must exercise liao.  Workout with macho instructor to burn off calories.


  1. I am glad you have received it safely. You love to eat so much & walk all the connectors therefore Hong Kong has lots of yummy food and street connectors!

  2. 2 meatbalss only, enough kah? The prawn fritters look good, Japanese ebi fry with nask lemak?

  3. Ting Ting... am back,

    Lovely postcard leh. Aiyo I havent have lunch yet...,

  4. Japanese style nasi lemak sounds interesting! Glad to know that both the uncles can be discharged.

    1. One of the uncle is back home, the other one, have not go find out if back, as heard his wife mention cannot be discharge on Monday...

  5. Long time liao I did not eat Maggi Mee.

  6. ur maggi mee is tempting me

  7. 看到香港的明信片!好懷念啊!

  8. Awww.. so sweet of TM!
    That maggi mee is really satisfying. It's my emergency food for rainy weather and when I am too lazy to do any marketing :P


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